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The Legendary Man Chapter 982

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Jonathan was slightly taken aback by the question.

Tayhaven was actually located in the central region of Chanaea.

While it was close to the rivers and streams, one would have to go south to see the sea.

“We have streams here,” Jonathan said with a smile.

“Streams?” Ksana searched hard for the Chanaean words she had learned in her mind.

In Remdikian and many other languages, rivers, streams, and the like were not distinguished so clearly
and were collectively referred to as “rivers.”

It took Ksana more than ten seconds to recall the meaning of “streams,” and then she looked at
Jonathan with eager eyes.

“Master, I would like to go and take a look. May I?”

“Of course.” Jonathan nodded. “But before that, you have one thing to do.”

“What is it? I promise to complete it.” Ksana straightened up herself respectfully, thinking that Jonathan
was going to assign her a new task.

Jonathan did not speak but made a hand gesture. His face turned slightly red as he sprayed a mouthful
of blood.

The mist of blood floated in the air, but before it could go too far, it was attracted by something and
quickly gravitated back toward the center, gathering into a ball the size of a ping-pong ball.

The ball-sized drop of blood floated in the air, with a golden thread constantly swirling around it.

Jonathan looked at the golden thread and gave it a gentle tap, and the blood clump quickly changed. It
turned into a complex pattern in mid-air.

“Is this… the contract?”

Ksana looked at the pattern in the sky, somewhat bewildered.

This pattern that was made up of blood was basically the same as the one when Jonathan had forced
her to sign the master and servant contract that day. Looking at this pattern, Ksana couldn’t help feeling

The appearance of the pattern also made the contract in her body show signs of restlessness.

Although she seemed to understand what it meant in her heart, she immediately suppressed this

She was a God Realm cultivator. Even though the cultivation was created using Holy Blood by
Sanctuary, she was still a God Realm cultivator, which meant that her existence was important in a war.

Who would let go of such a deadly weapon once they had it?

Just as she was deep in her thoughts, she suddenly heard what sounded like glass shattering in her

Following that, Ksana felt as if something had slipped out of her body and returned to the world again.

Simultaneously, the sensation of being able to detect Jonathan’s aura without any effort vanished from
Ksana’s mind.

She gazed at Jonathan as the intricate pattern of the contract, interwoven with fine blood lines, burned
quickly in the crimson flames between them.

“Jonathan Goldstein…” Ksana called Jonathan by his name, but she did not suffer any backlash.

The master and servant contract had really disappeared!

Charleigh, who was standing next to them, looked at the arcane array of the contract burning to ashes.
There was a hint of regret in his eyes.

“Jonathan, you were too impulsive. Asura’s Office needs people now. Although this girl’s cultivation is
not that great, she is still one of your followers, and her loyalty is assured.”

As the last flame went out, there was no trace of the array left in the air.

Ksana looked at Jonathan with tears in her eyes. “Why?”

“There is no specific reason.” Jonathan smiled.

“It’s simply because you are a human, not a weapon or a beast. You escaped from Mount Enly to
pursue freedom, no?”

These were the inspirational words that Jonathan had said to her when he saved her in Remdik.

However, Ksana didn’t expect that Jonathan would actually do this.

“I am a human…”

Ksana moved backward and bumped into the wall, then slid down and slowly sat on the ground.

She buried her head between her legs and burst into tears, seemingly releasing all the grievances she
had accumulated over the years.

Ksana had been taken away by Sanctuary from a young age and had been treated as a killing
machine, receiving the best education since she was young.

However, no one had told her how to live like a human being.

Although no one had used the master and servant contract to restrict her in Sanctuary, with the Holy
Blood used as a control agent, it had the same effect as the master and servant contract.

Having been controlled by Jonathan later, Ksana had already resigned herself to fate.

After all, although it was all the same and she had to succumb to the control of others, Jonathan had
promised to take her to see the ocean and the beach.

If it was the same anywhere she went, she thought it would be better to stay with Jonathan since she
had planned to do all those things before she died anyway.

But now, Jonathan had dissolved their master and servant relationship and said that she was a human,
not a machine.

Ksana had never shed tears before, not even when she was fighting against the Remdik cultivators.
However, her tears were now unstoppable as they flowed continuously.

Jonathan walked up and put several blue vials next to Ksana.

“These are the Holy Blood I obtained after killing the cultivators from Sanctuary. Each one contains
nearly a month’s worth. Change your appearance, then go and have fun out there for half a year.
Everything should be fine.”

Ksana raised her head and looked at the eight vials of Holy Blood emitting a blue light beside her.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to climb to the top of Mount Enly?”

Jonathan squatted down and patted Ksana’s head with one hand.

“Mount Enly can wait. There’s no hurry.”

The main reason Jonathan wanted to go to Mount Enly before was because of Seboxia in the elixir

However, now that his Cor had broken, he did not attach as much importance to anything, including

In his mind, Seboxia’s voice rang out faintly.

“Jonathan, if you don’t go to Mount Enly—”

“What are you going to do? Kill me?” Jonathan shouted before Seboxia could finish.

He didn’t have any reservations and simply shouted aloud instead of responding silently in his mind.

After Jonathan spoke, Jason summoned a scalpel to his hand in caution.

Jonathan signaled with his gaze to Jason that there was no need to panic, and then said lightly in his
mind, “Seboxia, my Cor is broken now. I don’t know if this is what you want, but I can tell you honestly
that if you dare to threaten me again, I’ll self-destruct my elixir field. Will you, who are in my elixir field,
be blown up to death along with it, I wonder?”

Seboxia fell silent as if he had never appeared.

Jonathan looked at Ksana, who seemed stunned.

“These are all yours. Go wherever you want to go. Go and see the ocean, the beach, the desert… You
can go anywhere you want to go. But there’s just one thing—don’t cause trouble in Chanaea.
Otherwise, I won’t let you off the hook.”

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