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The Legendary Man Chapter 979

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-As expected from Seboxia, who is capable enough of establishing a
religion that is renowned throughout the world. I am in no way comparable to him in terms of moral
principles and mental acuity.

Through Seboxia’s Mystic Dimension, he witnessed the ancient era in which all living beings could
cultivate and was overcome with a feeling of helplessness.

Jonathan knew Seboxia had said all those things to destroy his Cor, but he still couldn’t help
questioning himself.

His perception and determination to adhere to the Pryncyp of Slaughter were starting to waver.

The Cor of a cultivator was of paramount importance in the process of cultivation.

Taking the life of a cultivator was pretty simple. To ensure a successful kill, a person would just have to
sever the circulatory system and the head.

However, destroying a cultivator’s Cor was a tricky process, as it was not a physical substance.

An obstinate young child, who was obstinate and unyielding, might shout when their parents attempted
to reprimand or chastise them.

Nevertheless, no matter how much pressure was applied, they would never show any sign of

Right now, Jonathan’s Cor was on the brink of destruction.

Three years ago, he had seen that Chanaea had been thrown into a state of disarray and upheaval. In
order to put an end to the chaos, he had decided to set up Asura’s Office with the intention of using any
means necessary to restore peace and order.

That was what Jonathan had done.

Within three years, he had traveled from Harfush to all around Chanaea.

Back then, Jonathan’s role model had been an ancient king who had fought his way to unite the

He had never wavered in his stance to counter violence with violence.

However, Jonathan’s resolve started wavering after he met Seboxia.

The universe is unconscious as it regards everyone as insignificant.

Jonathan had to come to terms with the fact that, even though he was acting in what he felt was the
pursuit of justice, he had still taken lives and that this was an inescapable truth. There was no
difference between good and evil.

If someone committed a heinous act of murder for the purpose of theft, they would be widely reviled
and viewed with disdain by the vast majority of people.

Conversely, if someone took a life in the service of a noble cause, they might be widely respected and
even honored by many.

Both types of people were treated differently, but they were, after all, murderers.

Seboxia wanted Jonathan to join his side so he could become an immortal.

It was a valid justification, but they would still have to go to war.

Is taking lives what I want?

Jonathan was deep in thought when someone knocked on the door.

He glanced at the door, not even bothering to use his spiritual sense to find out who was outside.

“Come in.” Jonathan’s voice was calm.

The door was pushed open, and Emmeline pushed Sophia in.

“Aunt Sophia,” Jonathan greeted as he sat up and forced a smile.

Emmeline gave him an apologetic look. “Jonathan, I was worried about you, so I got Aunt Sophia to
come. I—”

She was about to explain herself, but Sophia patted the back of her hand gently.

“Thank you for bringing me here, Emmeline. I really appreciate it. I think it would be best if you take a
break now so that I can talk to Jonathan privately.”

Emmeline nodded. She took one last glance at Jonathan before walking out and closing the door
behind her.

Jonathan sat up straight and gazed at Sophia. He reached out to take her pulse, wanting to find out
how she was progressing in her recovery.

He was just about to place his hand on her wrist when she unexpectedly grasped his hand, halting his

Jonathan stared at her in confusion. “Aunt Sophia, what are you doing?” he asked, looking at his wrist.

Sophia let out a soft chuckle and gently patted his hand. “I’ve only been to class to learn how to fight for
a few days and cannot even defeat a Precelestial Realm cultivator. Look at me. I can even grab you
now. It seems you are a bit distracted, hmm?”

Jonathan let out a forced chuckle and took her pulse by coursing his spiritual energy across her body

Releasing his grasp on her wrist, he said, “It looks like your wrist is all healed. Your hairline fracture has
recovered nicely.”

He then directed a pure life force from his body into Sophia’s.

Sophia widened her eyes to stare at Jonathan as anguish crossed her face.

She felt an incessant, overwhelming sensation of ants scurrying around her body, making her skin
crawl and itch beyond belief. The sensation was so unbearable that, at that moment, she wished she
could die.

“Aunt Sophia, hang in there. It will be over soon.”

Jonathan controlled his life force to empower Sophia’s flesh to regenerate quickly.

The process lasted for dozens of seconds, and Sophia was becoming increasingly itchy. She was on
the brink of giving in to her urge to scratch when Jonathan finally moved his hand away.

Sophia sank into her wheelchair, her clothes drenched with sweat.

“Jonathan, what was that?”

“It’s nothing. I was just using a Pryncyp,” Jonathan revealed cheerfully. “Aunt Sophia, why don’t you try
to stand up and walk?”

“Are you joking? According to Jason, I’ll need at least…” she trailed off in shock.

Her gaze was fixed on her thigh as she patted it gently.

Her thigh had been terribly swollen, but thankfully, it had now reverted back to its normal size. This had
been her most serious injury, aside from the trauma to her lungs.

She now felt no discomfort whatsoever and was able to communicate with a greater volume, as well as
breathe normally.

Sophia’s eyes turned as wide as saucers as she pressed a palm to her left chest. She took a few deep
breaths and discovered that she no longer had difficulty breathing.

It seems that I’ve recovered completely!

Sophia shot him an enthusiastic expression as she grasped the handles of the wheelchair in
anticipation, attempting to stand up.

“I’ve recovered!”

Sophia started off by walking, then slowly, she began running around the room.

“Jonathan, am I dreaming?” she asked.

Jason was an exceptional doctor, and he had warned Sophia beforehand that she should emotionally
brace herself for the possibility that her right leg might not be functional anymore.

Jonathan’s simple but effective act of grasping her wrist was enough to completely cure her. Even
someone who was born into an influential family like Sophia couldn’t tamp down her excitement.

Jonathan couldn’t help but smile as he watched Sophia, who was clearly overjoyed, moving around the
room with the energy of a child.

“Aunt Sophia, it’s not a dream. You’ve just recovered! Please, take a seat and rest. I was able to cure
your bone, but you have been bedridden for quite a while and your muscles are very weak. It will take

some time for your body to adjust and get used to being up and about.”

Sophia belatedly realized she had overreacted and brushed her hands through her hair in an attempt to
make it look less messy. Her cheeks were flushed as she sat beside Jonathan.

Sophia, with her no-nonsense attitude and imposing demeanor, appeared to be a formidable
businesswoman to many people. However, she was only a few years ahead of Jonathan in age. In fact,
they had been childhood playmates, having known each other since they were little.

After taking a seat beside him, she pondered for a bit before reaching out to hold the hilt of Heaven

“Jonathan, the sword can only achieve its potential in your hands. Why did you toss it aside?”

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