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The Legendary Man Chapter 980

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-Heaven Sword had an ancient design. With a length of three feet and
three inches, the blade itself was thick and razor-sharp. It was the most standard blade design in
ancient times in Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Mortals preferred light and agile swords due to their ability to allow humans to pull off all sorts of tricks.

Cultivators, on the other hand, were incredibly strong. Even Charleigh, a cultivator specializing in
magical arcane arrays, could easily lift an item weighing over several hundred kilograms without
deliberately training for it.

Hence, lightweight and agility weren’t important for cultivators.

Instead, the strengths of a cultivator’s weapon depended on the weapon’s variability and the amount of
spiritual energy it could sustain.

Heaven Sword, for example, didn’t have the special ability of transformation or formation, but it could
be powered by Pryncyp and kill an enemy on its own. That was why it was ranked above many

In fact, it was truly a top divine weapon.

Rather than saying that Sophia was carrying the sword, it was more like she was merely holding the hilt
of the sword.

There was no way Sophia could lift something as heavy as Heaven Sword.

Jonathan looked at Heaven Sword, the weapon he had been carrying around and loved ever since he
got it. Now that I look at it, there’s an inexplicable sense of rejection in my heart.

“Aunt Sophia,” Jonathan called out.

“Yes?” Sophia froze momentarily when she heard Jonathan calling for her. When she lifted her gaze
toward him, she saw that his eyes were filled with anguish and pain.

Taking in his bloodshot eyes, she choked out, “What’s the matter with you, Jonathan?”

Sophia grew up with Jonathan, and she was his only relative. She knew right away Jonathan was in

While caressing Jonathan’s head, she muttered, “Everything’s okay, Jonathan. No matter what
happens, I’ll get through it with you. Although the Goldstein family has left Yaleview, it exists still. Apart
from me, you still have your grandma and Uncle Tommy in Gronga. There are still plenty of members of
the Goldstein family around. They set Daniel and you up back then for power, but they have learned
their lesson. Your grandma was just asking me about you a few days ago. We’re family, and we’ll help
you through this.”

Jonathan lifted his head to look at Sophia with his teary eyes. “Aunt Sophia, you guys know I’m Asura,
but do you know how I got to where I am today? I had to kill! Aunt Sophia, do you know how many
people I’ve killed ever since I joined the army?”

Sophia shook her head lightly. “People die when there’s war. I know you’re the founder of Asura’s
Office, but even the battles in Yaleview took countless lives—”

“One million!”

Sophia shot Jonathan a blank look. “What did you say, Jonathan?”

Looking as if he had just aged a few decades, Jonathan uttered in a hoarse voice, “I said one million.
Over the past three years, I’ve directly and indirectly killed over a million people. As a matter of fact,
I’ve lost count of the lives I took. That’s just an estimation, but I know that the number of people I
sentenced to death is definitely more than that!”

Sophia held her hands over her mouth in response. I knew Jonathan must’ve resorted to ruthless
methods to get Asura’s Office to where it is within three years. However, I didn’t know so many lives
were lost.

While grabbing his hair with both his hands, Jonathan said, “Aunt Sophia, I murdered a thousand
people on my own during my trip to Remdik this time. In every battle, hundreds of thousands of people
would die. Do you know what we call it? We say it’s an achievement! I’m only Asura today because of
the one million people I killed. I wanted to end wars with violence. Yet, not only have I not ended wars,
but I’ve brought even more chaos to Chanaea. The people I slaughtered lost their lives in vain because
Chanaea still isn’t a better place.”

Tears were streaming down Jonathan’s cheeks as he spoke.

If the principle that a person had always held on to was to get compromised, that person would feel as
though everything in their life was crumbling down.

Sophia no longer knew what advice to give Jonathan, so she embraced him silently and comforted him.

At that moment, Jonathan’s was completely broken.

Although he hadn’t succumbed to his inner demon, his cultivation level was never going to increase
ever again.

In other words, that Divine Realm that he looked forward to was bound to be out of reach.

Besides, his intention to kill had wavered, so Pryncyp of Slaughter would never obey his command
ever again.

That was the end of his cultivation journey.

Meanwhile, Jason arrived in the living room of No. 1 Villa with a limbless man in his arm.

Margaret froze on the couch in fear when she saw Jason.

Margaret was Asura’s mother-in-law, but Jonathan had told Zachary that they didn’t need to mind her
status. However, members of the Guardian Army were still very respectful toward Margaret.

Jason, on the other hand, had had a bloody broken arm when Margaret met him for the first time. Ever
since then, she had been wary and fearful every time she saw him.

When she saw him in the living room that day, he was carrying a limbless man in his arm. She was too
scared to even utter a word.

“I heard Mr. Goldstein is back. Where is he?” Jason asked Margaret and Emmeline.

Emmeline glanced at Jason in response. Although it had been a long time and she had already found
out who Jason was, she would still try to avoid him whenever she could.

“Jonathan is upstairs, but—”

Before Emmeline could finish her sentence, Jason jumped up to the second floor and disappeared
around the corner.

Upon arriving in front of Jonathan’s door, Jason had wanted to carry Charleigh into the room directly,
but he hesitated the moment he reached out his hand to open the door. In the end, he only knocked
lightly on the door. “I’m Jason, Mr. Goldstein. I have something urgent to talk to you about.”

In the room, Sophia patted Jonathan’s head and wiped his tears away. “Since you’re busy, Jonathan, I
shall make a move now. Remember what I told you, okay? No matter what you do, the Goldstein family
and I will always have your back.”

“Okay,” Jonathan murmured without lifting his head.

Sophia was shocked when she opened the door and saw Charleigh in Jason’s arms. However, she
quickly recomposed herself by smiling and left without turning back.

Before Jason even entered the room, he tossed Charleigh to Jonathan and said, “Mr. Goldstein, could
you restore his limbs? I can’t do any research without his limbs.”

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