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The Legendary Man Chapter 984

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-“This is unfair,” Sirius coldly said. “To cooperate with Asura’s Office’s
plan, our family has provided a thousand and five hundred tons of broken spirit stones. Those are
essential and urgent cultivation resources for you. Moreover, my friends died in Merania to bring
Charleigh back for you. Hence, our family should have some compensation for Charleigh’s matter.”

Of course, the Blackwood family was not helping Jonathan for free—they had their own goals to

That was something everyone knew, and Jonathan had been waiting for the Blackwood family to reveal
their goals.

What Jonathan was not expecting was for Sirius to ask for Charleigh. It was not a term Jonathan could

“Sirius, I know you’ve helped Asura’s Office quite a bit, but Charleigh isn’t negotiable.”

“Then I want you,” Sirius uttered.

This time, Jonathan was not the only one stunned; everyone in the area was equally bewildered.

In fact, even Lauryn was looking at Sirius in confusion.

Even though Jonathan knew it was impossible for Sirius to mean it in that way, he still weakly asked,
“You want me? Sirius, don’t scare me. I have a wife. Please don’t say such things.”

Sirius scoffed. “What I meant is that I want you to treat someone for me.”

At that, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Jonathan was the only one who was looking at Sirius somberly.

He was no doctor. If the other person was an ordinary mortal, Jonathan would still be able to
reinvigorate them with spiritual energy.

However, Jonathan had close to no healing ability if his patient was a cultivator.

Even though there was a medical chapter in Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, it was not something
anyone could comprehend with just one read.

Stories where the main character turned into a miracle doctor after reading a medical book were simply

Jonathan had read all those medical books before and had tried treating others, but he had never
achieved any satisfactory results.

Even now, the only thing Jonathan was satisfied with was his ability to use life force.

Jonathan was sure that was what Sirius wanted.

Life force could be used to revive a dead man and bring flesh back to bones. By giving up on Charleigh
and asking for him instead, whoever Sirius wanted to save was certainly someone important.

As a matter of fact, it was highly likely that the person was the Blackwood family’s Divine Realm elder.

“Jonathan, you can’t say no to this, right?” Sirius uttered.

Jonathan quietly stared at Sirius as he began thinking about when the Blackwood family had initially
approached him.

The arrangement for Lauryn to be the hostage at Edenic Heights, the gifting of quality spirit stone, and
the first time Sirius helped him rescue Karl’s wife in Remdik…

Each and every one of the events connected and corresponded with the time he headed to and
returned from the West Region.

By then, an answer had formed in Jonathan’s mind.

At the start, the Blackwoods should have been after Asura’s Office’s influence.

However, ever since Jonathan returned from West Region, everything they did was for his life force.

In other words, they had set their eyes on him a long time ago.

If that was the case, they were not going to take Jonathan’s rejection well—they were definitely going
to force him to accept it using other ways.

It would be difficult for Jonathan to phrase it into doing them a favor at that point.

“All right, but it won’t be now,” Jonathan slowly told them.

Sirius finally smiled.

“You’ve made a wise choice, Jonathan. I will wait for your response.”

With that, Sirius went offline, and the monitor turned black.

The Blackwoods did not care about Asura’s Office. All they needed was Jonathan’s agreement to help.

Jonathan stared at the dark monitor for a while longer before turning to Lauryn.

“Lauryn, since the Blackwood family isn’t interested in attending Asura’s Office’s meeting, I’ll need to
trouble you to convey the details to them. You can choose to leave at any time after this meeting.
You’re no longer a hostage here.”

It had been over two months since Lauryn came to Edenic Heights as a show of sincerity from the
Blackwood family.

Lauryn was the only one who knew how challenging her time had been.

Now that Jonathan’s Cor was broken, she was finally free.

Ignoring Lauryn, Jonathan then turned to Hades and the others.

“I will be giving out one last order. Heed my command, Guardian Army.”

“Yes, sir!” Zachary loudly responded as he stood up.

“Guardian Army will be assisting Dark Special Forces to transfer Charleigh and Jason to a different
location. The details of the location will be classified as a top secret of Asura’s Office.”

“Yes, sir!” Karl and Zachary answered.

At that, Jonathan smiled and turned to Hades.

“Edenic Heights is only an upscale residential area. We don’t need soldiers stationed here, so dismiss
them. Take the Smiths and my aunt along.”

“Yes, sir,” Hades replied in a trembling voice.

He knew that Jonathan was not making strategic arrangements. Instead, he was making arrangements
for his post-death matters.

“Mr. Goldstein, let me lead Keeper Army to raze Quadfield to the ground.”

Jonathan shook his head.

“Josephine is my wife, and her kidnapping is my family matter. It’s best that I’m the one to settle this
once and for all. Doveston doesn’t have much time left. Your task is to create an environment for
Charleigh, do you understand?”

“I… understand,” Hades gritted out.

Jonathan then stood up and turned to look at the people around him.

“We created Asura’s Office together, and it is definitely not mine alone. Regardless of whether I’m
around in the future or not, I hope you’ll continue leading Asura’s Office to its bright future. Remember
that we’re the few people in this chaotic world who still stick to our initial aim. Regardless of what
happens to the eight respectable families, the reclusive sects, and Yaleview Army, we’ll remain as
Asura’s Office. Now, heed my order and start working on it.”

The Kings of War rose to their feet and hit the left of their chest with their right hand as they roared,
“We will comply with the Decree of Asura!”

Jonathan slowly raised his right hand to do the same and bowed at the few before heading to the door.

A gloomy look crossed Jonathan’s eyes as he looked at the changed sight of Edenic Heights.

The happiest days he had were when he was living with Josephine here at Edenic Heights.

Even though Margaret was constantly in their way, it was a rare moment of peace for him.

But those days were gone, just like the old Edenic Heights.

Asura’s Office still had a long way to go before it had the power to destroy the eight respectable

However, the threat from the eight respectable families was close to none once Jonathan made up his
mind about leaving Asura’s Office.

Perhaps others might not know about it, but the people at Asura’s Office, who had been oppressed by
God Realm cultivators for so long, would comprehend the fear in it.

Staring at the distance, Jonathan tightened his fists.

If that’s the case, I’m going to let you see what a real Asura looks like.

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