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The Legendary Man Chapter 969

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-Following the word “slaughter,” a chilling surge of murderous intent
that was seemingly concrete rushed at Jonathan.

The killing power within Jonathan appeared to have been provoked right then, for it spiraled out of his
control and condensed automatically.


With that crisp sound, the bamboo chair beneath his bottom shattered and turned into ashes.

Across from him, rays of white light swirled around Seboxia ceaselessly to protect the monk within their

“Do you know, Mr. Goldstein, that Pryncyp of Slaughter was also known as Pryncyp of Death in ancient
times? It was one of the supreme Pryncyps that ranked equal with the Pryncyps of Life, Light, and

Seboxia then waved a hand, upon which the vast expanse of whiteness turned into a chaotic scene.

Next to Jonathan, a great ape that resembled a massive mountain charged forward. When its foot
landed on the ground, a mountain collapsed.

Letting out a roar, it dug its claws onto a cliff that seemingly went right up to the skies and began
climbing frantically.

Subsequently, Seboxia stretched out a hand once more. The scenery beneath Jonathan’s feet abruptly
changed, and they both ended up standing on Heaven Sword out of thin air.

Jonathan stared down in surprise. By then, the great ape was already at the top of the mountain.
Amidst the clouds far away were a human, a huge dragon, and a humongous tree standing against the


Throwing its head back, the great ape released a long howl before lunging forward.

Under its feet, sheets of light formed by thousands of indescribable characters manifested one after
another, enabling it to forge ahead by walking on air.

The other three figures amidst the clouds likewise moved forward. In a trice, the four divine beings
plunged into battle.

Jonathan could sense the surge of energies around him. Despite the immense distance between them,
he could not help feeling intimidated.

With a light tap of Seboxia’s finger, everything froze in place.

At the same time, he and Jonathan suddenly appeared at the site of the battle of the four divine beings.

“The scene you now see is the battle between four cultivators who mastered the supreme Pryncyps in
ancient times. That battle shook the entire universe and caused destruction to all four corners of the
world, destroying all spiritual roots everywhere. Ever since then, the world of cultivation on earth went
downhill and never recovered.”

While speaking, he whizzed past the four divine beings with Jonathan.

Jonathan took in everything before him in shock, from the ancient tree reaching to the skies to the giant
ape resembling a massive mountain and the green dragon with a scale armor reflecting green light.

When his gaze swept across the human, his eyes promptly constricted, for the human had an eye on
his forehead.

“All of them… were cultivators who once existed on earth?”

Witnessing such a scene, he could not truly accept it though he had long since committed Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique to memory and knew that there were once beasts that cultivated.

He himself was human, so he naturally regarded the many divine beings as humans when he spoke of

From the look of things at present, it would seem that none of the four divine beings who
comprehended the supreme Pryncyps in ancient times were human.

Seboxia turned to Jonathan with a smile.

“Seboxiasm advocates equality of all living beings. Did you think that I simply created that rule? It was
because I happened to see the world as it was in the past. In ancient times, all beings could gain
enlightenment. A tiny blade of grass or even a small butterfly could move mountains. Anything in the
world can attain great freedom and liberation so long as it’s enlightened. Alas, all spiritual foundation
was ruined after the collapse of the four corners of the world, destroying the path of all creation to
immortality. I think you must have also gathered that I comprehended the Pryncyp of Life. The reason I
chose you is to rebuild the four corners of the world and reconnect the broken path to immortality.”

Jonathan stared at the monk. For some inexplicable reason, interminable pride suffused him.

Sensing something amiss, he quickly activated his spiritual energy and suppressed the restlessness
within him.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Seboxia. I’m merely an insignificant cultivator who hasn’t
attained Divine Realm yet. Even if you’re telling me the truth, I don’t think I have such capability.”

“Naturally, it won’t be you alone.”

With a frown marring his countenance, Seboxia turned and eyed the towering ancient tree beside him.

He continued, “If one wants to continue on the path to immortality, he needs the energy of all creation
in the world. A thousand and six hundred years ago, I once attempted to create a religion to unify the
world. In my opinion, only the power of the people’s faith can transcend dynasties and unite everyone
all across the globe. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was the one who founded Seboxiasm. It originated
from West Region and has now spread to every corner of the world. But as time passes and its area of
influence expands, the teachings of Seboxiasm grow increasingly weaker. In fact, it had become a
means and excuse of making money in many places.”

Throughout it all, Jonathan merely listened silently.

Right then, he finally understood why a cultivator like Seboxia created a religion.

After all, the higher one’s cultivation level, the more attention he paid to the law of cause and effect, his
thinking crystal clear.

For that reason, cultivators generally try to avoid having overly much contact with the mortal world.
That was also why various divine beings preferred to live in seclusion.

“So, why did you decide on me?”

Frowning, Jonathan looked at Seboxia.

“Because you’re the person who bears the burden of killing. Since faith can’t unite everyone in the
world, combat has to be used to end the war and forcefully unite all beings,” Seboxia replied mildly.

At that, Jonathan glowered at the monk coldly.

“You mean, you want me to unite everyone in this world by killing?”

“Not to that extent. You only need to sort out Aploth and Epea. Light and Darkness will handle the rest,”
Seboxia answered evenly.

“Light and Darkness?” Jonathan asked, regarding the monk in puzzlement.

Seboxia dipped his head a fraction. “I’m not the only person who wants to restore the path to
immortality. Back then, all three of us shared the same vision. In total, we created three religions. I
established Seboxiasm, Light founded Halontism, and Darkness started Shatonism.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan felt as though his mind had overloaded.

Religions’ permeability was incredibly strong. There are countless religions in the world, but the three
most renowned ones were none other than Seboxiasm, Halontism, and Shatonism.

Unbeknownst to the world, the establishment of those three religions was actually a plan concocted
more than a thousand years ago.

Since Seboxia is still alive right now, the other two who comprehended the Pryncyps of Darkness and
Light might also be among the living!

Following that thought, a chill ran down Jonathan’s spine.

“Sir Seboxia, The Three Teachings have billions of believers. Is even that not enough?”

Hearing that, Seboxia burst out laughing.

“Faith is nothing but spiritual sustenance. It’s of no help in the real world. No matter the depth of one’s
belief in Seboxiasm, no one will feed him if he doesn’t go out and make money. In the same manner,
faith can only gather the people. It offers no direct help in restoring the path to immortality. Your
Pryncyp of Slaughter, however, does!”

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