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The Legendary Man Chapter 972

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-“Sirius! You’re fine! That’s great!”

Severus could be heard panting through the communication device. It was obvious that he was

Sirius’ lips curled up when he heard Severus’ voice.

“Cyprus, do you copy?”

Nothing was heard from the other end.


Sirius’ expression turned cold again when he didn’t get the reply he was expecting.

“Cyprus! Can you hear me?” Sirius shouted into the communication device as he stood in the middle of
the ruins.

“F*ck! Reply me, Cyprus!”


A calm and clear voice could be heard from the communicating device.

“We lost Cyprus’ coordinates based on the intelligence network from Asura’s Office.”

“Say something that I can understand!” Sirius said in a cold voice.

“We can’t monitor the signals from Cyprus’ communication device anymore, and we also can’t detect
his vital signs. There are only two possibilities now. It’s either his communication device has been
completely destroyed, or he died in battle—”

“Bullsh*t!” Sirius roared before the other person could finish their sentence.

The Blackwood family had initially sent Severus and Kaiser to Remdik on a mission to save Jonathan.

However, Kaiser’s wife had just given birth two months ago, and Sirius didn’t want Kaiser to be on a
mission at a time like this, so he had made an exception and requested Cyprus, who was cultivating, to
head to Remdik with him.

Ever since Sirius became a Grandmaster, he had experienced countless battles either in his face or
behind his back.

He had gotten used to seeing death and had long since ceased to be as sentimental as before.

There was even someone from the Blackwood family who had shielded Sirius before in a mission, and
his circulatory system had been pierced in front of Sirius.

Even so, Sirius didn’t even flinch or help the person. Instead, he waved his spear and pierced through
the enemy.

Death was an eternal theme on the battlefield, and Sirius had long since gotten used to it.

However, Sirius would never forgive himself if Cyprus were to die in Merania.

That was because Cyprus wasn’t supposed to be here in the first place. It was because Sirius had
sympathized with Kaiser that he asked Cyprus to join him instead.

“Sirius, you are currently in the war zone. I hope you can remain calm.”

The voice sounded again through the communication device.

“We’ll try to contact Cyprus from our end. Please leave where you are now to avoid another—”

“Send me Cyprus’ location!” Sirius demanded.

“Sirius, you have to remain calm. Both Cyprus’ and your location have been exposed. Based on the
information we received, the chances of you being attacked or being found by the Remdikian
cultivators are extremely—”

“I said, send me his location!” Sirius demanded again with his hand clenching his spear.

“All right. I’ve sent it to you. This is the coordinates of Cyprus’ last location that he sent back to us.
Please retreat immediately once you’ve found Cyprus’ body. Kane will provide you with assistance in

Sirius was slightly stunned when he heard the word “body” through his earpiece.

He gritted his teeth and looked at the coordinates that had been sent to the monitor on his arm.

“Body? Hah… What’s your name?”

“I’m Freddie Lopez from the Intelligence Unit of the Dark Special Forces of Asura’s Office.”

“I’ll remember you.” With that, Sirius leaped up and ran straight toward where Cyprus was.

In Kremalos Palace, which was located in Saspiuburg, Remdik, Savannah felt as if her soul had left her
body when she heard the report through the communication device.

She would have fallen to the ground if her hands weren’t on the table supporting her.

The entire Remdikian Western Army had been mobilized temporarily for the United Legion.

Four God Realm cultivators and twenty-seven Grandmaster Realm cultivators were dead, and nine
missile vehicles were destroyed, including nine short-range missiles and two fighter jets.

This string of numbers was like a hammer as it pounded on Savannah’s heart, breaking it into pieces.

She finally understood what Ivanov’s smile to her meant when he left.

Savannah was finished, and she had even dragged the respectable families backing her up down with

High-level cultivators were, indeed, rare, but there were tons of them in Remdik, and the tsar would be
able to find one easily if he wanted to.

The United Legion would not be able to carry out its operations if their support had failed.

Not only that, but the most important part was whether Charleigh was dead or alive.

Charleigh’s strategic position was too fatal. If someone like Charleigh were to be captured by the
Chanaeas, the entire history of Aploth and Epea would be rewritten.

“Savannah.” Just when Savannah was in deep thought, the tsar called out to her behind her in a calm

“Ah!” Shocked, Savannah turned and looked at the tsar, who was holding a glass of wine.

She quickly tidied herself when she saw that.

“Your Majesty… I thought you left… Why did you come back?”

Savannah’s voice was trembling because she was too nervous.

The tsar looked at Savannah with a smile.

“One hundred and fifty thousand of my people entered Merania, and we have lost two-thirds of our
commanders. Aren’t you going to provide me with an explanation for this, Savannah?”

Savannah slumped to the ground when she heard that.

“Your Majesty… Please give me another chance. I will personally send someone there to check if
Charleigh is still alive… I promise I will never make the same mistake twice. I—”

She was almost at the tsar’s feet.

Before she could finish what she was saying, the tsar had already grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

“Savannah, I think it’s best if you check on this yourself. That way, I’ll be more relieved.”


Savannah’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

“Yes. You should go. Aren’t you a cultivator as well?” The tsar smiled as he gave her the glass of wine.

“I…” Savannah trembled as she took the glass. “Your Majesty, I still want to serve you by your side…”


The glass in Savannah’s hand cracked.

However, neither the glass nor the contents in the glass were spilled. The tsar gently waved his hand,
and the wine and glass fragments swirled in the air.

He then grabbed Savannah’s cheeks, causing her to exclaim in pain and open her mouth.

The fragments of glass and wine that were swirling in the air immediately entered Savannah’s mouth.


Savannah struggled violently, but she dared not use her spiritual energy.

So what if she was a God Realm cultivator?

She still wouldn’t dare fight back against the tsar, who was a Divine Realm cultivator.

“I don’t care about the feud between your family and Ivanov’s, and I don’t mind you using my name for
your family’s benefit. Even when you meddled in the military forces and placed your family members in
the Western Army, I don’t mind as well. But remember one thing, Savannah. Remember to do what you
need to do. You better pray that Charleigh is dead because only by him dying will you live!”

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