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The Legendary Man Chapter 996

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-“I don’t think so!” Sirius shot Stellario a cold look and added, “I don’t
understand. The Mallory family has plenty of cultivators. Why did they send a childish snob like you?
Now, in Chanaea, there are plenty of things that require the eight families to gather. We’re all the
representatives of respectable families. You’re only stirring the pot with that temper of yours.”

While listening to Sirius talk, Stellario had already crossed his fingers on his left hand and got ready to
cast spells. “F*ck you! How dare you! I’m going to—”

“Stellario!” Before Stellario could finish his sentence, Winston, who was sitting next to Stellario, stood
up and held Stellario down by the shoulder.

Stellario turned toward Winston and asked, “What are you doing? Are you helping them take me

Kathleen was sitting next to Winston, and she was wearing a mink dress. With a smile, she said,
“Winston isn’t taking you down. He’s asking you to calm yourself down. Come here, Stellario. Let me
hug you. Keep in mind what we’re here for today. There are three thousand people on the bounty list,
and one life is worth a million. That’s three billion. Do you want the Mallory family to go extinct?”

Stellario looked at Kathleen’s red lips and swept everyone else a glance before abandoning his
intention to kill and slumping into his chair unhesitatingly. “The Mallory family isn’t as cold-blooded as
the rest of you. All members of the Mallory family are equal.”

Meanwhile, there was a strong man sitting next to Sirius.

That man was Cody Welsh, the fourth elder of the Welsh family.

During the incident in Remdik, the only person from the eight respectable families that died was Morris
of the Welsh family.

Hence, the Welsh family had a different representative this time around, and that was Cody.

Cody let out a cold snort and looked at Stellario, Kathleen, and Winston disdainfully. “It seems like the
Mallory family, the Henderson family, and the Leeson family are really a close-knit pack! I wonder if the
Leeson family has told you guys about the leads they found in Delisgar Ridge.”

Cody was very blunt with his words, and as soon as those words fell, everyone shifted their attention
toward Winston.

There were a total of four matters that concerned all eight respectable families at the same time.

They were all concerned with the war between Chanaea and Remdik, Asura’s Office’s situation, and
the members of their auxiliary bloodlines getting assassinated.

The fourth was an issue that Jonathan had nothing to do with, and that was the fact that Joshua
Whitley had appeared in Delisgar Ridge.

Joshua, who held the Whitley family’s secret treasure, was a common target of the eight respectable

Prior to that, the Leeson family found Joshua, but they lost him.

In order to avenge those disciples, the Leeson family told the rest of the seven respectable families
about the incident.

At that moment, there were at least eight God Realm cultivators and over two hundred Grandmaster
Realm cultivators searching in Delisgar Ridge.

However, none of them could find any traces of Joshua.

After all, Delisgar Ridge was the largest primeval forest in Doveston. Even for a few hundred people,
searching for Joshua was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Yet, according to the analysis done by the other families, they were certain that Joshua had a specific
reason for entering Delisgar Ridge.

Otherwise, he could’ve easily gone to Adrune if he wanted to flee.

That way, the eight respectable families wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

In other words, something was keeping Joshua in Delisgar Ridge.

The Leeson family was from Doveston, so only they would know what was keeping Joshua there.

Eva, who was sitting opposite Winston, was playing with a jade piece carved in the shape of a beast in
her hand.

The Salladay family was the strongest family among the eight respectable families. Without even lifting
her head, Eva said, “Winston, don’t tell us you don’t know anything about it. The Leeson family has
been in Doveston for more than one thousand and five hundred years. Delisgar Ridge had always been
the Leeson family’s backyard. Basically, you guys know the place like the back of your hand. Shouldn’t
you tell us why Joshua went to Delisgar Ridge?”

With his hands in his pockets, Winston glanced at Eva and responded, “None of you would believe me,
right? Why don’t you guys send more people to Delisgar Ridge? Once you guys have captured Joshua,
you should help the Leeson family by asking him what he’s doing there!”

Everyone present scoffed when they heard what Winston said. Well, Winston is definitely hiding

At the same time, Winston didn’t see the point in explaining himself. There’s no way I can explain it

In fact, when Quintus told the eight respectable families about it, he was hoping that everyone could
help find out why did Joshua enter Delisgar Ridge.

Whatever it was, it had to be something of incredible value. After all, Joshua was willing to risk getting
hunted down by the eight respectable families.

Right when silence ensued, Eva suddenly turned toward the entrance of Moonriver Estate.

Less than a second later, everyone sensed something as well, and they quickly followed suit.

They were all sitting in the garden of the inner courtyard of Moonriver Estate, and there was a small
door around thirty meters away from them.

There, everyone saw a young man with glasses and a backpack walking through the door.

“Uh… Excuse me. Are you guys the representatives of the seven respectable families? I’m Caleb Gray
of the Gray family,” the young man said.

When the representatives of the seven respectable families saw how bubbly Caleb was, they were

“Ha! The representative of the Gray family is as handsome as I am!” Stellario rose to his feet and

Hearing that, Eva scoffed coldly. “Oh, please. That young man is bubbly while you’re a thug.”

“Exactly!” Kathleen chimed in. “Come here, Little Caleb! Sit with me! If you don’t like sitting on chairs,
you may sit on my lap!”

Winston couldn’t help turning toward Kathleen upon hearing that. Although our families are now in an
alliance, I still have trouble accepting her attitude.

With that in mind, Winston looked away after murmuring to himself, “What a flirty woman.”

Caleb was acting as though he were a newcomer in the class. Although that was his first time meeting
those seven people, he didn’t feel uneasy at all.

He gave everyone present a nod before sitting in the empty seat.

When Kathleen saw that Caleb was sitting next to her, she reached out her hand to tap on Caleb’s
shoulder. “Little Caleb, do you have a girlfriend—”

A cold glint flashed across Caleb’s eyes, and he suddenly whipped out a dagger and went for
Kathleen’s neck.

In response, Kathleen leaned backward and sent a kick toward Caleb’s groin.

Caleb then leaped into the air and aimed his dagger at Kathleen’s heart.

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