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The Legendary Man Chapter 985

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-Jonathan picked up his phone and gave Karl a call.

“Get it done. This matter has nothing to do with Asura’s Office, so make sure you don’t leave any

Dark Special Forces was a peripheral organization of Asura’s Office that emerged to the forefront after
Karl’s betrayal.

Even now, the list of Dark Special Forces members was still kept secret. Other than the Intelligence
Unit, no one else in Asura’s Office liaised with them.

Even the Intelligence Unit’s contact with them simply revolved around providing information.

Ever since its establishment, Jonathan never meant to make it part of Asura’s Office.

After all, Dark Special Forces was a unit meant to work behind the scenes.

As a military organization that covered the entire country, Asura’s Office was supposed to be placed
under Yaleview’s command.

However, the influence wielded by the eight respectable families and other factions in Yaleview was
just too huge. Even Zedfield couldn’t escape from the clutches of those families.

That was the reason why Asura’s Office adopted a non-violent yet uncooperative attitude toward
Yaleview, choosing to act unilaterally most of the time.

In spite of that, as an official organization in the eyes of the public, Asura’s Office had to make sure all
its activities were above board.

Clandestine operations were naturally unacceptable.

Consequently, Jonathan established Dark Special Forces just to execute such missions.

In other words, Dark Special Forces acted as Asura’s Office’s arm in the shadow. Hidden behind the
scenes, they were capable of doing anything to achieve their objective.

What Jonathan had just done was order an attack on the eight respectable families.

The eight respectable families each had their respective areas of coverage. For example, one could tell
from the accent, outfit, and techniques of the Mallory family that their base was in Xandaschuttes of
Centum Mountain.

As for the Leeson family, who had a belligerent demeanor, their ancestral land was based in Doveston.

The Osborne family covered Drieso; the Salladay family, Huxville; the Blackwood family, Yorksland; so
on and so forth…

At that moment, the intelligence available only showed that the Osborne family was outside Quadfield
due to the release of Josephine. As for the rest of the respectable families, all of them had gone into

In truth, Jonathan’s inability to find them wasn’t the reason why he didn’t seek them out. He was
actually afraid to do so.

For example, one could tell from the accent of the Leeson family cultivators that they were from
Horbah, albeit there was no information to verify their exact location.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be difficult to locate them. One could divide Horbah into tens of thousands of
areas and send tens of thousands of intelligence officers on-site for investigations.

Once any of the intelligence officers didn’t report back, one could quickly narrow down the location.

Even though such an investigation was massive and time-consuming, one could still locate the
ancestral land of the respective ancestral families.

After all, regardless of how secretive their hideout was, they were still somewhere on the planet. As
long as one could comb every inch of it, there was no reason for them not to be discovered.

That said, this was nothing but a hypothesis, for reality made such a plan impractical to execute.

Firstly, Asura’s Office didn’t have that many intelligence officers to begin with, and one couldn’t just
recruit an intelligence officer off the street.

Every single one of them needed a huge amount of time for training so that they could be proficient in
espionage, firearms, equipment, and more.

If one were to only look at intelligence-gathering skills and set aside combat skills, these people were a
cut above the professional military.

An intelligence officer was capable of blending in among social elites as well as the gangsters in the
underworld and adapting their speech according to their audience.

On top of that, all of them were equipped with respective techniques that enabled them to gather and
analyze information efficiently.

It was a skill that was honed through one’s exposure to society and was hard to impart via training.

Consequently, it had to be someone who was extremely meticulous, considering the high risks of the

After all, any spy who was discovered would meet a cruel end, for no one would ever show someone
like that any mercy.

The nature of an intelligence officer’s job made it difficult to find anyone eligible. Although it was the
lowest position within a powerful faction, it was also the role that was most hard-pressed for talent.

That was why Jonathan highly valued Freddie when he encountered the latter in Doveston.

The second reason was the fear everyone harbored toward the eighth respectable families.

The Leeson family of Doveston naturally had their own intelligence network that stretched across the
entire nation.

In fact, the network was densest in Horbah, their ancestral land.

They needed to make sure they were informed of the tiniest occurrences there. Only then would they
be able to react in time to any untoward events.

As for the families based in Xemrich, such as the Mallory family, they were located so far away from
Doveston that their affairs had nothing to do with the Leeson family at all.

Therefore, the intelligence network of every respectable family was spread throughout the nation, with
their home base as the center.

The current structure enabled any of the respectable families to instantly be alerted of an influx of
intelligence officers from the outside.

Their approach to such a transgression was to execute all intruders.

Since they couldn’t tell which faction had sent the cultivator to probe their position, they would just
massacre all the intelligence officers belonging to all the factions.

Hence, the drastic consequences prevented anyone from sending a huge number of intelligence
officers to the doorsteps of respectable families.

Even though Jonathan and Wilbur had agreed upon the course of action, the latter only dared to send
less than a hundred intelligence officers to Drieso.

The number was perfect to show how important Drieso was to them while still not crossing the
threshold of posing a threat to the other respectable families.

An intelligence war was usually the prelude to the actual one.

Taking action against the intelligence officers of other families was a way for respectable families to
signal their readiness for conflict.

That was exactly what the eight respectable families did to the Whitley family more than ten years ago.

Even now, the two strongest families, the Salladay and Osborne families, weren’t as powerful as the
Whitley family back in the day. As for the other six families, they formed two new alliances amongst

In essence, the war between the eight respectable families was still far from reaching its climax yet.

Hence, the time wasn’t right to wipe them out.

Even though it was difficult to openly annihilate the eight respectable families, sowing chaos among
them was easy.

While Jonathan couldn’t locate their ancestral land nor beat their elite cultivators, he still had something
up his sleeve.

Since a direct confrontation would fail, Jonathan had to play smart by attacking their weaknesses with
his strength.

The reason the eight respectable families could dominate Chanaea for more than two thousand years
wasn’t that they were holed up in their ancestral land. Instead, it was due to their reach in every corner
of the nation.

As a result, Jonathan planned to sever this very reach one by one.

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