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The Legendary Man Chapter 978

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- Slaughter

Upon hearing Kane’s words, Zachary and Hades couldn’t help but narrow their eyes.

After all, Jonathan didn’t establish Asura’s Office and was given the title Asura so people would be
intimidated by him.

He had accomplished remarkable success from his experience in war and the strategies he employed.

Asura signified death.

Everyone, including the eight respectable families, would be putting their life on the line if they were to
incur the wrath of Asura.

Although Jonathan allowed his subordinates to have a certain degree of autonomy in their activities, he
was also mindful of the need to ensure that the establishment of Asura’s Office could take place in a
timely manner. He would take drastic measures when dealing with those who exhibited defiance toward
their superiors or failed to comply with instructions.

Kane’s audacity to challenge Jonathan left them in disbelief. If this brazen act had occurred under more
typical circumstances, he would have faced harsh punishment.

However, Jonathan merely took one look at Kane’s white staff before turning to leave.

“It’s pointless…”

Before Jonathan could finish his words, Kane appeared before him in a flash.

His staff transformed into a thin, delicate thread that cut through the air with ease, coming to a rest in
front of Jonathan.

The staff came to a stop barely an inch in front of Jonathan, but the latter remained unfazed and
continued walking away.

Kane let out a roar, causing the staff to veer off course and strike the earth beside him with a
resounding thud.


A muffled sound echoed as a crater was formed on the ground.

Amidst the rapid cascade of rocks and soil, Kane managed to locate his wooden staff and fixed his
gaze on Jonathan’s back. The murderous glint in his eyes gradually dissipated.

He had gone all out to take Jonathan’s life, and he believed that Jonathan had picked up on his
malicious intentions.

Even so, Jonathan didn’t retaliate at all.

“Jonathan!” Kane hollered. “What is wrong with you? The one million and eight hundred thousand
members of Asura’s Office regard you as Asura. What should we do if you act this way?”

“Asura’s Office has nothing to do with me now. You are free to do whatever you want,” came
Jonathan’s calm answer.

Without hesitation, he marched toward No. 2 Villa.

Hades and Zachary stared at Kane solemnly.

“Did Mr. Goldstein realize our intention?” Zachary asked in confusion as he retracted his scraper.

“No way,” Kane said in a frosty tone. “I had every intention to take his life and didn’t give myself away.”

Hades let out a soft sigh. “Our cultivation levels are too low, so we don’t know what Mr. Goldstein’s
problem is. Pass on my order to those involved. Keep this information confidential and do not let
anyone else know about it.”

“Got it!” Zachary and Kane replied in low voices.

The trio made two separate attempts to rouse Jonathan’s enthusiasm for battle, but their efforts did not
bear fruit.

No one had any idea of what the future held for Asura’s Office without the leadership of its founder,

Emmeline was sitting on the swing in the courtyard of No. 1 Villa, reading a book.

When Jonathan pushed the gate and walked in, she quickly placed her book aside and ran up to greet

“You’re back, Jonathan!” she called out happily.

After the Osborne family took Josephine away, Jonathan had been wandering about and rarely
returned to Edenic Heights.

Even if he were to come back to the area, he would avoid coming to No. 1 Villa out of guilt for what
happened to Josephine.

Emmeline had held Jonathan responsible for the incident, but the Osborne family subsequently
demonstrated their commitment to cooperating with Asura’s Office by permitting Josephine to maintain
contact with her relatives with supervision.

As the days passed, the initial flurry of activity and chaos subsided. Everyone was no longer as anxious
and overwhelmed as they had been when Josephine had first been abducted. After all, she would

receive the best care possible at the Osborne family’s ancestral land.

Because of that, Emmeline no longer held any grudge against Jonathan when they met again.

Throughout the years, Jonathan had always been accommodating toward Emmeline. Even when she
began to associate with people who had a negative impact on her life, he never raised his voice to her.

Right now, Emmeline was standing right in front of Jonathan, but he took a step sideway and walked
past her without sparing her any glance.

Emmeline was in shock as she stood upon the path in the courtyard, her mouth agape in disbelief. She
slowly turned to face Jonathan, feeling as though a sharp blade had pierced through her heart.


Jonathan pushed the door open and entered the mansion to see Margaret fiddling with an antique vase
on the couch.

Margaret was astounded when she laid eyes on him, and without hesitation, she hastily put the vase

“Oh, if it isn’t Asura? So you know where your house is, huh? I thought you had forgotten that this is
your house,” she mocked as she always did.

After gaining insight into Jonathan’s situation, she was determined to contain her emotions. She only
became aware of Jonathan’s sentiments when he humbly kneeled before her and pleaded for her
absolution following Josephine’s abduction by the Osborne family.

Having concluded that Jonathan was indebted to her in some way, she was not intimidated by anyone
in the least. His influential stature in Edenic Heights meant that no one dared to disobey her

All that made Margaret grow increasingly arrogant.

She was about to reprimand him like how she used to do when he ignored her and went up the stairs.

“Hey, Jonathan, what’s with that attitude? Josephine is still a hostage. Are you seriously disregarding
me in this manner? Aren’t you going to save—”

“Tomorrow!” Jonathan interjected before she could finish her sentence.

Margaret was taken aback. “What do you mean by tomorrow?”

On the stairs, Jonathan halted in his tracks and turned around slowly. “I’ll bring her back tomorrow.”

With that, he continued his way up the stairs.

Margaret was completely stunned as she sat in a state of disbelief on the couch.

When Emmeline came in, she turned around and pointed at the stairs. “What was that? Josephine is in
a potentially life-threatening situation because of him, so he should be the one to save her, no? Why is
he behaving so arrogantly?”

Jonathan shut the door behind him and collapsed into the bed weakly.

This was the bedroom that he shared with Josephine, and it was the only place where he could find
some reprieve from the constant questioning of his own decisions and actions.

Lying on the bed, he stared at the ceiling and took out Heaven Sword.

Jonathan’s Cor was broken.

Following his conversation with Seboxia, he began to have doubts about his fundamental beliefs.

Before this, Jonathan had thought everyone he slaughtered deserved to die, and he was merely
serving justice to them.

At long last, he came to the realization that he was, in fact, a murderer, despite how he had sought to
justify his conduct by claiming he was simply meting out justice to them.

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