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The Legendary Man Chapter 971

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-“The coffin is gone!” a Remdikian soldier yelled.

The soldier was yelling in Remdikian. Jonathan did not understand what the soldier had yelled, but he
was shocked as he remembered that he was being surrounded by Remdikian soldiers.

He rolled over and jumped out of the hole that previously housed the coffin.

Around him, more than twenty figures simultaneously backed away.

Even the female cultivator, holding long swords in her hands, took a step back.

Jonathan stared at his hands in confusion and noticed that they had recovered. He did not have to
think too much about it to know that Seboxia must have helped him again.

He slowly raised his hands, feeling the spiritual energy course through his body.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two ear-piercing sounds rang out at the same time.

Heaven Sword and the Divine Chessboard flew back and hovered in circles three inches above
Jonathan’s hands.

The gold-colored bronze handbell slowly flew out of the hole and landed on Jonathan’s head.

Jonathan glared at the female cultivator before him while holding those three magical items. A glint of
murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

“Hey, you were the one who slashed at my face just now, weren’t you?”

“Fire!” the female cultivator yelled to the people behind her.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of missiles being fired could be heard. From the surrounding vehicles around Jonathan,
dozens of bazookas shot at Jonathan’s feet.

However, those missiles turned into ripples as they hit the protective shield that Jonathan had conjured.

The bullets from the sniper rifle fell one after another as the ground under Jonathan’s feet exploded.
The next moment, he appeared before the female cultivator without warning.

“Die!” Jonathan yelled as he shone the Divine Chessboard.

The female cultivator held out her sword and slashed at Jonathan’s throat. However, she was no match
for Heaven Sword.

Heaven Sword stabbed through her sword. Before she could react, it had slashed her neck.

The head of the beautiful female cultivator tumbled to the ground. Jonathan smashed the chessboard
on the female cultivator’s headless body, instantly smashing the curvaceous body into a puddle of flesh
and blood.

At that moment, Jonathan had regained all of his power and strength.

The female cultivator had been too careless and did not unleash her full power. Plus, she had been
scared of the Coffin. Her weaknesses had made it possible for Jonathan to kill her in a single move.

Jonathan bent down to pick up the storage ring and kept the long sword inside before turning around.

“Kill them!”

At that command, Heaven Sword seemed full of life as it rushed toward the surrounding Grandmaster
Realm cultivators.

Jonathan, on the other hand, stood at the center of the missile vehicles and activated Earthly Escape.

The ground shook, and the ground around those missile vehicles turned into quicksand again. In a few
seconds, those missile vehicles disappeared into the ground.

In the distance, screams could be heard.

Those Grandmaster Realm cultivators were no match for Heaven Sword.

God Realm cultivators had to be careful when facing Heaven Sword which had additional support from
the Pryncyp of Strength. Although those Grandmaster Realm cultivators knew of Heaven Sword’s
power, they could not escape the sword’s speed.

As the ground returned to its solid state, the screams around Jonathan completely stopped.

He turned to look and saw that a total of twenty-four Grandmaster Realm cultivators were on the
ground, drained of their life force.

Heaven Sword flew back to Jonathan’s hand. With a wave of his hand, he summoned the rings from
those twenty-something bodies in his hand.

“Everyone, load your weapons! Fire at Jonathan!” a soldier lying on the ground in a pool of his blood

Jonathan glanced at that soldier. It turned out that it was one of the three soldiers he had severely

Although he could not understand what that soldier said, he could somehow comprehend what the
soldier meant as he saw the surrounding soldiers holding up their weapons and aiming them toward

He flicked his fingers, and Heaven Sword slashed across that soldier’s neck.

Blood spurted everywhere and dyed the surrounding yellowish grass a deep red.

Just then, a soldier without any spiritual energy coursing through him stood forward.

“I am now the commander-in-chief. I order all of you to—”


Before that person could continue, Heaven Sword stabbed his chest.

As that person fell to the ground, a different soldier stepped out.

“I am the commander-in-chief. I order you to—”


“I am the commander-in-chief. I order you to—”

“I am the commander-in—”




Roars echoed throughout the crowd. Despite knowing they would die under Heaven Sword, none of the
Remdikian soldiers backed down.

For a moment, the protective shield in front of Jonathan crackled aggressively.

Bullets rained on him as those soldiers kept firing their weapons.

Of course, there were more than two weapons. The previous fight between Jonathan and the others
had already attracted the attention of the Remdikian soldiers.

Although the Remdikian army couldn’t have over a hundred thousand soldiers surrounding Jonathan,
at least hundreds of thousands of other people were spectating.

Countless soldiers had received orders to fire at Jonathan.

If only one bullet landed on the spirit shield the strange bronze handbell had conjured, the shocking
backlash would be like a mosquito bite. It would not harm Jonathan, and he could not be bothered.

However, at that very moment, countless bullets were raining onto the spirit shield. Even if Jonathan’s
cultivation level were high, he could not withstand such frequent attacks.

Jonathan held Heaven Sword in one hand, his Pryncyp of Slaughter trembling slightly, wanting to go on
a killing spree.

However, just as he was about to release Heaven Sword, he suddenly paused.

I killed the Grandmaster Realm cultivators just now because I feared they would defeat the soldiers of
Asura’s Office when they arrived. But what about these mortal soldiers? What am I afraid of?

Jonathan had always reminded himself that there was no difference between good and evil powers, but
instead, the difference could be seen in the users of these powers.

Look at what’s happening now. Am I good or evil? Do I really not have the urge to kill?

Feeling the reversal effect coursing throughout his body, Jonathan looked at Heaven Sword in his hand
with a scowl.

If I don’t have the urge to kill, how did I get the approval of such an evil weapon? How could I
comprehend the Pryncyp of Strength that represented killing and death?

Jonathan gritted his teeth before looking up at the faces of the soldiers who were screaming and
consistently pulling the triggers on their weapons. With a sigh, he slowly sank to the ground.

In Kushburn, the city’s central area had been reduced to nothing but rubble.

Four short-range missiles had been shot, destroying all the buildings within a two-kilometer radius.

Right then, a collapsed wall exploded among the doomsday-like ruins.

A figure shot toward the sky from the ruins before landing on a pile of bricks.

Holding a broken spear, Sirius struggled to get up.

“Severus, Cyprus… Do you copy…”

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