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The Legendary Man Chapter 986

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-When the Grandmaster Realm cultivators of Dark Special Forces
went to Merania to bring back Charleigh, thirty-seven of them lost their lives there.

All of them were Grandmaster Realm cultivators who hadn’t had a mission assigned at the time. And
now, less than twenty of them were left.

Meanwhile, Karl had given them the order to abandon their current missions.

Instead, he issued all cultivators who were Superior Realm and above a new one—they were to kill
everyone on a list he gave them.

There were more than five hundred names on the list, as it included peripheral members of the eight
respectable families. In addition, the names of the core members of affiliated factions were also
revealed in it.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jonathan had gotten the Dark Special Forces to put up bounties on Dark

A total of three thousand people had a price of one million placed on their heads. They were all
ordinary people who were peripheral members of the eight respectable families.

All of them maintained a low profile due to the need to be vigilant against the cultivators of other
respectable families.

Moreover, due to them not being qualified to return to the ancestral land, they were essentially seen as
outsiders despite being official members of the families.

Having failed to achieve a distinguished position in their families, they turned their attention to chasing
money and power instead.

As a result, some of them behaved like local warlords and acted with impunity.

Those were the ones Jonathan was targeting.

At that moment, Jonathan’s Cor was broken, and it was only a matter of time before his cultivation level
deteriorated. Thus, he hoped to use whatever time he had left to tear down the status quo in Chanaea.

He hoped to create as much chaos as possible within the eight respectable families. That was the last
thing he was capable of doing for Asura’s Office.

Within half an hour since his order was issued, bounties for three thousand men were posted on Dark

It threw the entire world of assassins into an uproar.

The bounty of one million—although not a lot under normal circumstances—was considerable since the
target was an ordinary human.

It meant that anyone could take the job, including people who weren’t cultivators.

More importantly, there had never been so many bounties posted together in such a short time.

All this while, an assassin would have to travel to different places, get the appropriate firearms, survey
the target city, and plan their escape route, all in preparation for the kill.

They had to go through all that trouble just for a single target.

But now, one could find at least two targets in any city within Chanaea.

In fact, there were more than dozens of targets available in some of the first-tier cities.

With a bounty of one million a person and a total that ran into tens of millions, it was like a windfall for
the assassins.

Succumbing to the temptation of the reward, countless assassins flocked to Chanaea.

Little did Jonathan expect his plan would sink Chanaea into a state of fear, but that was a story for
another time. As of then, the consequences were the last thing on his mind.

Instead, he was staring at the two meditating children on the lawn of No. 10 Villa in Edenic Heights.

One of them was Sean, the cultivation genius brought back from the Phoebus Sect of Summerbank.

The other was Karl’s son, Killian.

Although both of them were only seven, one’s cultivation level was advanced phase Superior Realm,
while the other had just achieved Postcelestial Realm.

Sitting by the stone table, Jonathan used his spiritual sense to observe the children’s flow of spiritual
energy and how fast they could absorb it.

It was then Jonathan noticed that the speed of Killian’s cultivation was significantly faster than that of
an ordinary person, albeit slower than Sean’s.

The epiphany gave him a shock, causing him to feel frustrated over missing Killian’s potential as a

“Mr. Goldstein, have a drink.”

While Jonathan was distracted by the sight of the two children cultivating, Layla served Jonathan a cup
of coffee.

Upon regaining his senses, Jonathan stared at the drink with an apologetic look.

“Mrs. Hamilton… about Karl…”

“I understand.”

Despite her words, the sorrow on Layla’s face was unmistakable.

After all, Karl was chopped in two right in front of her and Killian.

A scene like that was impossible for anyone to accept.

“Karl brought this upon himself,” Layla remarked as she watched Killian from afar.

“I’m just an ordinary woman. Before meeting Karl, all I did was teach and draw. From the books I’ve
read, I’ve learned about the meaning of nationalism and shedding blood for the cause. At one time, I
even passionately thought that in the event of war, I would have enough courage to march forward in
the face of gunfire. However, it wasn’t until I got together with Karl that I learned the true meaning of
war—death. There are no happy endings in wars, regardless of their scale. As we lived together with
the army, we witnessed with our own eyes how the soldiers charged into battle, never to return. I
understand the pain. That’s why I’m well aware of what the seventy thousand lives of Mysonna mean,”
Layla uttered. With a glass of water in hand, she sounded as if she was telling a story.

“Mr. Goldstein, I have only one thing to ask of you. Let Killian go, as he’s still young. He might be a little
worked up now, but it’s understandable for someone who saw you cut his father down. Both of us know
that his desire for revenge is no more than empty talk. There’s no way he can ever be your match.”

“Not necessarily.” Watching Killian training, Jonathan flashed a slight smile as he replied, “Killian is
showing promise of becoming a powerful cultivator.”

“Cripple him then,” Layla suggested with a smile. “Karl told me before that the future belongs to the
cultivators. Although I’m happy to learn of Killian’s talent, I’m afraid he will seek you out for revenge

once he has the power to do so. I’m confident that you’ll let him go once or twice, but what about the
tenth or hundredth time? Instead of letting the hope of killing you swell within him, wouldn’t it be better
to snuff it out right now by crippling him? On top of that, it was Karl’s dying wish that Killian doesn’t take
up martial arts, as it would not end well for him.”


Karl’s trembling voice rang out in the earpiece, but Layla obviously couldn’t hear him.

Jonathan had not only put him on the line earlier but allowed Karl to see his wife and son through a
miniature camera he was wearing.

That was the reason why Jonathan sat there for a long time.

Ignoring the emotional Karl, Jonathan smiled gently at Layla.

“Mrs. Hamilton, let him take it up. There’s a reason for him to do so, and it will be useful to him in the
future. By the way, who started training Killian? Jason?”

Layla shook her head in response.

“Dr. Carrick is busy recently, so Ms. Blackwood is the one who has been training Sean. As for who
started Killian’s training, that would be Sean!”

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