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The Legendary Man Chapter 973

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-Spiritual energy surged from the tsar at those words.

Savannah felt as if she was facing a mountain on the verge of caving in, and an overbearing sense of
oppression was like a crushing weight of stones settling on her chest, choking the air from her lungs.

Following the tsar’s words, the wine containing shards of crushed glass was forced down her throat.

Savannah looked at him in terror, and blood leaked from the corner of her mouth.

“Your Majesty, I’ll send someone to look into it now. I will never let a Chanaean leave Merania—”

Savannah let out a choked grunt, grabbing her throat and thrashing wildly before she could finish.

The shards perforated her esophagus as they passed through with the wine, causing her excruciating

The tsar let her go as she writhed on the ground.

“Are you sending my soldiers to their demise after losing our cultivator troops? Pull back the forces in
the west, converge south of Remdik, and prepare to march toward Mallowbrook River. You better make
your way quickly to Chanaea to confirm Charleigh’s death.” With that, the tsar strode out of the room.

Savannah only dared to utilize her spiritual energy to pull out the fragments from her gullet when his
aura was no longer felt.

Her spiritual energy control was extremely nuanced as a God Realm cultivator.

Wrapping something with spiritual energy was elementary, yet at that moment, it made her body
tremble from overexertion, and sweat dripped onto the ground.

She took a blood-red glass bottle from the storage ring with a shaking hand and downed the contents
inside before slumping on the ground.

She stared blankly at the ceiling as she felt her esophagus and stomach being mended.

Charleigh’s entire family would be living on borrowed time if he was still alive.

In Retaz, Merania, Sirius’ silhouette flashed across the field.

Several helicopters came into view as he went over the crest of the hill.

Kane and Severus felt a swell of spiritual energy and turned in Sirius’ direction as he leaped several
hundred meters in the air and landed in front of them.

The guns on several helicopters trained on Sirius immediately, thanks to the newest automatic target
identification and locking technology specifically developed to single out high-speed movements of

Kane waved his hand, and the weapon systems went offline.

“Mr. Sirius, I’m Kane Dunst of the Shusonna Army of Asura’s Office,” he introduced himself in a low
voice, saluted, and extended his right hand.

Sirius gave him an icy stare for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and returning the
handshake. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Thunder King.”

Kane glanced at Sirius’ tattered clothes, and guilt flashed in his eyes.

“I’m really sorry. We should have been in Kushburn, but we had to go left to evade the short-range
missiles,” he apologized sincerely.

Sirius wasn’t a member of Asura’s Office, yet he put himself in harm’s way to help them pick up

On the other hand, they immediately returned to Chanaea without engaging in battle to keep Charleigh
and everyone safe as ordered by Asura’s Office.

They landed here and turned off the radar to avoid attacks.

“Don’t worry about it. I understand,” Sirius reassured, then turned to Severus. “What about the
wounded? Did they arrive safely?”

“They’re being treated at the back of the helicopter. It’s nothing fatal; they will survive,” Severus replied.
“Sirius, what happened to Cyprus…”

Sirius’ expression shifted in response to the question. He held his right hand out, revealing two black
rings wrapped around his forefinger.

It was the storage ring unique to the Blackwood family, and only God Realm elders wore it.

Now that Sirius had two of them in his possession, Severus understood what it meant without having
him explain it.

Cyprus was dead.

Sirius patted Severus on his shoulder. “Let’s go. We still need to report back.”

Many big forces in the world were watching the war between Remdik and Chanaea, which was
expected to take place in Merania.

However, when armies from both sides had gathered less than thirty miles away, the progression came
to an abrupt halt.

The rest of the world powers were aware of a short-range missile explosion, but no one knew exactly
what happened, except that Chanaea and Remdik had withdrawn their forces.

It was as if nothing had happened between the two countries. Even Merania, who was forced into the
war, was silent.

The war seemed to not exist at all.

Although the three countries had chosen to be tight-lipped, the rest of the world knew the fight was far
from over.

Not only were Remdik and Chanaea attempting to adapt to pre-war conditions, but even the major
powers in Aploth and Epea were also preparing for the impending war.

Meanwhile, it was chaotic in Edenic Heights.

Hades and Kane had reached Edenic Heights at the same time. The three of the Eight Kings of War,
including Zachary, had convened at this little military operation base.

The troops were armed to their teeth and on high alert. They had been ordered to shoot on sight at
even the slightest movements.

Jason sprinted as fast as his legs could carry him until he reached three of them.

“Where is he? Where is he?” he yelled at Zachary.

Hades and Kane looked over, only to find a scalpel clutched in his grip and blood on his hands. Jason
was clearly in the middle of surgery and had left his patient on the surgery table to be here.

Hades took in his disorderly look and opened his mouth to say something but changed his mind.

“He was just carried out of the plane. Donald has brought him to the emergency room.”

“Him?” Jason shrieked.

“What does that kid know? Only I am allowed to treat this patient. Where is he? Take me there now.”

A guard took note of his impatience and quickly broke into a run, leading him away.

A wry smile tugged at Hades’ lips as he stared at Jason’s back.

“Is there any news on Mr. Goldstein?” he asked, turning to Zachary and Kane.

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