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The Legendary Man Chapter 966

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-Jonathan’s target had never been the female cultivator.

Sending Heaven Sword toward her was for the sake of making her let her guard down.

To Grandmaster Realm cultivators, attacking them with Heaven Sword imbued with the power of
Pryncyp was a highly aggressive move.

If Jonathan could buy a few seconds’ time, he would be able to kill the Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

That meant that the cultivator who possessed the ability to manipulate plants was Jonathan’s primary
target all along.

Jonathan dreaded encountering cultivators who could manipulate plants in a grassland like this, as it
would significantly impede his Earthly Escape technique.

If a cultivator proficient in Wooden Escape used their spell while he was underground, the roots of the
surrounding grass would quickly ensnare and crush him.

The cultivator had been standing too far away earlier, so even if Jonathan wanted to kill him, he could

However, the moment the female cultivator came out, the Remdikian cultivators visibly relaxed. They all
came forward to help treat the three previously injured cultivators.

That was when the cultivator proficient in Wooden Escape stepped into Jonathan’s range of attack.

The very second Heaven Sword pierced his heart, the grass on the ground wilted and returned to its
yellowing state.

As soon as Jonathan sensed the constraint beneath his feet disappear, he ceased hesitating and
swiftly burrowed underground.

In seconds, he had completely disappeared under the ground.

Meanwhile, the God Realm female cultivator was still trapped underneath Divine Chessboard.

Her spiritual sense was far greater than the other Grandmaster Realm cultivators, so she could sense
Jonathan’s true intention when the others could not.

In other words, she realized Jonathan was trying to destroy the missile vehicles.

“Protect the missile vehicles!” the female cultivator shouted. “Why are you still standing around?
Launch the missiles!”

The shouts of the female cultivator snapped the Grandmaster Realm cultivators back to their senses.
Instantly, all of them started channeling their spiritual energy to rush toward the missile vehicles in a
frenzied manner.

However, without the support of the God Realm cultivator and cultivator proficient in Wooden Escape,
the Grandmaster Realm cultivators were no match for Jonathan.

Before they could even land, the ground near the missile vehicles began to shake violently.

Then, the ground around the first missile vehicle started sinking.

Crack! Crack!

The loss of balance made the hydraulics of the missile vehicle crack.

“Stop him now!” the female cultivator bellowed.

Yet, right as those words were out of her mouth, the ground around the missile vehicle sank. It was as
if the ground had opened up and swallowed the vehicle whole.

The land was shaking, and the vehicle was sinking. The Remdikian cultivators had no idea how they
were going to salvage the situation.

Despite being Grandmaster Realm cultivators, they were still only human, and the missile vehicle they
were attempting to save was several dozen meters long. They would die from exhaustion before they
could pull it back up.

Thus, the over twenty Grandmaster Realm cultivators could only watch as the ground swallowed up the
missile vehicle.

While they were still reeling in from the shock, the second missile vehicle was already starting to shake
and sink into the ground.

“Hold on to the missile vehicle!”

No one knew who shouted that, but dozens of Grandmaster Realm cultivators quickly transformed their
spiritual energy into ropes to tie around the missile vehicle, hoping to hold it still.

Alas, Jonathan would never let them get their way.

Almost simultaneously, Jonathan’s spiritual energy intensified.

Two… Three… Then, four…

The ground beneath eight missile vehicles trembled.

“Are you idiots?”

The female cultivator screamed out when she realized that the Grandmaster Realm cultivators were
trying to prevent the loss of missile vehicles with their power.

“Why aren’t you firing the missiles? The orders from Saspiuburg were given half an hour ago! You
should’ve launched the missiles by now! Have you been bribed by our enemy? Is that why you’re
stalling for them?”

The female cultivator seethed with anger and longed for the ability to launch the missiles herself.

Right then, an anxious voice came out of the speaker of her communication device.

“Ma’am, it’s not that we don’t want to launch the missiles, but that we can’t lock onto the targets. The
headquarters gave us three targets that should have been in close proximity, but now they are all
separated. We don’t know which target we should be launching the missiles at.”

Upon hearing the explanation, the female cultivator paled.

“They’re not together? But they shouldn’t be apart. Could it be…” the female cultivator trailed off

Then, when a thought popped into her head, she shouted, “Launch them! Split the remaining missile
vehicles into groups and launch the missiles at the three separate targets! They might already be

The voice on the other end of the line became audibly stunned and hesitant.

“Ma’am, we’re only temporarily assigned under you. Weapons like short-range missiles aren’t in your

“I will bear the responsibility for everything,” the female cultivator uttered. “If I don’t see any missiles
firing in thirty seconds, I’m going to kill every one of the people in charge of this missile-firing task no

matter how this battle ends.”

“Of course. I understand! We’ll launch the missiles right away!”

No longer hesitating, the person on the other end of the line made the order to launch the missiles.

With a roar, the female cultivator swung her sword downward at the barrier of the chessboard.

The barrier shattered with a crystalline sound, and the female cultivator fell onto the ground.

Jonathan was using most of his spiritual energy for Earthly Escape, so that was how the female
cultivator could get out of the chessboard’s restraints.

Right then, deafening sounds of missile firing echoed in the air.

The remaining missile vehicles had launched the missiles.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The gigantic missiles launched into the air.

The afterimage of something rushed after the missiles in the air, but alas, it could do nothing about it.

The missiles were too swift and too high.

They were strategic weapons, after all.

Heaven Sword flew back down, but as it was too far from Jonathan, it lost contact with Jonathan and
plummeted instead.

The ground rumbled, and Jonathan half-popped out of the ground, panting.

“Sirius, eleven short-range missiles have been launched! Move away from the Remdikians! Run! Quick,

Due to the massive depletion of spiritual energy, Jonathan could only scream weakly like a dying man.

At that moment, a slash of sword energy was already closing in on him.

Just then, the bronze handbell appeared. When the sword energy slashed the bronze handbell’s shield,
Jonathan was shoved out from the ground.

Like a carrot forcibly pulled out from the ground, Jonathan flew backward.

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