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The Legendary Man Chapter 994

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-After locating Sean’s body, Jonathan left Edenic Heights.

The night he left, everyone in Edenic Heights secretly relocated under the protection of Guardian Army.

The two most important personnel, Charleigh and Jason, were jointly escorted by Hades, Zachary, and

The relocation address, like the launching location of the Eastern Army special missile, was marked as
highly confidential.

Over the course of a single night, the once-glamorous neighborhood of Tayhaven transformed into a
desolate, lifeless zone.

All Secret Agents implanted in Guardian Army by myriad forces were gone overnight.

Asura’s Office had found out the identity of these Secret Agents beforehand and chose not to expose

After all, a known spy was much safer than a hidden one.

Besides, as long as the spies were kept alive, the eight respectable families and other forces would let
their guard down and cease sending more spies into Asura’s Office.

In a way, that would help to reduce the workload of the Intelligence Unit at Asura’s Office.

However, Asura’s Office had finally made a move to ensure Charleigh’s safety.

In the span of a single night, over five hundred people in Guardian Army alone disappeared without a

Among these people, almost a third of them were only labeled as suspicious personnel and were under
the surveillance of Asura’s Office and awaiting confirmation of their identities by the Intelligence Unit.

Be that as it may, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Charleigh’s identity was far too special to take any risks. After all, he was the man who could lead the
upcoming war in Doveston.

Not only that, but his gene technology could completely change Aploth, Epea, and even the world.

As long as Charleigh’s gene technology came to fruition and was widely applied, he could remove
mortal human’s hurdle to achieving Grandmaster Realm altogether.

Imagine if war were to break out and an army composed entirely of Grandmaster Realm cultivators
suddenly appeared within the Chanaean camp.

It would be a truly terrifying sight.

In the morning mist, several figures dashed through the forest behind Edenic Heights like ghosts.

Five silhouettes stood atop the observation deck, and four quickly dispersed and dashed in the
direction of the mountain resort.

Spiritual energy emerged left and right, and the mysterious figures were revealed to be God Realm

In less than five minutes, the four figures returned to the observation deck.

“Miss, there’s no one here,” a cultivator reported in a low voice.

Surprisingly, he was speaking Remdikian.

In fact, all five of them were Remdikians, and the leader of the group was Savannah.

The tsar was enraged by the successive losses suffered in the Remdikian Western Army and Merania.

As the commander-in-chief of the operation, Savannah was directly liable for the devastating defeats.

According to the tsar, if Charleigh did not die under the attack of the short-range missile, then she
would be the one to die.

After leaving Kremalos Palace, Savannah went back to her clan to gather her team and rushed to

They finally arrived at Tayhaven after a long journey. However, it was still too late.

Savannah’s face darkened as she looked at her four trusted subordinates.

It went without saying that Savannah understood the significance of Charleigh. As a favored
subordinate of the tsar for many years, Savannah knew the tsar well.

If Charleigh continued to live, she and her whole family would be afflicted.

This was why she had brought along four God Realm cultivators this time.

Firstly, she wanted to find out if Charleigh was still alive to ensure her own safety in Chanaea.

More importantly, she wanted to annihilate Jonathan altogether.

The organizational structure of Asura’s Office was simple enough. It was centered around Jonathan.

It was for the very same reason that Remdik had never taken Asura’s Office’s seriously.

For a combat force to operate effectively, it needs a well-organized hierarchical structure from top to
bottom, whether it was for small-scale guerrilla operations or large-scale wars, with clear organization
and discipline.

Take Remdik, for example. No matter the battle in the south or with Asura’s Office, or even the war with
several Western Epea countries in the western borders, every single battle was meticulously planned

Large-scale wars involved extensive preparations, which spanned from the initial phase of gathering
information to the mobilization of resources and continued up to the start of the official war. This
process could take several months, years, or even decades to complete.

In contrast, Asura’s Office’s operations were random.

The mobilization of armies for wars like the Mysonna war in the West Region or the Merania war was
completely ad-hoc, lacking any proper planning or organization.

There was even the case of betrayal of Eastern Army, giving rise to the incident at Northern Crimson
Prison that shook the world.

By any standards, Asura’s Office could not be deemed as a functioning combat force.

At most, it could be characterized as a vast collective or even an organization with common interests.

Besides, Remdik had also previously assessed the level of threat posed by Asura’s Office.

According to the analysis, as long as Jonathan was dead, there was a sixty percent chance that
Asura’s Office would fall apart.

Hence, Savannah reckoned that even if she was at fault for Charleigh ending up in Chanaea, as long
as she could get rid of Jonathan, Asura’s Office would be embroiled in inner conflict.

By then, even if Charleigh was still alive, Asura’s Office, which was mired in internal strife, would be
exhausted of its resources and would not be able to further support Charleigh’s research.

If that were the case, the tsar would no longer have a valid reason to kill her.

However, there was no one in sight at Edenic Heights. Her intention of killing Jonathan seemed far-
fetched, especially considering that Savannah didn’t even know where the man was.

Hence, Savannah knew that her life was hanging by a thread.

Moreover, judging by the intel, her most pressing concern was that although the eight respectable
families had actually attempted to kill Jonathan and his family members before this, Jonathan had not
moved his family and Guardian Army out of Edenic Heights.

It was evident that he was confident in the defense of the mountain resort.

However, Jonathan had chosen to move everyone this time. Savannah could think of no other plausible
reason for this move other than the fact that Charleigh was still alive.

She took a deep breath and looked grimly at the cultivators standing before her.

“Deploy all your best agents in Chanaea right now to locate Jonathan. If we fail, the whole clan will be
reduced to ashes by the tsar. Tell the old geezers back home that we must set aside our differences
and prioritize this right now as our family’s survival is at stake…”

The intelligence held by Savannah was gathered through an analysis conducted a year ago when
Asura’s Office was established and began facing off against Yaleview.

However, Remdik had not considered what Asura’s Office had gone through for the past year,
especially Jonathan’s stepping down as the leader of Asura’s Office.

He had completely relinquished his powers and the core of Asura’s Office.

It was a long-term plan by Jonathan.

As the founder, Jonathan knew about the shortcomings of Asura’s Office better than anyone else.

He was surprised by the fact that Karl had chosen to go down a different path because they had a
clash in their beliefs, as Jonathan had always been more cautious of Kane and Terrence.

Both Kane and Terrence were men of war. If Jonathan continued to command the helm at Asura’s
Office and suddenly passed away without a proper succession plan in place, the fight between the two
was enough to wreak havoc in Chanaea.

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