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The Legendary Man Chapter 970

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-Jonathan felt as if his mind had exploded after he listened to what
Seboxia said.

Seboxia’s explanation of The Three Teachings destroyed Jonathan’s worldview and made him think of
many irrelevant things.

Halontism and Shatonism represented Light and Darkness, their creators.

As the followers of Shatonism were ruthless, they were regarded as the reincarnations of evil ever
since centuries ago.

Under the opposition of many people, the followers of Shatonism slowly died out, and the teaching
soon disappeared from history.

However, from Seboxia’s words, it seemed that the teachings of Shatonism did not disappear. In fact, it
seemed to have been secretly passed down.

Jonathan might not be religious, but he had heard of several turning points in the history of the religions
in Adrune.

Shatonism was very popular and could compete with Halontism during a certain period.

Their main teaching was to enjoy things while they lasted. However, it was considered unscrupulous
teaching, and many were aversed by it.

It was not until two hundred years ago that the Adrunites’ hatred toward Shatonism made them voice
their opposition.

It was also at that time that Halontism, a religion that promoted love and peace, launched a crusade
against Shatonism.

History called it the Holy War.

The worldwide crusade lasted for ten years and ended with Halontism winning.

From then on, Shatonism had been wiped out of history.

As for Halontism, which had started the Holy War, the religion was adored and supported by the nation
and soon took over all of Adrune.

Even in the current era dominated by technology, each leader who took office in mega-powerful
countries in Adrune, such as Anglandur, was still required to swear an oath according to the teachings
of Halontism.

Before today, Jonathan had always thought the Holy War was a fight for justice.

However, it turned out that the war was nothing but a plan designed by the controllers of the Pryncyp of
Light and Pryncyp of Darkness.

During the Holy War, they used Halontism and pretended to launch a crusade against Shatonism to
hide the true teachings of Shatonism.

In other words, ever since Shatonism was created, the plan had been set.

The goal was to make Halontism eradicate Shatonism to restore the power of the world to Halontism,
perfectly brainwashing the whole world.

It did not matter which possible situation was the truth. Jonathan could not be more surprised. The
tactics of these sly foxes are terrifying.

As the founder of Asura’s Office, Jonathan had to consider the country’s affairs from the perspective of
the entire Chanaea.

He could even create a plan for the strategic arrangements of Asura’s Office that would last several

However, people like Seboxia could sacrifice nearly two thousand years and billions of people for such
a plan.

These kinds of people… No. Perhaps they aren’t human, but instead, they’re the real monsters.

Jonathan felt his throat run dry as he stared at Seboxia.

He gulped several times before saying, “Sir Seboxia, there’s something I want to know. Are Light and
Darkness still alive?”

“With me, they won’t die,” Seboxia replied with a grin. “If you join us, you can also escape from the
bitterness of reincarnation. You will receive great freedom and transcendence if you continue to walk
on the path of immortality.”

Jonathan’s eyes darkened.

“I still don’t understand. Since you guys made a plan, you guys should’ve gained complete control over
the beliefs of the people in Adrune. Seboxiasm uses the West Region as its center and spreads its
teachings to the whole of Aploth. I’m sure you have billions of loyal followers. Is there anything else that
you can’t do? Waging another Holy War shouldn’t be a problem for you guys.”

Seboxia shook his head.

“Aploth is different from Adrune. Chanaea respects Crofism and has Darolism as a religious backbone.
It emphasizes the unity of man and nature and the teachings are based on the course of nature. On the
other hand, Remdik has no beliefs whatsoever. They only believe in war and the weapons in their

hands. These two biggest countries in Aploth exist outside of the teachings. You can only resort to war
if you want to take these countries for yourself. That is your fate, Pryncyp of Slaughter.”

Jonathan finally understood what Seboxia meant.

A grin appeared on his lips as he said, “Sir Seboxia, if that’s so, then I’m afraid I’ll be nothing but a
disappointment to you. Although I’ve comprehended the Pryncyp of Slaughter, I don’t enjoy killing
others. Naturally, I won’t stand by and do anything as the Remdikians find a way to enter Doveston.
However, no matter the result of the war, I will not bring my people to launch a crusade against

Here, Jonathan sighed. “Well… It’s not only Remdik. I don’t have any desire for the power of Chanaea
either. If you want someone to represent religion to conquer Aploth, I’m afraid I’m not the person you’re
looking for. When the situation in Chanaea stabilizes, I will let go of all my burdens, retire to the
countryside, and never get involved with any fight for power.”

As he said that, he carefully looked at Seboxia, who was sitting opposite him.

He’s a monster that has been alive for almost two thousand years… I’ve totally disobeyed his
intentions, and I’m still in Seboxia’s Mystic Dimension right now. What if he traps me in this dimension
because he’s unhappy?

However, Seboxia was a monster who had created a religion after all. Upon listening to Jonathan’s
words, he clasped his hands together and smiled instead of getting angry.

“Mr. Goldstein, do you wish to look for the Great Pryncyp?”

Upon hearing the words “Great Pryncyp,” Jonathan felt his heart drop.

Since he accidentally walked on the road to cultivation, he had always been looking for the so-called
Great Pryncyp.

For Jonathan to reach God Realm, it was proven that he had a determined Cor.

However, he could not understand why Seboxia would suddenly mention the Great Pryncyp.

Seboxia did not wait for Jonathan’s answer. He had already guessed Jonathan’s answer based on his

“Mr. Goldstein, if you want to grasp the Great Pryncyp, you must awaken your urge to kill. Go now. I’ll
look forward to the next time we meet!”

Seboxia held out his hand and lightly touched Jonathan’s forehead.

Jonathan felt himself lose balance once more as Seboxia backed away rapidly.

In the next moment, a bright blue sky appeared before Jonathan’s eyes.

He trembled as he felt the cold spread through his body. He slowly got up and noticed that he had
returned to the meadow of Merania.

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