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The Legendary Man Chapter 981

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-Jonathan looked at Charleigh on the ground, and the latter also
gazed at him.

Although he wasn’t a doctor, Charleigh had studied cultivators thoroughly for many years.

Just by taking in Jonathan’s demeanor, Charleigh could sense something was wrong.

“Jonathan, has your Cor been shattered?”

Charleigh’s question caused Jason, who stood nearby, to shudder slightly.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

Jason bent over and half-squatted in front of Jonathan before lifting his head to scrutinize him.

Seeing Jonathan’s bloodshot eyes, Jason slumped to the ground on his bottom.

He leaned against the bedside and appeared as if his soul had left his body.

“The symptoms are just like the descriptions in the books. Mr. Goldstein, your Cor is really broken…
What about Asura’s Office, then?”

Jonathan sat up straight and took a deep breath.

“Jason, I don’t know if my broken Cor was the result of someone’s scheme or my own lack of
determination, but I am certain that Asura’s Office will still be Asura’s Office even without me.”

He reached out to place a hand on Charleigh’s head as he spoke.

A surge of life force flowed into Charleigh’s body. Following a gentle beckon with his left hand, Heaven
Sword, on the bed, shook slightly.

Ever since Jonathan acquired Heaven Sword, it had always been as responsive as his own limbs, and
he had never encountered any impediment when using it.

However, at that moment, when he tried to control the sword with his spiritual energy, a strange
fluctuation emanated from the sword, severing the spiritual energy that was going to bind it.

Jonathan realized the trembling of the sword earlier wasn’t a response to his summon but resistance.

He let out a wry chuckle. “Even you don’t acknowledge me anymore?”

With a flip of his hand, Jonathan summoned a dagger from his storage ring. He controlled the dagger
with his will, and it immediately flew up to cut off Charleigh’s limbs.

Life force poured out of Jonathan’s arm as Charleigh’s blood spurted everywhere.

The reason Ksana had dared to slice off Charleigh’s limbs back then was that she had had the utmost
confidence in Jonathan’s abilities.

Charleigh wouldn’t die as long as she kept his life hanging by a thread.

As expected, showered by Jonathan’s pure life force, Charleigh, who was suffering from massive blood
loss, not only survived but even regained more and more vigor.

New flesh and bones began to grow where Charleigh’s limbs had been severed.

Sensing parts of his body growing rapidly like a plant, Charleigh looked at Jonathan in astonishment.

His arms and ears had been wholly restored in just about ten minutes.

Sitting on the floor and feeling the sensation in his limbs, Charleigh, body quivering, riveted his eyes on

“Jonathan, what is the price you pay to activate this ability of yours? Is there any chance for me to
study it?”

“This is a form of energy gathered using Pryncyp of Life. I obtained this ability by chance,” Jonathan
replied nonchalantly. “Only people who have comprehended the Pryncyp of Life can produce this
energy. Others can’t create it out of thin air.”

“Pryncyp again,” Charleigh muttered gloomily.

Pryncyp was the fundamental principle of everything in the world. It can be comprehended but not
cultivated, encountered but not sought.

It was a metaphysical concept completely separated from modern medicine, and its working
mechanism was impossible to observe using scientific instruments.

Even if there were such instruments, who would dare to capture a Divine Realm cultivator for the
purpose of carrying out research?

Doing that would be no different from courting death for no reason.

Jonathan looked at the two dispirited people on either side of him and stretched out his hand to pick up
Heaven Sword.

“I didn’t restore your elixir field, Charleigh. Given your aptitude, if your elixir field were healed and your
cultivation recovered, that might pose some danger to Asura’s Office. Not to forget, when I returned,
Dorian informed me Ksana was injured too. I can use my remaining life energy to treat her.”

With that, he walked toward the exit. Seeing that, Charleigh hurriedly jogged after him.

“Don’t do that, Jonathan. I swear I will never harm Asura’s Office. Please help cure my elixir field. I feel
so insecure like this.”

In the intensive care unit, Ksana’s body was connected to numerous tubes and monitoring equipment.

A tinge of guilt rose within Jonathan when he entered the room and saw Ksana, who was nearly naked.

He had forced her to sign the master and servant contract, then painted a rosy picture for her before
asking her to lead Charleigh southward.

Although Jonathan didn’t know what they had experienced, he figured they must have endured plenty
of hardships for her to end up in that sorry state.

“Jason, remove Ksana’s extracorporeal circulation machine. That device inserted into her artery will
only hinder my ability to heal her.”

The purpose of the extracorporeal circulation machine was to replace the functions of the heart in
pumping blood and the lungs in increasing blood oxygen content. However, Jason had nothing to worry
about now that Jonathan was there.

Receiving the instruction, Jason forcefully yanked off the machine without hesitation.

The next second, a stream of bright red blood sprayed into the air. Jonathan turned to look at Jason in
bewilderment, only to see the latter grinning at him.

“It doesn’t make any difference since you can heal her anyway.”

Watching the rapidly declining numbers on the vital sign monitor, Jonathan stretched out his right hand
to grasp Ksana’s ankle.

The fluctuations of life force reappeared, and he didn’t hold back this time. He poured all the remaining
life force in him into Ksana’s body.

In just a few moments, Ksana’s injuries improved dramatically. Shortly after, she let out a soft moan
and slowly opened her eyes.

Seeing Jonathan, she greeted him hesitantly in a daze, “Mm… Master…”

However, when she noticed Charleigh, who was standing beside Jonathan, her expression changed
drastically. She leaped off the bed, summoned her broken blade, and swung it at Charleigh.

“Ksana!” Jonathan stretched out his right hand, creating a solid barrier with his spiritual energy.
“Charleigh is no longer a threat. We’re in Chanaea now.”

“Chanaea?” She scanned her surroundings in a state of stupefaction. “Are we safe now?”

“We are,” Jonathan said with a smile. “Do you mind putting on some clothes first?”

Ksana looked down at her body.

Due to the previous injuries on her chest, Jason had performed surgery on her and connected many
tubes to her torso, so she couldn’t wear any clothes on her upper body.

She was only wearing tight underpants at that moment.

Nonetheless, Ksana didn’t seem to mind. She tossed her broken blade on the bed, retrieved a large-
sized sweater with a flip of her hand, and put on the garment. Then, she tore off the isolation curtain
and walked up to the mansion window.

Eyes trained on the green plants outside, she slowly pushed the window open.

“You’re right. This is not Remdik.” Her voice quavered when she uttered those words. Isn’t this
greenery what I’ve yearned to see with my own eyes? She turned around to look at Jonathan. “Master,
is there an ocean here?”

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