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The Legendary Man Chapter 992

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-Sean roared and leaped into the air, and then he slammed down on
the shield surrounding Jonathan.

He was going to pull the light sword back, but the moment he tried to pull, the opposing force let go,
and he flew backward and fell on the sheet of light over the Divine Chessboard.

They can’t withstand the power of Pryncyp divine artifact. It doesn’t matter how powerful these people
are. They’re doomed.

Sean fell and sneered at his enemy, but then his jaw dropped, forming a comical ‘O.’

The hand that appeared on Jonathan’s chest was holding a white light sword. Sean looked at the light
sword in his hand, but there was only a hilt.

“Impossible!” the monk screeched like he had just seen a ghost.

This is a Pryncyp divine artifact! No way anyone could’ve broken it, and with one hand, no less!

Fear gripped his heart, and Sean staggered backward, leaning on the sheet of light of the Divine
Chessboard. For a moment, he had forgotten to run.

The gaunt, spindly hand emerging from Jonathan’s chest was holding a blade, and the blade quickly
lost color. The hand then tightened its grip and snapped the blade into pieces.

“Why didn’t you launch an attack sooner with such capabilities, Seboxia?” Jonathan uttered, a bit

Seboxia, in the coffin, responded coldly, “You think it’s easy to do this? I have to pay a heavy price for
it. I wouldn’t have helped, but seeing as I need you to steal Emperor’s Heart for me, I can’t have you

die here. That monk is a reincarnation of a deity, and I cultivate Pryncyp of Life. It’s a perfect counter
for people like him.”

“All right, that’s enough explanation. Hurry up and end this battle,” Seboxia urged.

Jonathan sneered. This idiot should’ve stayed in Summerbank Mountain, but he came to Tayhaven
with me instead. I have no idea what he’s up to, but he’s certainly up to something.

And the old being in my elixir field is also up to something too. The mission to find Emperor’s Heart was
something Jonathan only found out after he met Ksana in Remdik. Now that he had this information, he
knew Seboxia wasn’t just trying to resume his journey. There was a bigger reason for him to reside in
Jonathan’s body.

Now that these two sly foxes have met, I can use them to wear each other down and save some

Jonathan changed his hand seal a little. He chanted his incantation, stomped his foot, and shouted,

An enormous wave of vita sprang from his feet and slammed down on the Divine Chessboard. The
great, enormous chessboard quickly turned smaller and smaller. In just a moment, it became
something that measured five meters.

Just like that, Sean was brought forward to where Jonathan stood.

“Trap Formation!” Sean shouted.

The hand on Jonathan’s chest pointed ahead, and everything became still as if time itself had stopped.
A ripple spread around Jonathan.

Within the coffin, Seboxia spoke, his voice seemingly near and far at the same time. “With the Pryncyp
of Life, I shall cast down the heaven’s wrath. Disperse.”

Jonathan felt himself reverberating, and the whole mountain resort’s sky seemed to shake. Seboxia’s
voice was rumbling in the air like thunder.

Everyone in the mountain resort felt some sort of energy swirling around them. It was the eye of the
Heavenly Pryncyp checking on them.

Seboxia was hiding in the coffin. He had spent a huge amount of energy just to stop that Pryncyp
divine artifact. If he were to kill Sean himself, he would fall into yet another deep slumber.

However, Seboxia had another way to help Jonathan. If he couldn’t kill Sean himself, he could have
Heavenly Pryncyp come down and check the place itself.

With the Pryncyp of Life, Seboxia summoned Heavenly Pryncyp to check on this place for traces of
him. Of someone who was supposed to be dead.

All Seboxia had to do was dart back into the coffin, and he could keep his aura away from Heavenly
Pryncyp’s prying eyes. Without a target to search for, Heavenly Pryncyp would start to check the
surrounding area.

Heavenly Pryncyp couldn’t sense reincarnations of deities mostly because it never bothered to check
thoroughly. If it tried to even have a closer look, it would see a lot of reincarnations going around.

Sean could run around without worries most of the time, but if Heavenly Pryncyp knew of his existence,
he would be punished.

The moment Heavenly Pryncyp descended upon them, the hand on Jonathan’s chest disappeared,
and the coffin in his elixir field snapped shut, keeping away from prying eyes.

Jonathan felt a surge of energy going through his body like a gust of breeze kissing his cheek. In that
instant, he could feel something watching him closely, looking at all his secrets.

As in thunderstruck, Sean’s eyes went wide, and he stood petrified. He stared at Jonathan in disbelief.

“Impossible… I’ve spent a century just to reincarnate and find a way to understand Great Pryncyp. I
must not fall here! D*mn you, Jonathan! You ruined my Phoebus Sect’s grand plan! D*mn you! Die! I’ll
kill you even if it’s the last thing I do!”

Sean roared and whipped out a few spiritual treasures that were shining like gemstones, and he tossed
them all at Jonathan.

“Holy sh*t!” Jonathan cursed and quickly made some hand seals. He expanded Divine Chessboard
until its maximum area and covered Killian and Layla, then he took them and ran through the

“Let me go!” Shocked by the sudden escape through the dark underground, Killian screamed.

Jonathan sealed the boy’s mouth with some vita. “Don’t move if you want to live,” he shouted

Sean was nearly going mad. Heavenly Pryncyp was going to destroy his vita, and through that, destroy
him. All the spiritual weapons he threw just now were top Pryncyp divine artifacts.

They were all the treasures of the Phoebus Sect. Any single one was valuable enough to be the core
item of a sect, yet they were thrown away like worthless junk. Under the threat of death and
desperation, Sean activated a reversal formation, trying to blow up the items and killing Jonathan in the

These spiritual treasures had the power of a small bomb should they blow up, and the explosion of
more than a dozen of them was enough to level everything in a hundred-meter radius.

To protect the soldiers around them, Jonathan took all the Pryncyp divine artifacts and dragged them
into the underground. The artifacts were also going through the ground, trailing about ten yards behind

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