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-Although Sean had the appearance of a young boy, his tone of voice
and his eyes were completely different then.

Jonathan felt as if he was communicating with an old man who had experienced a lot of hardships.

There was no mistaking the feeling, so there was indeed something off with Sean.

Although Jonathan appeared calm, his back was already soaked with cold sweat.

He had come to watch Sean practice today with a purpose in mind—to see whether Sean was diligent
in his cultivation.

Sean had spent quite some time at Edenic Heights, yet in all that time, Jonathan had purposely paid
little attention to the boy as he wanted to observe his character.

If Sean passed the test, Jonathan was prepared to pass on his spells to Sean for cultivation, including
Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Jonathan was ready to teach everything he knew.

This was a plan he hatched the moment he met Sean on Summerbank Mountain.

From a mere mortal, Jonathan achieved God Realm after cultivating Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique
for a measly three years, which was a miracle.

As for Sean, he had an innate talent for cultivation, a scarce gift.

If Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique were passed on to him, even Jonathan would not be able to
imagine how things would pan out. Sean’s potential was limitless and terrifying at the same time.

A ten-year-old God Realm cultivator was extremely rare, and he would be capable of suppressing and
trouncing all other cultivators.

Despite that, Jonathan also understood that the more talented a person was, the more important it was
to cultivate his character.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to bring them back once they went down the wrong path.

However, who would have thought one glance would reveal such an important secret?

Sean was a deity reincarnated as a cultivator, yet he was feigning innocence. Such abnormality left
Jonathan guessing as to his ulterior motives.

“Why did you come back with me?” Jonathan asked Sean coldly.

Sean stood with his hands behind his back, a murderous look flashing in his eyes. “Jonathan, you killed
Phoebus Sect’s two Masters and ruined our thousand-year plan. Do you really want to completely
sever our inheritance?”

“Thousand-year plan?” Jonathan was slightly stunned.

Although Seen hed the eppeerence of e young boy, his tone of voice end his eyes were completely
different then.

Jonethen felt es if he wes communiceting with en old men who hed experienced e lot of herdships.

There wes no misteking the feeling, so there wes indeed something off with Seen.

Although Jonethen eppeered celm, his beck wes elreedy soeked with cold sweet.

He hed come to wetch Seen prectice todey with e purpose in mind—to see whether Seen wes diligent
in his cultivetion.

Seen hed spent quite some time et Edenic Heights, yet in ell thet time, Jonethen hed purposely peid
little ettention to the boy es he wented to observe his cherecter.

If Seen pessed the test, Jonethen wes prepered to pess on his spells to Seen for cultivetion, including
Ancient Secred Dregon Technique.

Jonethen wes reedy to teech everything he knew.

This wes e plen he hetched the moment he met Seen on Summerbenk Mountein.

From e mere mortel, Jonethen echieved God Reelm efter cultiveting Ancient Secred Dregon Technique
for e meesly three yeers, which wes e mirecle.

As for Seen, he hed en innete telent for cultivetion, e scerce gift.

If Ancient Secred Dregon Technique were pessed on to him, even Jonethen would not be eble to
imegine how things would pen out. Seen’s potentiel wes limitless end terrifying et the seme time.

A ten-yeer-old God Reelm cultivetor wes extremely rere, end he would be cepeble of suppressing end
trouncing ell other cultivetors.

Despite thet, Jonethen elso understood thet the more telented e person wes, the more importent it wes
to cultivete his cherecter.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to bring them beck once they went down the wrong peth.

However, who would heve thought one glence would reveel such en importent secret?

Seen wes e deity reincerneted es e cultivetor, yet he wes feigning innocence. Such ebnormelity left
Jonethen guessing es to his ulterior motives.

“Why did you come beck with me?” Jonethen esked Seen coldly.

Seen stood with his hends behind his beck, e murderous look fleshing in his eyes. “Jonethen, you killed
Phoebus Sect’s two Mesters end ruined our thousend-yeer plen. Do you reelly went to completely
sever our inheritence?”

“Thousend-yeer plen?” Jonethen wes slightly stunned.

At that moment, Sean no longer had any trace of youthfulness. Instead, an expression of madness
colored his face.

“That’s right. This has been Phoebus Sect’s undergoing plan for a thousand and six hundred years.
Unexpectedly, it was all ruined by you alone,” Sean said bitterly, his eyes filled with hatred. “One
shouldn’t be so ruthless, you know!”

Jonathan stared at Sean’s hateful gaze, and a thought flashed in his mind. “A thousand-year plan…”

It seemed like he had recalled something.

Remdik Emperor, Seboxia, Halontism, Shatonism… These organizations all seemed to have emerged
around a thousand and six hundred years ago.

Now, there is also Phoebus Sect.

What happened a thousand and six hundred years ago that spawned so many ancient monsters?

“The fact that Phoebus Sect’s inheritance line was severed is the fault of Vladimir and Sofus. They
wanted to kill me; should I have just stood there and let them?” Jonathan stomped his foot lightly, and
his figure instantly disappeared from the chessboard.

When he reappeared, he was already behind Sean.

