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The Legendary Man Chapter 976

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-Dorian recognized Jonathan right away, but he never expected
Jonathan to appear in the northwestmost desert in Chanaea.

He immediately moved toward Jonathan.

At the same time, the gentle-looking young man behind him raised his hands and shouted, “Protect
Excalibur King of War and Asura! Ready yourselves for a Level One battle!”

Dorian soon stopped beside Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, weren’t you with Kane? Why are you here?”

Dorian was exceptionally excited to see Jonathan.

However, Jonathan opened his eyes slowly. It was as if he was not fully in touch with the physical

Dorian’s heart skipped a beat when he noticed how dazed Jonathan seemed to be. Hastily, he
gathered his spiritual energy.

The eyes of normal people should be clear and bright, let alone cultivators, who spent most of their
waking hours cultivating.

For a cultivator of Jonathan’s level, their gaze should be bright. Even if it was unintentional, their gaze
should hold a tint of somberness and aggression.

However, all Dorian could see in Jonathan’s eyes was confusion.

It was as if Jonathan’s eyes had been veiled by a thin layer of mist.

He was in a trance and numb to the world.

Although Dorian was a Barbarus cultivator and rarely bothered with cultivating his mind, he was still
stunned to see Jonathan in this state.

Jonathan’s Anima had been damaged, and his Cor was unstable.

In other words, problems had arisen in Jonathan’s cultivation.

“Mr. Goldstein,” Dorian said as he carefully approached Jonathan, “you’re here.”

He still could sense the spiritual energy in Jonathan, so that meant that Jonathan’s Anima was the only
thing that was malfunctioning.

Cultivators often talked about their Cor, but who could truly define it?

Anima was the foundation of a person. If it was damaged, the cultivator’s cultivation level, vitality, and
many others would be greatly affected.

Even though Jonathan still had his cultivation, Dorian guessed that Jonathan’s spiritual energy was on
the verge of becoming uncontrollable.

The worst thing to do to someone in his state was to make him contemplate anything.

In other words, mindless nonsense was the best for Jonathan at that moment.

Jonathan stared at Dorian for more than ten seconds before a hint of recognition entered his eyes.


Something flashed past Jonathan’s eyes before he turned to take in his surroundings—the desert.

“Why am I here?” Jonathan muttered, baffled.

Dorian was close to tears when he realized how absent-minded Jonathan was.

Oh, Mr. Goldstein, why are you asking me that? Shouldn’t I be asking you that question instead?

However, Dorian knew the dangers of a damaged Anima. He did not dare to say that out loud to

After racking his mind for words, Dorian finally said, “I… think you walked here, Mr. Goldstein.”

The second Dorian said that, he felt the urge to slap himself.

However, Jonathan took a deep breath at that.

“Yes, yes, you’re right. I walked here.”

He then turned to look at the Mysonna Army and the Meranian soldiers.

“Why are you here?”

“We…” Dorian hesitated. “We’re just loitering around.”

The completely illogical response from Dorian made Jonathan hit his forehead.

“Look at me. Weren’t we fighting with the Remdikians?”

Right as Jonathan said that, Dorian excitedly smacked his thigh.

“Oh, Mr. Goldstein, you’re finally back to your senses! Why did you walk all the way here from

A wry smile appeared on Jonathan’s lips.

No one could help him with his situation, not even the powerful Asura’s Office.

Dorian’s guess was right. Jonathan’s Anima had been affected.

More accurately, he was about to lose his Cor. He would not be able to imagine what would happen to
him if not for Dorian’s interception and if he continued wandering around like that.

Perhaps he might lose his mind, or perhaps his spiritual energy might turn chaotic and make him
explode and his Anima might be completely destroyed.

Regardless of what it would be, it definitely would not end well.

However, Dorian’s interception had momentarily broken him out of his self-questioning stupor.

After recollecting himself, Jonathan forced a smile.

“Dorian, we won’t be fighting the Remdikians for now. At the very least, not here in Merania. It’s time to
retreat,” Jonathan said as he looked at the Meranian soldiers on the other side of the river.

If he wanted, he could make the Mysonna Army invade Merania with just a wave of his hand.

However, if Chanaea genuinely took over Merania, they would then be sharing a border with Remdik.

Merania was a landlocked country dominated by grasslands.

Regardless of whether it was resources or location, making Merania a northern land of Chanaea was
not a wise move.

If they were making a long-term plan, it would be better for them to make Merania a buffer zone
between Remdik and Chanaea.

Naturally, Dorian could not think of that much. He only gave the Meranian soldiers a long look before
relaying Jonathan’s order into his communication device.

“Decree of Asura. All soldiers of the Mysonna Army shall fall back. 104th Division, you will be stationed
at the Northern Crimson Prison. Move now.”

Dozens of seconds after receiving the order, the troops of hundreds of thousands began moving south,
leaving the bemused Meranian soldiers behind.

Meanwhile, Dorian escorted Jonathan to the city that he recovered in—Zadiff.

Jonathan did not linger in the city, however. Dorian made arrangements for him to head toward
Tayhaven on a plane.

After Jonathan’s plane took off, Dorian informed Hades about Jonathan’s state so that he could make
the necessary preparations.

Three days after Charleigh and Ksana arrived at Edenic Heights in Tayhaven, a helicopter slowly
landed on the resort helipad.

Zachary, Hades, and Kane were standing in a horizontal line, saluting, as they watched Jonathan come
down from the helicopter.

“Greetings, Asura!” the three greeted in unison.

Soldiers around them followed suit in excitement.

“Greetings, Asura!”

Jonathan stood dazedly in his spot.

When Asura’s Office was first established, the people had come up with the title “Asura” to keep the
identity of Jonathan, a core member of Asura’s Office, a secret.

Jonathan was terrifyingly proficient in a fight, and he always led the soldiers.

Asura was a way for them to refer to Jonathan respectfully.

When the people called Jonathan Asura, Jonathan would only react with a small smile.

However, he was disoriented when he heard them calling him that this time.

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