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The Legendary Man Chapter 995

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-No one knew if Kane and Terrence would go against Asura’s Office
like Karl did.

However, Jonathan was very sure that those two lunatics would attack Yaleview the moment they lost
control of themselves.

In the previous challenges, both Kane and Terrence spared no effort in their crusades against Yaleview.

In fact, according to Intelligence Unit, those two men were more than ready to mobilize their armies and
get them to head toward Yaleview the instant they received the challenge.

If Jonathan were willing, the duo would have sent their troops of four hundred thousand men into

Although their soldiers were no match for Yaleview Army, both Eastern Army of Asura’s Office and
Yalegard Legion would react.

When that happened, it would not be a simple battle. The whole of Chanaea would go into chaos.

With the backing of the Osborne family, Jonathan could abdicate and still act as a deterrent against
Kane and Terrence.

Even the recent mobilization of troops from Southern Army to Doveston by Hades and the order for
Shusonna Army to march forth to Merania were attempts to increase the sense of belonging of the two
men to Jonathan so that they would feel at ease with Asura’s Office.

Jonathan reckoned that Hades’ tactics would make the two men listen to his bidding in no more than
six months’ time.

Only two men were in on that scheme. One was Jonathan, and the other was Hades.

As such, Savannah’s plan would not be able to succeed even if Jonathan was killed.

The only way to annihilate Asura’s Office would be a head-on fight.

The news of Jonathan and Asura’s Office’s abdication reached the entire Chanaea within three hours.

Even Remdik, Jetroina, and West Region, which shared the same border as Chanaea, received the

After all, those three countries had been sending countless secret agents into Chanaea in their
attempts to fight against it. Therefore, it was not difficult for those countries to receive such a piece of
open information.

Jonathan did not keep the news away from the Blackwood family as well. It seemed that Asura’s Office
had released the news on purpose.

No one could understand why Jonathan decided to do that.

Asura’s Office was a powerful military organization with close to two million soldiers.

Eastern Army was also in charge of Chanaea’s special missile launch center.

With such capabilities, Jonathan could be the ruler of Chanaea anytime he wanted to.

Nobody would dream of giving up such powers.

Yet, Jonathan did it.

Not only did he do that, but he also did it without any hesitation and left no leeway for himself.

The various forces also received another shocking news. Their intel informed them that Jonathan’s Cor
had been destroyed after he returned from Remdik.

Everyone, no matter where they were from, felt sorry for Jonathan when they heard both pieces of

The name, Asura, was well-known around the world.

It was not because of the number of soldiers he had but the fact that he had managed to turn things
around for Chanaea in less than three years.

Everything that he had done was legendary.

Yet, right now, the legend had come to an end. People could not help but feel a sense of desolation.

Just as the foreign forces were finding it a pity that Jonathan had abdicated, the eight respectable
families could not care less about the business of Asura’s Office.

That was because they had been compromised.

The core members of the auxiliary bloodlines of the eight respectable families had been assassinated
that day.

More than ten of them had perished in less than half a day.

Initially, they thought that another one of the respectable families was coming after them, so they
quickly collected themselves in order to fight back.

However, they found out the truth after the Leeson family caught hold of one of the killers.

They were on a hit list!

The eight respectable families had been working with Dark Web for a long time.

As one of the largest customers of Dark Web, they had always been the ones hunting others, never the
other way around.

Doing so would be no different from courting death for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, they were on the hit list of Dark Web, and to make matters worse, three thousand of
them were on the list!

All three thousand of them were mortals with no cultivation level, but they were also the core leaders of
the auxiliary bloodlines of respectable families.

The main patriarchs could concentrate on their cultivation and own countless resources because of the
protection provided by those leaders.

Once those people had been annihilated, the main patriarchs were like generals without their armies.

They could never allow such a thing to happen.

A few months ago, the eight respectable families were fighting among themselves. Right now, they
decided to work together because of the hit list.

Meanwhile, in Moonriver Estate on the outskirt of Yaleview, that was where the Osborne family resided.

In the past, when Jonathan was trying to rescue Sophia, that was where he had beaten Garrison to a

After that incident, the bronze handbell had been following Jonathan and blocked off several attacks for

The Osborne family was the host, and the representatives of six other respectable families were
already there. Only the most mysterious Gray family had yet to turn up.

“Hmph! Why isn’t the Gray family here yet?” commented Stellario of the Mallory family as he lazed on
the chair and let out a yawn.

“I have no idea why I have been summoned here to Yaleview. Why don’t we start first? If that guy isn’t
here yet, so be it.”

Everyone looked at Xavion the moment Stellario finished talking.

Xavion was a strong character who was unrestrained and unruly, particularly in his words. When he
was on the same side as Jonathan in Remdik, he pissed Jonathan off so much that Jonathan nearly
attacked him.

Furthermore, Xavion disliked the sight of Stellario the moment he first saw him.

When he heard Stellario’s comments, he put his cup down and chuckled.

“You’re from the Mallory family. Why are you talking and dressed like you’re from another place? Tsk!
Doesn’t the Mallory family have a decent set of clothes? You’re such an ignorant person, and I feel so
disgusted by you. If you can’t wait, then go outside and play.”

“D*mn you!”

Stellario then jumped up and threw a dagger in Xavion’s direction.


A silver spear shot out in time and hit the dagger.

The dagger then flew back to its owner. Stellario quickly transformed his spiritual energy into an arm
and caught hold of the weapon.

He sneered when he saw Sirius retracting his spear.

“Sirius, I’m warning you. I’ll kill you right now!”

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