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The Legendary Man Chapter 977

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-The whirring of the helicopter rotor blades was deafening.

Even though Jonathan had said those words in the softest voice he had, the three men standing before
him still heard them, for they were Grandmaster Realm cultivators, and they were only dozens of
meters away from him.

Hades took in Jonathan’s weary expression, and his heart lurched.

When they received the message from Dorian, they thought that Jonathan was only dispirited after he
witnessed how powerful Remdik was.

Moreover, they had talked a lot with Charleigh recently. As soldiers, it went without saying that they
talked most about the Remdikian army.

When they found out that Remdik had cultivated a large number of powerful cultivators, their hearts

They felt as if they were cats who were ready to get rid of another group of cats, only to find out that
they were actually up against tigers.

Their response was normal. Anyone who received news like that would have a hard time recomposing

Therefore, they had deliberately set up the enthusiastic welcome, hoping to instill the fighting spirit in
Jonathan again.

Who would have known that the title of Asura would send Jonathan spiraling down the whirlpool of self-

Jonathan reached out to pat Hades’ shoulder.

“Hades, thank you for tending to Asura’s Office during this time.”

As he said that, he gave Kane and Zachary a smile before walking to No. 2 Villa.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Kane shouted with a frown.

Jonathan halted in his tracks and turned to Kane.

“What’s the matter, Kane?”

“I should be the one asking you that,” Kane replied.

At that, Hades and Zachary hastily stretched out their arms to stop Kane from running his mouth.

Alas, Kane activated his force field and stopped the two men from reaching in.

Although, like Dorian, Kane was a Barbarus cultivator, there were fundamental differences between
him and Dorian.

Barbarus cultivators were cultivators who strived toward gaining more power.

The act of cultivation was not a joyous one. The cultivator had to be capable of withstanding loneliness
and suffering, especially the painful start when the body of the cultivator was refined.

Cultivators who could endure the pain and achieve Superior Realm were strong-willed individuals.

Their motivation in cultivating was known as Cor.

There were many reasons for people to start cultivating.

Some wanted a longer life, some wanted status, some wanted wealth, and some wanted revenge.

There were many reasons behind each cultivator’s will to cultivate, but there was a kind of cultivator
whose reason to cultivate was pure—the Barbarus cultivator.

What Barbarus cultivators wanted was simple. It was power.

None of them had thought about how they would compete for fame and fortune, nor had they thought
about how they were going to declare themselves kings of a land.

All they wanted to do was cultivate and make themselves stronger. They would never spare a thought
about other matters.

One could say that cultivators like them were stubborn, but one had to admit that these cultivators’
Cors were exceptionally unwavering because of their single-minded focus on cultivation.

In fact, if they were provided with sufficient spiritual energy during their cultivation before reaching
Divine Realm, they would definitely reach God Realm.

The only thing they needed to do would be to work hard in taking in the spiritual energy.

Cultivators like them were like barbarians—crude and straightforward. They did not need to do anything
fancy to achieve their goals of becoming even more powerful cultivators.

That was why the ancient cultivators referred to them as Barbarus cultivators.

Jonathan had seen value in Kane and Dorian back then because the two of them were Barbarus

However, there was a major difference that separated the two from each other, and that was their

Dorian was a blockhead. The world, to him, was simple. All he did was cultivate and listen to orders.

He would continue with his cultivation, and if Jonathan gave him orders, he would do exactly as
Jonathan wanted him to do.

He would not ask about the reason behind the order, and he would not ruminate about the
consequences. He was a simple man.

Kane, on the other hand, was less simple of a person, unlike Dorian, who was won over by Jonathan’s
power after getting defeated by him.

Kane had joined Asura’s Office and heeded Jonathan’s orders in guarding the north because he was
impressed by Jonathan and vice versa.

Yet, he could not continue to feel impressed by Jonathan’s current state.

There were few in the whole of Chanaea who would dare to question Jonathan to his face, and Kane
was one of them.

While Hades and Zachary were taken aback by Kane’s questioning, they were also activating their
spiritual energy force field.

Kane was a battle maniac, a genuine lunatic.

If he dared to activate his spiritual energy in front of Jonathan like that, it meant that he was ready to
start a fight.

“Stand down, Kane!” Zachary shouted as he shielded Jonathan, the spiritual energy swirling in him.

Zachary had started fighting alongside Jonathan with his Guardian Army when Asura’s Office had just
been established.

Even though he was now the King of War, he would still defend Jonathan if someone dared to be
disrespectful toward him.

Hades stood in between Zachary and Kane, releasing his spiritual energy force field to hold the two in

“What’s the matter? Are you no longer under Asura’s Office’s jurisdiction now that you’ve become a
King of War? Or am I, the person in charge of Asura’s Office, no longer in charge of you two?”

With a flick of his wrist, a scraper appeared in Zachary’s hand.

“Sir, I’m one of your men, but I’m going to kill anyone who shows disrespect to Mr. Goldstein!”

“I dare you to try!” Raising his right hand, Kane summoned a silver staff to his hand. “I’d like to see if
you can really stop me, Zachary!”

As the two spoke, they readied themselves for a battle. Right then, a hand landed on Zachary’s

“Zachary, Hades, move back.”

“Mr. Goldstein, Kane is just straightforward. He doesn’t deserve to die for this,” Hades said to Jonathan,
sounding concerned.

Jonathan shook his head and motioned for him to move backward again.

Despite Zachary’s and Hades’ hesitation, they quietly moved to the back.

Jonathan walked closer to Kane and smiled as he looked at the other man.

“Kane, what are you trying to do?”

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