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The Legendary Man Chapter 974

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-Even Hades knew that was a ridiculous question when he posed it.

Since the day before, after Jonathan reminded them of the involvement of missiles, everyone had lost
contact with him again.

As the current person in charge of Asura’s Office, Hades could directly mobilize the Intelligence Unit of
the Dark Special Forces.

Although the unit was only established in the last three years, it was already one of the largest
intelligence organizations in Chanaea.

Since Hades, who oversaw such an organization, could not find any news about Jonathan, how could
Zachary and Kane possibly know anything?

“I was on the plane, so I don’t have any news of Mr. Goldstein,” Kane replied solemnly.

Zachary merely shook his head silently.

Hades could only let out a sigh when he saw their reactions.

Before the creation of Asura’s Office, those Kings of War were already well-established leaders.

Jonathan had served as the link to bring the eight war zones together to form the mighty entity of
Asura’s Office.

Even he had never imagined that he would unknowingly become the core of Asura’s Office and come
to represent authority within it.

Now that his fate was unknown, although Asura’s Office appeared to be still operating normally, there
seemed to be a shadow cast over everyone’s hearts.

Meanwhile, as Jason rushed into the sterile emergency room of No. 16 Villa, he shouted, “Where’s the
patient? You’ve f*cking started to learn to steal patients from your mentor already, huh, Donald?”

However, he was taken aback when he entered the room.

In the makeshift emergency room, Donald was focusing on operating on a woman while stepping on a
specially designed stool.

“Clear the blood,” he said calmly, holding the tweezers.

The doctor standing next to him quickly inserted a catheter at the location of the incision to drain the
blood upon hearing that.

Donald took out a bone the size of a fingertip from the open incision and dropped it into the tray next to

“The patient has a comminuted fracture on her left arm, and the bone has penetrated her flesh
completely. The patient is a cultivator. She has likely taken some sort of stimulant drug previously
because the anesthesia didn’t work on her. I could only seal her nerves first. She has multiple fractures
in her left shoulder and chest, and the fractured bone has already punctured her left lung. Surgery is
not an option because she will lose a lot of blood as soon as it is cleared up,” he said flatly while nimbly
operating on Ksana.

By then, Jason had already begun performing the most thorough aseptic cleaning possible on the first
aseptic isolation layer.

He then entered the emergency room with his hands raised.

“The patient’s condition is very similar to the injury Ms. Goldstein suffered back then. Let me be the
lead surgeon,” Jason said as he reached out to take the scalpel and stood beside Donald.

Without any hesitation, Donald stepped back and gave up his position as the lead surgeon.

He acknowledged that Jason would undoubtedly be more adept than him in treating Ksana’s left chest
injury, given that it was very similar to Sophia’s previous injury—both of their lungs were punctured by
fractured bone.

“The patient’s heart rate is dropping…

“It could be that the effect of the stimulant she took previously is rapidly weakening…

“Prepare to pull out the fractured bone…

“Prepare five thousand milliliters of type AB blood plasma…

“Establish extracorporeal circulation immediately…

“Blood oxygen saturation is rapidly decreasing. Hurry. Perform CPR…”

Jason’s calm voice kept ringing out in the emergency room as the other medical staff all got busy.

On the operating table next to them, Charleigh had been observing everything that was going on with
his head turned sideways and a glint in his eyes.

Jonathan had once mentioned to him that there was a crazy doctor in Chanaea who was just as keen
on experimenting on humans as he was, and it appeared to be the middle-aged man in front of him.

Charleigh was a geneticist, but not a doctor.

Although he could proudly say that he was the best in the world regarding the study of cultivator-
orientated genes, he was much weaker in many of the living human operations.

Even the deaths of numerous Remdikian cultivators were not caused by his drug, but rather by his
shoddy operation errors.

It seems that this man can make up for my shortcomings! Might Chanaea be the place where I can
fulfill my dream?

Before this, Charleigh had never thought that Chanaea would accept such a plan for body modification,
nor did he imagine that he could reach the country alive.

After all, the military might of Remdik, renowned for their belligerence, was a little too strong.

Charleigh was a lunatic obsessed with genetic research. As long as he could get the desired results, it
did not matter to him where he conducted his experiments. There was really no difference between
Remdik and Chanaea.

Previously, Jonathan had invited him to Chanaea, but he had turned it down mostly due to his doubts
about the nation’s military prowess.

After all, despite Chanaea being a sizable nation in Aploth, the extraordinarily diversified distribution of
its internal forces was known worldwide.

Although Jonathan’s Asura’s Office ranked high in the world in the military sphere, it had a shortcoming
in that it lacked high-level cultivators.

From Charleigh’s point of view, he felt that he would not have a chance to leave Remdik if he accepted
Jonathan’s invitation.

The subsequent development was just as he had expected. The forces that Remdik had mobilized to
surround Jonathan and Ksana were akin to the full might of the nation.

What he did not expect was that they had actually arrived in Chanaea.

If he had known that Jonathan had such strength, Charleigh would have immediately agreed to leave
with him. Why should I put up with having my cultivation destroyed and losing all of my limbs?

Charleigh could not help but sigh as he recalled everything that had happened in Remdik.

Just as he was lamenting how difficult life was, Jason had already completed the operation.

Since the most crucial step was completed and the remainder was related to stitching up the wound,
Jason stepped away from the operating table.

Looking at the blood on his gloves, he shuddered slightly and used his spiritual energy to gently stretch
the gloves so that he could remove his hands.

“So you’re Charleigh?” Jason asked as he scrutinized the other man.

The man lying on the bed had lost all his limbs, but he was still a proud individual.

Whether it was his former cultivation level or being the former prince of Rodunst, it was all due to his
status at the pinnacle of society.

Even though Charleigh was now at someone else’s mercy, he still maintained his superior integrity.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Charleigh,” greeted Jason.

Charleigh smiled and nodded in greeting.

Jason made a half-circle around Charleigh, looking at the bandages wrapped around his limbs, and
frowned slightly.

Although Kane’s men had already treated Charleigh, it was only the simplest disinfection.

Even through the bandages, Jason could instantly assess Charleigh’s condition by looking at the state
of his exposed skin.

“All your limbs and ears…” In a split second, he had a scalpel in his hand and was slicing away at the
other man’s bandages. “Looks like you were very reluctant to come to Chanaea!”

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