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The Legendary Man Chapter 968

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-“Save… me…” Jonathan again implored the monk with much

Slowly bending at the waist, the monk unhurriedly stretched out his right hand and lightly tapped
Jonathan between the eyes.


With a soft whirr, Jonathan felt as though he was tumbling rapidly into an infinite abyss.

“No!” he roared.

In the next instant, he was stunned for a moment, for he was already seated on a bamboo chair at
some point.

Across from him sat the monk in white robes with hands locked in a hand seal.

“You’re awake, Mr. Goldstein,” the monk remarked placidly.

Jonathan shot to his feet. In the blink of an eye, he retreated dozens of meters.

He gaped at his hands in astonishment as they were then whole and intact, not a scratch remaining.

“I’ve actually healed?” he exclaimed, scrutinizing his hands in elation.

Carefully sensing the spiritual energy within him, he felt like he seemingly possessed never-ending

It was none other than the sensation of life force.

“Is that so?”

Behind him, the monk’s voice rang out once more.

Whirling around, Jonathan backed away again, beyond wary of the monk in front of him.

However, no sooner had he come to a stop than he realized that he was still standing before the monk.

Meanwhile, the monk remained sitting across from him with hands locked in a hand seal in meditation.

He glanced back over his shoulder, only to see the bamboo chair swaying slightly.

It was as though he had not budged an inch.

“This place is my Mystic Dimension, Mr. Goldstein. There’s no rule or law, nor status or identity. You’ve
got no other place to go other than this. Please have a seat.”

Mystic Dimension?

Jonathan eyed the monk in front of him warily.

There was a detailed explanation of the Divine Realm in the main writings of the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique.

Mystic Dimension was an ultimate technique that could only be comprehended by cultivators of the
Divine Realm and above.

Generally, it could be understood as a unique realm formed entirely by spiritual sense.

That aside, it could also be considered a fantasy world.

The only difference was that it was not a wholly fictitious world from the imagination of mentally-ill
patients. Instead, it was a spiritual world for cultivators to live spiritually, cultivate, and develop

In there, cultivators could use Mystic Dimension to comprehend the laws of the world and gain

Besides that, they could pull other cultivators’ spiritual senses in and seal them within the dimension
until their physical bodies died without them knowing it.

Since ancient times, there had been cultivators who often claimed to have experienced hundreds and
thousands of eons. In truth, they were referring to the Mystic Dimension.

Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of eons in the real world would have far exceeded the existence of
the universe at the beginning of time.

Despite its mention in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, no corresponding cultivation method was

Verily, the requirements for the cultivation of Mystic Dimension were too challenging.

Among the many prerequisites, attaining the advanced phase of the Divine Realm was the easiest to

However, that alone disqualified most cultivators.

Therefore, all who could cultivate it were legendary figures. Even if they had died for millions of years,
they were still very much respected whenever their names were brought up.

Right then, sitting cross-legged across from Jonathan was such a cultivator.

That was truly something terrifying.

Pinning his eyes on the monk, Jonathan inhaled deeply. Then, he slowly sat down on the bamboo

“If so, we’re both illusory right now. Is that it?”

“Yes and no.”

While saying that smilingly, the monk waved his hand lightly, upon which a tender sprout burgeoned
steadily from the ground right before their eyes.

As the tender sprout grew, the ivory-white ground beneath Jonathan’s feet started changing colors

Like dominoes, grasslands, mountains, skies, and many more manifested one after another around
both men.

Shock brimmed in Jonathan’s eyes at the sight of everything around him.

In the past, he had once entered the illusionary realm in Heaven Sword.

Although everything was as equally real, there was no sensation of life force in that illusionary realm.

At that moment, however, there were various bugs and animals roaming around him.

With his spiritual sense unleashed, the flowers, plants, soil, and mountains all felt exceedingly real.

In fact, he would even have no qualms believing the monk if the latter were to say that they were in the
real world.

Extending a hand, the monk waited for a butterfly to land on his palm in mid-air.

“Mr. Goldstein, a flower is a flower, and that’s the outward form we see. Considering your eyesight, all
you see is just an object’s appearance. While your spiritual energy and spiritual sense can accurately
discern the inside of an object, all your eyes perceive are, in actual fact, the elements that make up the
object. But is everything we see truly real?”

As the monk spoke, he opened his clasped hands. Unexpectedly, the butterfly trapped in his palms had
disappeared, replaced by a hummingbird.

Jonathan watched wide-eyed as the hummingbird flapped its wings and flew to a newly-bloomed

In the next heartbeat, the flower turned into a cavernous mouth and swallowed the hummingbird.

The monk stretched out a hand and again waved lightly. The fresh flowers on the ground instantly
withered, and everything around them faded away until all that was left was a vast expanse of white.

“This is Mystic Dimension, Mr. Goldstein. Everything here is absolutely real yet also entirely illusory. If
you die here, your death will be bogus yet real.”

Despite Jonathan’s total oblivion to the monk’s meaning, he knew he was already at the latter’s mercy.

Surprisingly, that had him relaxing his guard further.

I’m not his match anyway. What’s the point of resisting?

Letting out a long breath, he leaned back against the bamboo chair and fixed his eyes on the monk.

“Sir, you’re Seboxia, aren’t you?”

In the face of the monk, he gave voice to the conjecture he had been harboring all along.

Hearing that, the monk across from him was not the least bit surprised, merely nodding with a smile.


Although Jonathan had long since surmised it, he still found it somewhat unreal when Seboxia really
admitted to it.

After all, the man was a cultivator who shook the world a thousand and six hundred years ago. Such a
way of meeting with him was a mystery that could not be explained in just a few words.

He turned the matter over in his mind for some time with his eyes trained on Seboxia before asking,
“Why me? After a thousand and six hundred years, there are many cultivators in Seboxiasm. Many are
even of the Divine Realm, like Kenado. Why did you choose me, of all people? Don’t tell me it was
because you wanted me to absorb life force after killing others. If that’s really the case, there are far too
many among your believers who are more suitable than me.”

His gaze on Seboxia was as intent as ever.

Looking at Jonathan smilingly, Seboxia parted his lips a fraction.

“Because of slaughter!”

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