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The Legendary Man Chapter 993

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- Separation

Jonathan was using his escape skill at max capacity, going through the underground as fast as he

Ten meters… Twenty meters… Thirty meters…

He could feel great pressure coming in from all directions. Jonathan then spread his spiritual sense and
remembered everything that was in a hundred-meter radius around him.

He took Killian and Layla and charged straight to the back of a gigantic boulder.

Back on the surface, Jason and Zachary landed next to Sean. Jason looked at Sean and said smilingly,
“Where’s your master? What happened here? What’s with the crazy vita fluctuation?” He patted Sean’s

Right after that pat, Sean lost all strength and fell to the ground like a petrified statue. Jason’s hand
hung in midair, and he stared at Sean. His body was lying down at a weird angle.

Zachary quickly rushed over, crouched beside Sean, and checked the latter’s pulse. “He’s dead.”

Zachary whipped out his blade. “Something’s wrong. Find Mr. Goldstein.”

“Ah, he’ll be fine.” Jason frowned. “But something does feel off here. I felt a wave of vita, but there’s
nothing to show for it.”

Zachary looked around, wondering the same question as well. “Yeah, that’s why we came. To check
out what happened, but…”

The sentence was never finished. A loud bang echoed in the air, and a second bang followed, then a
third. The men quickly got on guard.

A moment later, they felt the ground getting lifted, and they were taken into the air. Quickly, they tried to
cast a spirit shield, but before they could even make the seals, the impact sent them flying into the

The impact from the Pryncyp divine artifacts’ explosion was enough to upend the ground within a three-
hundred-meter radius. Debris and rocks flew into the air like a wave of dust. It felt like a small volcano
had just erupted, covering almost the whole of the resort.

Howls of pain filled the air as the rocks hit the soldiers standing guard. Fortunately, it wasn’t fatal.
Jonathan managed to toss all the Pryncyp divine artifacts deep underground. The impact was still
dangerous, but at least the debris caused by it would not kill anyone.

“What the h*ll were you doing, Zachary?”

A few dozen silhouettes quickly made their way to ground zero to check out things, and Hades and
Kane were in the lead.

Kane shouted and cursed Zachary when he saw the crater in the ground.

Asura’s Office was in the middle of a critical moment. Jonathan even told them to speed up the moving
process. Everyone was trying their hardest to finish this task as soon as possible, yet Zachary seemed
to cause an explosion loud enough to alarm everyone in the mountain resort. Everyone would be angry
at that.

“What the f*ck are you screaming for?” A bloodied Zachary rose from a flowerbed a few dozen yards
away. “You think I did that? Hey, I was trying to figure out who’s the culprit. Someone f*cking bombed
this place without permission! If I find out who did that, I’m going to rip them apart limb from limb.”

The ground behind Zachary was trembling and undulating like it was a puddle of water, then Jonathan
emerged from the ground with Killian and Layla in his arms.

He put his hand on Zachary’s shoulder and coolly said, “You want to tear me limb from limb?”

Zachary froze in terror and looked to his colleagues for help, but Hades turned his attention elsewhere.

“Um, I have a meeting to attend.”

“Yeah, there are a few agendas we still have to discuss.”

Kane took the chance and excused himself along with Hades.

Zachary looked at Jason. “Hey, Jason, we came together, so…”

“What do you mean we came together? I was just passing by. I have no idea what you’re talking
about.” Jason tucked his scalpel away and clasped his fist. “Do what you need, Mr. Goldstein. Don’t let
me hold you back.”

Jonathan nodded and tightened his grip on Zachary’s shoulder. “Someone’s getting bolder.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein…” Zachary wanted to cry. He was just babbling out of rage. He never thought
Jonathan would hear that. “I didn’t mean it, Mr. Goldstein…”

Jonathan harrumphed and spread his spiritual sense again, seeing everything in a hundred-meter
radius, but there was no sign of Sean’s corpse.

“Zachary, I want everyone to evacuate Edenic Heights in twenty-four hours, get it?”

“Um, yes, sir.” Zachary thought Jonathan would whoop his a**, but he got a weird order instead.

Jonathan looked around him and heaved a sigh. “The real reason I ordered the move is to prevent
Remdik’s retaliation. Remdik isn’t the only enemy we have to face. There are loads of countries who
might send their forces to Chanaea soon.”

A solemn look appeared on Zachary’s face. “Mr. Goldstein, are you sure you want to cut all ties with
Asura’s Office?”

“Yes.” Jonathan nodded. “I’m a living, walking signpost. If I’m around, the office might be more united,
but at the same time, my enemies will target everyone as well. With how I am now, I am no longer fit to
be the symbol of Asura’s Office. The next symbol will be one of you guys, so work for it.”

“Yes, sir!” Zachary answered solemnly, his eyes dimming.

Jonathan didn’t count himself as a part of the moving task. Once they were done moving Asura’s
Office, not even Jonathan would know of their new location.

On top of that, he had destroyed his communication device. It would be a long time before they could
meet again.

With Jonathan’s Pryncyp destroyed, his cultivation level was regressing. With how many enemies he
had out there, this might be the last time they saw each other.

“Mr. Goldstein.” Zachary looked at Jonathan and forced a smile. “Guardian Army will always be loyal to
you. No matter where you are, call us, and we’ll come running. No questions asked.”

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