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The Legendary Man Chapter 965

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-“Stop him!”

A Remdikian cultivator finally realized what was going on. He bellowed and darted in Jonathan’s

Although God Realm cultivators were rushing to the scene from afar, they couldn’t let Jonathan
continue his rampage unchecked.

If they didn’t intervene, by the time the God Realm cultivators arrived, hundreds would have been killed
by Jonathan.

“I’m on it!”

As the cries of agony echoed from the military truck, the withered grass around the vehicle began to
turn green and grow wildly.

The wild grass emitted a faint glow, turning into soft yet resilient tendrils, and shot toward the truck.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The sound of countless swaying blades of grass cutting through the canvas of the vehicle reverberated
in the air.

Then, the wailing ceased abruptly, and blood flowed down the blades of grass.

To kill Jonathan, the Remdikian cultivator resorted to using a large-scale spell, inadvertently
slaughtering all the soldiers within the military truck.

Taking in the gruesome state of the vehicle, the surrounding Remdikian officers were briefly stunned.

“There’s still spiritual energy fluctuation coming from the truck!” a Remdikian cultivator shouted.


A high-pitched sound resonated in the air as a blurred figure shot through the tattered canvas of the
military truck and penetrated a Remdikian cultivator’s spirit shield.


Blood spewed as the cultivator’s body was lifted into the air by Heaven Sword.

Above the military vehicle, a golden light burst forth, capturing the Remdikian officer in mid-air.

Jonathan activated his spell, rapidly draining the life force from the Grandmaster Realm cultivator in his
hand, who had yet to expire. Soon, only a withered husk of a dead man remained.

As the Remdikian officer’s dried corpse crumbled to the ground, a flicker of blood-red glint flashed
through Jonathan’s eyes.

The vitality he acquired from a single Grandmaster Realm cultivator was equivalent to absorbing a
dozen ordinary soldiers’ vitalities.

As his vitality was replenished, Jonathan’s complexion regained some of its radiance, and even the
wrinkles on his face began to smooth out gradually.

Jonathan’s eyes gleamed with a hint of madness while he wielded Heaven Sword. “Since you insist on
stopping me, I shall let all of you perish together!”

Following an odd hum, Heaven Sword flew out of his hand.

Jonathan’s insides churned as if his internal organs were struck by a heavy hammer, causing him to
spit out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, three Grandmaster Realm cultivators screamed in
anguish and fell to the ground in front of him.

Although Jonathan could now harness the power of Heavenly Pryncyp, he hadn’t passed the Divine
Tribulation and gained complete recognition of Heavenly Pryncyp.

As such, what he was doing could merely be considered as stealing Heavenly Pryncyp’s power.

The user of such stolen power could never escape the backlash. Under normal circumstances, the
recoil wouldn’t be harmful.

After all, an advanced phase God Realm cultivator’s body was nourished by spiritual energy all year
round, enhancing their body to be several folds more robust than a mortal’s.

Since Jonathan was currently bereft of vitality, the backlash could be fatal.

That was why he found himself caught up in the desperate situation even though his Pryncyp of
Strength had already recovered.

Despite the weak vitalities provided by the soldiers, Jonathan managed to endure the backlash after
killing dozens of them.

Gazing at the three severely injured Grandmaster Realm cultivators in mid-air, Jonathan expanded his
spiritual force field, creating a few giant spiritual energy hands to capture those people and drain their

Although adopting that method of recuperating while battling would cause him to suffer a constant
backlash from Pryncyp of Strength, he could rapidly replenish his vitality.

Unexpectedly, just as the three cultivators flew toward Jonathan, a powerful blade’s glint streaked
across the sky from afar, closing in on Jonathan.

It was a God Realm expert!

Facing such an attack in his current state, Jonathan figured he couldn’t withstand the hit even with the
aid of the mysterious bronze handbell.

He gave up on seizing the three cultivators at the last minute and retreated to avoid the blade’s glint.

The attack struck the ground, leaving a one-meter-wide and several-meter-long trench on the

A cultivator with a buzz cut and wielding a sword with both hands landed in front of Jonathan.

Propping herself up with her blade, the cultivator slowly looked up, revealing her delicate facial
features. Unbelievably, the newcomer was a woman.

Jonathan regarded the female cultivator with a cold and wary gaze while she casually waved her arms.

“Jonathan Goldstein? You look different from your wanted poster,” she chirped, resting the long sword
on her shoulder.

He sized her up. She was approximately one point seven meters tall, and although she wore a
camouflage combat uniform, her outfit failed to conceal her voluptuous figure.

Shifting his eyes upward to her countenance, he noticed her exquisite facial features. She had a
delicately arched nose, cherry lips, and slender brows. Despite her unconventional buzz cut, Jonathan
thought she could’ve debuted as a celebrity on the spot.

The only setback was the expression in her large eyes. The intense murderous intent that filled her
eyes overshadowed the charming smile on her face.

As gorgeous as she might be, no one would focus on the appearance of a girl like her.

Jonathan unleashed his spiritual sense to envelop her entirely.

She showed no signs of putting her guard up, allowing him to probe into her freely.

Her hands bore the calluses of a diligent cultivator, and her tense legs belied her seemingly lax stance,
as she was, in fact, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

Jonathan realized she was actually someone ruthless!

The female cultivator glanced down at her chest. “Jonathan, you’ve been using your spiritual sense to
examine my body. Are you checking my capabilities or my figure? Do you want me to take off my
clothes so you can get a better look?”

Her lighthearted and teasing words prompted him to be slightly taken aback. Then, he asked with a
smile, “Are you the person in charge of this army? I never thought it would be a woman.”

“What’s wrong with being a woman?” she retorted, flipping her long sword. “Our only duty is to kill, so
why does our gender matter?”

Jonathan slowly backed away while shifting Heaven Sword to his front. “Is that so? Why do I have a
feeling you can’t kill me?”

“I think I can!” The woman smirked. She gripped the handle of her sword with both hands and crouched
down. “Asura! Interesting!”

A cold glint flashed as she swung her razor-sharp weapon, a sword longer than an average person’s
height, at Jonathan.

“Go!” With a flick of his finger, Jonathan sent Heaven Sword charging toward the woman’s face.


The woman deflected Heaven Sword with her blade, but as the sword spun away, Jonathan slightly
curved the corner of his mouth upward.

With a gentle stomp, a wall of earth rose before him like a barrier.

The woman waved the long sword in her hand, shattering the earth wall.

However, behind the wall, a massive chessboard expanded, buffeted by the wind.

“Divine Chessboard!”

Jonathan made some hand seals, willing the chessboard to slam downward, trapping the female

He knew he was in no condition to confront her head-on. Even a single exchange of blows would be
too much for him to handle.

Sensing the binding power of the Divine Chessboard, the woman shouted to the cultivators behind her,
“Restrain him!”

Unfortunately, her command was a split second too late.

Heaven Sword had already pierced through the body of a cultivator—the one who was proficient in
Wooden Escape techniques.

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