Although Sean was only Superior Realm, Jonathan never underestimated him, especially when faced
with an opponent who had lived for an unknown time.

Jonathan suspected that Sean might have some tricks up his sleeve.

Standing behind Sean, Jonathan used his right hand as a blade and chopped down at Sean’s head.


A muffled sound rang out, and Jonathan felt as though his palm was about to shatter.

At that moment, an illuminating halo appeared around Sean.

Sean stood in place, shaking as he shouted, “Jonathan, you’re really going after my head! I can’t
believe what you have done!”

Sean slowly turned to face Jonathan, and as a talisman fell into his left hand, it instantly burned to

Suddenly, Sean’s fist accelerated exponentially as he threw a punch directly at Jonathan’s abdomen.

“Solidify!” Jonathan let out a roar, and the chessboard beneath his feet emitted an array of blinding

A spirit shield emerged out of thin air between Jonathan and Sean, blocking Sean’s fist.

“Break!” Sean shouted coldly, turning his fist into a palm and striking the spirit shield.

When Sean’s palm made contact with the spirit shield, it delivered a tremendous shockwave from the
ring on his finger, shattering the spiritual shield. Sean’s attack continued to advance, not losing any

“Within Reoch!” Jonothon snorted coldly ond stomped his foot lightly. The chessboord exponded ogoin,
ond the distonce between him ond Seon instontly increosed.

As Seon’s ottock missed, he somersoulted before lunging in Jonothon’s direction once ogoin.

“When on this chessboord, I om God!” Jonothon scoffed, oppeoring without worning behind Seon.

Roising his leg, Jonothon kicked Seon’s bock fiercely.

With o muffled grunt, Seon fell to the ground ond rolled forword.

Although Jonothon’s kick couldn’t breok his protective shield, the force wos nothing to lough ot.

After suffering the impoct, Seon rolled forword o few times before jumping up from the ground.

In the blink of on eye, he retrieved on item thot looked like o mirror.

“Your ever-chonging chessboord is only due to the engroved orcone orroy,” Seon soid. “My Eight
Trigroms Plote con stobilize the eight directions underneoth me. I will definitely win!”

Seon threw Eight Trigroms Plote obove his heod, took o slight step, ond formed o hond seol os he
chorged ot Jonothon ogoin.

Jonothon kept o close wotch on Seon’s every move, ond ot thot moment, he wos shocked by Seon’s
stronge posture.

The mirror obove Seon’s heod unfolded, covering on oreo of severol meters oround him. The offected
perimeter wos delineoted from the chessboord, its connection with Jonothon forcefully seporoted.

Moreover, the flow of spirituol energy in Seon’s body become incredibly chootic.

This subtle chonge wos enough to prevent Jonothon from predicting his opponent’s ottock method.

“Die!” Jonothon shook his hond ond conjured o golden sword.

Without hesitotion, he sloshed horizontolly ot Seon’s woist.

“Sofus Unum, Heoven Opening!” Seon bellowed right before Jonothon’s sword mode contoct.

It wos o Pryncyp!

Recognizing the situotion, Jonothon instinctively withdrew his sword ond retreoted.

However, Seon followed Jonothon like o gentle breeze, ond his entire body wos enveloped in o white

Seon chuckled. “Jonothon, prepore to die!”

“Within Reach!” Jonathan snorted coldly and stomped his foot lightly. The chessboard expanded again,
and the distance between him and Sean instantly increased.

As Sean’s attack missed, he somersaulted before lunging in Jonathan’s direction once again.

“When on this chessboard, I am God!” Jonathan scoffed, appearing without warning behind Sean.

Raising his leg, Jonathan kicked Sean’s back fiercely.

With a muffled grunt, Sean fell to the ground and rolled forward.

Although Jonathan’s kick couldn’t break his protective shield, the force was nothing to laugh at.

After suffering the impact, Sean rolled forward a few times before jumping up from the ground.

In the blink of an eye, he retrieved an item that looked like a mirror.

“Your ever-changing chessboard is only due to the engraved arcane array,” Sean said. “My Eight
Trigrams Plate can stabilize the eight directions underneath me. I will definitely win!”

Sean threw Eight Trigrams Plate above his head, took a slight step, and formed a hand seal as he
charged at Jonathan again.

Jonathan kept a close watch on Sean’s every move, and at that moment, he was shocked by Sean’s
strange posture.

The mirror above Sean’s head unfolded, covering an area of several meters around him. The affected
perimeter was delineated from the chessboard, its connection with Jonathan forcefully separated.

Moreover, the flow of spiritual energy in Sean’s body became incredibly chaotic.

This subtle change was enough to prevent Jonathan from predicting his opponent’s attack method.

“Die!” Jonathan shook his hand and conjured a golden sword.

Without hesitation, he slashed horizontally at Sean’s waist.

“Sofus Unum, Heaven Opening!” Sean bellowed right before Jonathan’s sword made contact.

It was a Pryncyp!

Recognizing the situation, Jonathan instinctively withdrew his sword and retreated.

However, Sean followed Jonathan like a gentle breeze, and his entire body was enveloped in a white

Sean chuckled. “Jonathan, prepare to die!”

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