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The Legendary Man Chapter 983

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- The Request Of The Blackwood Family

Ksana stood by the window, staring at Jonathan in a daze.


It was just one word, but Jonathan broke into a smile upon hearing it.

Then, he flipped his hand to reveal a black card.

“This black card has a limit of eighty million and can be used globally. It may not be much, but you’re
pursuing freedom and not luxury anyway. It’s enough for you to spend.”

Ksana stood up while leaning on the window for support and reached out to take the black card. With a
light wave of her hand, she collected all the blue vials of Holy Blood on the ground.

She gave Jonathan a final glance and didn’t say anything else. With a gentle backflip, she disappeared
outside the window.

In the mountain resort, three spiritual pressures quickly rushed toward where Ksana had disappeared.

“Let her go,” Jonathan said softly in the direction of the window. Under the stimulation of spiritual
energy, his voice traveled into the distance.

Zachary, Hades, and Kane stopped moving and then they landed outside Jonathan’s mansion.

“Mr. Goldstein, I said I wanted to challenge you because…”

Kane hesitated for a moment and looked up at Jonathan.

“I know.”

Jonathan nodded slightly as he looked at the three outside the window.

“We’ve been fighting together for three years. How could I not know what you’re thinking? Thank you.
Let’s go to the conference room and have a meeting.”

When Jonathan arrived at the conference room, Hades and the others had already been waiting for a

Apart from the three of them, Rebecca, Donald, and Lauryn were also present in the room.

Edenic Heights was originally just a high-end residential area in Tayhaven, but now it had been
transformed into a small military base.

Moreover, because Jonathan had been living here for a long time, to some extent, the entire Edenic
Heights had become the second headquarters of Asura’s Office.

On the wall in front of the table in the conference room, a row of monitors had all been turned on. In
addition to the various Kings of War, there was also Sirius from the Blackwood family, Number 1 from
the Dark Special Forces, and Freddie from the Intelligence Unit.

Jonathan entered the room with Jason and Charleigh, and everyone stood up to look at him.

The news that Jonathan’s Cor was broken had already been made public within Asura’s Office, thanks
to Hades’ decision.

Although he was a follower of Jonathan, he was also the current person in charge of the entire Asura’s

He was loyal to Jonathan, but he also had to be responsible for the whole organization.

As everyone looked at Jonathan, their eyes were filled with worry and urgency.

Jonathan was like the symbol of Asura’s Office, and it was because of him that everyone gathered
together instead of fighting separately.

Now that Jonathan’s Cor was broken, it was akin to losing the core of the soul.

If a symbol had lost its meaning, then it was only a matter of time before it vanished completely.

Jonathan looked at everyone and gave them a military salute. “You’ve all worked hard during my
absence,” he said to the few Kings of War.

The members of Asura’s Office might have come from a background of violence, but they had never
encountered a large-scale war like in Doveston that required the mobilization of all forces in Chanaea.

While the conflict with Merania was not a full-blown war, Jonathan was very satisfied with the
coordinated efforts of Hades and the others.

Under Jonathan’s lead, everyone took their seats.

Looking at everyone, Jonathan took a deep breath.

“I’m sure you all already know that my Cor is broken.”

No one had expected that to be Jonathan’s first words.

The Eight Kings of War and Karl all looked extremely solemn, while Freddie and Sirius looked shocked,
but they didn’t say much.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Jonathan smiled and spoke again.

“Whether you are a cultivator or a mortal, you may not understand what the destruction of Cor truly
means. Simply put, Cor is a belief that one forms after birth, and everything else revolves around it. For
example, studying and practicing seems to be built on the foundation of Cor. If Cor is broken, it is like

removing the foundation of a tall building. Both the cultivation level and the mind will be severely
affected. Although I have not lost myself at the moment, I have a feeling that this kind of destruction will
be irreversible. So, from today onward, I will completely retire from Asura’s Office.”

Jonathan placed several sets of communication devices on the table as he spoke.

Although Jonathan had previously withdrawn from Asura’s Office’s direct management due to the
departure of the Osborne family, he still had a significant influence on Asura’s Office.

His communication devices were the most powerful in Asura’s Office.

Through these devices, Jonathan’s every move would affect many of Asura’s Office’s arrangements.

At that moment, he had handed over these communication devices that represented his complete
break from Asura’s Office.

“Mr. Goldstein, you established Asura’s Office. You don’t have to do this…” Hades said to Jonathan.

Jonathan looked at Hades and shook his head slightly.

“Hades, Asura’s Office should not be influenced by someone who has lost their belief. I am satisfied
with your arrangements for Asura’s Office this time, both regarding the deployment in the Merania
battlefield and the support in Doveston. Even if I were to do it myself, I could only achieve this much.”

As he spoke, Jonathan summoned his spiritual energy and crushed all the communication devices in
his hand, then threw the smoking debris in the corner.

“Jonathan, the Blackwood family lost a God Realm cultivator while helping Asura’s Office,” Sirius said
coldly as he looked at Jonathan.

Jonathan stood up and bowed slightly to Sirius. “I am sorry for Cyprus’ death. I can agree to whatever
requests the Blackwood family has.”

“I want—”

“Except for Charleigh. Sirius, Charleigh’s technology is a waste to be used on the Eight Great Families.
The cultivators he can create are only at Grandmaster Realm, and they cannot play a decisive role in
the battles among the respectable families.”

Sirius’ expression remained unchanged as he looked at Jonathan icily. “What if the Blackwood family
needs you to make Charleigh’s research results public?”

“Sure,” Jonathan replied without hesitation.

Hades and the others in the room frowned.

Charleigh was a scientist, and there was no big difference between asking for the man and his
research results.

It seemed that the Blackwood family had set their sights on the method of creating cultivators.
However, could a strategic research report like this really be shared with a respectable family?

Right then, Jonathan piped up, “I promise you that after the matter in Doveston is resolved, I will share
Charleigh’s research results with the Blackwood family. This is my bottom line.”

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