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The Legendary Man Chapter 991

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-With a shout, a sword made of light materialized in Sean’s hand.

Positioning his body close to the ground, he lunged at Jonathan’s groin like a lithe leopard.

Golden light burst forth as Jonathan brandished the mysterious bronze handbell, allowing it to hover
above his head and cast a golden light barrier around him.

However, no matter how sturdy the bronze handbell was, it was still merely a condensation of spiritual
energy. Hence, it could not possibly withstand a Pryncyp attack.

A split second later, the white light sword penetrated the light barrier produced by the bronze handbell
and slashed toward Jonathan’s legs.

Retreating swiftly, Jonathan formed a hand seal, manipulating the chessboard beneath his feet to
elongate once more.

Activating Within Reach, the distance between the two rapidly increased further.

Unfortunately, unlike the previous result, whereby he managed to put a distance of over twenty meters
between himself and Sean after casting the skill, Jonathan only managed to put a mere three meters
between them this time.

As wondrous as the Divine Chessboard was, it was, after all, an inanimate object.

The various formations engraved on it comprised of spatial, trapping, killing, and befuddling arrays.

Yet, no matter how versatile the chessboard could be, there was always a limit to its capabilities.

Earlier, Jonathan had exploited the space-altering formation to widen the gap between them, pushing
the Divine Chessboard to its limit.

As a result, the chessboard couldn’t elongate by a significant margin anymore. Forcing it to extend any
further now would undoubtedly result in its complete destruction.

At that moment, Sean had lost his previous delicate and adorable appearance.

The instant their distance widened, he gently pressed on the chessboard with his left hand. Above his
head, the Eight Trigrams Plate expanded with the wind, transforming into a vast dome with a diameter
of over ten meters that enveloped him and Jonathan in shadow.


A slightly childish voice rang out in the air. Subsequently, Jonathan felt his connection to the Divine
Chessboard began to weaken, and even his perception of the outside world blurred.

A formation within a formation! Jonathan stared coldly at Sean.

Although the Divine Chessboard was no match for a precelestial spiritual treasure, it was still an
extraordinary treasure, as it had once been featured in the West Region’s myths.

While such a spiritual treasure might not achieve the exaggerated effect of isolating a space to create
its own universe when in use, it was definitely capable of cutting off the flow of spiritual energy in the

That was precisely why Jonathan dared to boastfully claim he was an existence akin to a true god
when standing on the Divine Chessboard.

After all, spiritual energy was the foundation of all spells, formations, and restrictions.

Coupled with the numerous formations on the Divine Chessboard, anyone who entered it would face a
tough time fighting Jonathan unless they were as powerful as veteran Divine Realm cultivators.

Unexpectedly, Sean managed to conjure an Eight Trigrams Plate within the Divine Chessboard.

The only explanation was that his Eight Trigrams Plate was of a much higher grade than the Divine

Phoebus Sect had nearly two thousand years of legacy. Although it wasn’t the oldest sect in Chanaea,
Phoebus Sect could undoubtedly be considered one of the more established and prominent ancient

Not to mention, Phoebus Sect also possessed an ancient land such as Summerbank Abyss. Therefore,
Jonathan couldn’t fathom how such a sect with such a long history and solid foundation had come to its
current pathetic state of dwindling talent.

He also wondered about the true reason behind the ancient beast imprisoned by Phoebus Sect within
Summerbank Abyss.

Nonetheless, Sean was obviously not going to provide him answers to those questions.

A distance of three meters was a negligible impediment to their current battle.

The Eight Trigrams Plate floated above Sean’s head while he wielded the light sword. Spiritual energy
surged around him, turning into countless sparkling white lights and enveloping his body.

“Take this!” Sean growled.

The chessboard beneath his feet rippled like water.

The next instant, he appeared before Jonathan, thrusting his light sword while charging directly at
Jonathan’s chest.

Jonathan had activated his spiritual sense force field from the moment the battle commenced.

As soon as he sensed Sean’s movement, he attempted to leap backward to dodge the incoming attack.

However, when he tried to move, countless thread-like restraints seemed to materialize around him,
binding him in place and preventing him from moving even an inch.

Staring at the light sword aimed at his chest, Jonathan shouted, “Heaven Sword!”

He wanted to summon Heaven Sword from within his storage ring to parry the blow.

Unfortunately, an untamed weapon like Heaven Sword no longer acknowledged him after his Cor
shattered, so why would it heed his summon?

Intense pain washed over Jonathan, and he felt as if something had torn his heart apart.

In front of him, Sean curled up his body and stared at Jonathan, the expression on his face a mixture of
coldness and madness.

Am I going to die?

The excruciating pain in his chest left Jonathan with no doubt about his impending demise. He had
never thought that after so many years of surviving countless battlefields, he would ultimately meet his
end at the hands of a child who wasn’t even ten years old.

The world of cultivators was like that. The rise of a genius often required the downfall of other geniuses
as a stepping stone. Is it my turn to be the stepping stone this time?

While pondering that thought, Jonathan suddenly noticed the triumph in Sean’s eyes dissipate before it
was replaced by utter horror.

Following Sean’s gaze, Jonathan looked down at his chest.

The sight that greeted him shook even him to the core.

It turned out that the intense pain in his chest wasn’t caused by Sean’s light sword.

While the sword had indeed stabbed into his chest, it had barely penetrated half an inch before being
stopped by a mysterious force.

A bloodstained, withered hand now protruded from Jonathan’s chest, tightly gripping Sean’s light


Jonathan’s spiritual sense manifested and instantly appeared in his energy field.

At the center of the whirlpool in his energy field, the enormous coffin had been pried open, revealing a
crack about a foot wide.

From the pitch-black gap, a hand resembling a dry branch emerged. However, inside the energy field,
the arm’s hand was missing, as if cut off by a knife at the wrist.

The vanished part was none other than the hand that had extended outside.

Sean was utterly dumbfounded.

He dared to confront Jonathan, a God Realm cultivator, with his advanced phase Superior Realm
cultivation level only because he had caught wind of the destruction of Jonathan’s Cor.

Although that matter was Asura’s Office’s closely guarded secret, Sean was, after all, Jonathan’s
nominal disciple, not to mention he was only seven years old.

Hence, Hades and the others had not been particularly cautious when discussing those matters in front
of him.

Although Phoebus Sect’s two-thousand-year legacy had seen a decline in practicing cultivators, a
considerable amount of top-grade spiritual treasures had been passed down to its remaining followers.

According to Sean’s plan, he had no doubt he could eliminate Jonathan, but the bizarre hand took him
by surprise, causing him to fall into a state of stupefaction. How could a normal person have a third
hand? Moreover, this hand not only sticks out from his chest but is also capable of grasping a Pryncyp
divine artifact.

What terrified Sean the most was the oppressive, frightening power flowing in that large hand.

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