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The Legendary Man Chapter 975

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-Jason quickly cut the bandages on Charleigh’s body.

While he inspected Charleigh’s injuries, the look in his eyes became increasingly solemn.

The wound looked quite strange. Logically speaking, it was impossible for Charleigh to survive such a
wound due to the large amount of blood lost.

There were countless arteries flowing through one’s limbs. Once severed, there would be a horrifying
amount of blood flowing out of the arteries. Within ten seconds, even cultivators would die.

However, Charleigh’s wound was in a very strange situation.

Although there were no signs of any surgery being done to stop the blood from flowing out of the artery,
there seemed to be something mysterious blocking the opening.

That wax-like object was what secured Charleigh’s life.

“Did Mr. Goldstein treat you?” asked Jason incredulously.

He had worked as Jonathan’s personal doctor when Asura’s Office had just been established. It was
then that they forged a close relationship.

Precisely because he knew Jonathan well, he was even more confused as Jonathan did not have such
skills at all.

If Jonathan had managed to get a magical pill, a medical nerd like him would definitely have begged
Jonathan to give one to him for his research.

A pill that could stop a ruptured artery was evidently very valuable.

The best thing about Chanaean traditional medicine was that there was an unthinkable number of

If such a life-saving medicine really existed but could not be produced in bulk, Jason would be skillful
enough to find a replacement for the medicine. He would find a balance between using a fake pill and
still ensuring its effectiveness.

If each person could have a pill, it would greatly minimize the number of casualties in war.

However, after Charleigh heard his words, a hint of hostility flashed across his eyes as he lay on the

Jason followed Charleigh’s gaze and glanced at the surgery table in the distance.

Ksana was no longer in a critical condition. The circulation of blood outside of her body was sufficient to
ensure that she would not face any problems in the short term.

“Did… she do this?” asked Jason in disbelief.

Although Ksana was injured, she merely looked like a doll in deep sleep while lying there.

Who would expect a girl like her to be so utterly vicious?

Charleigh had so much hatred for Ksana that he gnashed his teeth quietly.

“If I can stand up again, I’ll inject my most unsuccessful genetic serum into her spine!”

Although Charleigh said that in an indifferent tone, Jason could detect the immense hatred he had for

“Looks like quite a lot happened during this journey. Forget it. I won’t interrogate you further. Since
we’re going to work together in the future, I’ve got plenty of chances to ask you. Still, we need to treat

your injury. The infection is already getting quite serious. If we just let it fester, even I won’t be able to
save you.”

“Treat it?” asked Charleigh calmly as he looked at Jason. “How?”

“We need to cut out the infected flesh first,” replied Jason while inspecting Charleigh’s wound. “The
part between your legs seems to be infected too. Why don’t I cut it for you as well and install a urinary
catheter instead? That’ll be convenient and hygienic…”

Meanwhile, in Mysonna, one hundred and fifty thousand soldiers from the Mysonna Army were
assembled outside of Capston in full armor.

A dry river a hundred meters wide lay in front of the Mysonna Army.

It was Quiss River, the border between northwestern Chanaea and Merania.

The Merania Army, which was seventy thousand soldiers strong, had assembled on the opposite bank
of Quiss River.

Two days ago, Dorian received an order from Hades to relocate the army to the south of Quiss River.

Merania had a huge territory, with a wider eastern side than the west. Like Remdik, its capital and the
most important cities were concentrated in one-third of the western territory as it was closer to the West
Epea Alliance.

From where Dorian was located, it would only take ten hours for the army to invade Ulassee, the
capital of Merania, if they directly headed up in the northern direction.

As long as Merania dared to show even an inkling of support for Remdik in the war between Chanaea
and Remdik, Dorian would immediately lead the army up north and destroy Merania’s administrative

Known as the wolf of the northwest, the Mysonna Army was infamous for being so intimidating.

“Sir, let’s just fight! We get so infuriated when we see those f*ckers opposite us,” urged a youth
standing beside Dorian. Although he was wearing glasses and looked gentle, he could not stop cursing
when he spoke.

Subordinates always took after their masters.

Although Dorian was an exceptional commander, there was no way he could conceal his loud and
brazen personality.

Under his leadership, the Mysonna Army became extremely arrogant and wild. Within a month, even a
gentle young man who had just joined the army would be infected by this almost ineffable culture and
become a blockhead like Dorian.

Dorian was already at the advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm. Despite being a hundred meters
away, he could clearly see what the opponents looked like without needing binoculars.

“Why the f*ck are you so anxious?” Dorian slapped the youth’s head, causing him to stumble
backward. “I gathered you here because of Hades’ orders. If I mobilize the army without having
received any military orders, I’ll be shot dead. As long as I step over Quiss River, I’ll represent not only
the Mysonna Army but also the war between Chanaea and Merania!”

The youth massaged his head while gritting his teeth.

“Sir, I’m getting frustrated just by watching them stand over there! How dare a f*cking weakling like
Mysonna dare to gather ten thousand soldiers to oppose the Mysonna Army? They’re underestimating

“Shut the f*ck up!” Just when Dorian was about to hit him, he turned around and ran away.

With a cold scoff, Dorian pointed at the opposite side.

“Open your f*cking eyes and look there. Which ones of those weaklings are worthy enough to be our
opponents? They look like confused chickens. Just by standing here, we can scare the f*ck out of
them. I’m not exaggera—”

Just when Dorian was speaking, he suddenly froze.

“Sir?” The youth shot Dorian a confused look when he stopped talking abruptly.

Dorian was staring straight at Quiss River.

When the youth glanced over, he saw a moving black dot appear around the corner of Quiss River in
the far distance.

He quickly grabbed the binoculars and zoomed into the black dot.

It was a person!

When he adjusted the focus, he was stunned.

“Sir, I’ve seen that person before. It’s when you were hospitalized…”

The youth’s voice became softer as he spoke. In the end, all that could be heard was his heavy

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