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The Legendary Man Chapter 964

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-By then, the Remdikian military forces had already figured out a
Chanaean cultivator was hiding within their rear.

Moreover, Remdikian military forces had also recorded Jonathan’s conversation with Asura’s Office.

Once the translation was completed, all the Grandmaster Realm military officers found out who
Jonathan really was. Hence, they started going after him.

Those short-range missile vehicles were considered strategic weapons. If Jonathan were to destroy all
twenty of them, those military officers would be kissing their military careers goodbye.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was in a gruesome battle.

Due to his lack of vitality, his movements were slower than usual.

Although he wouldn’t be harming himself if the battle were to go on, he still couldn’t break through the
cultivators’ line of defense.

As a matter of fact, there were times when he had his enemies restrained, but when he was about to
deliver the fatal blow, another cultivator would show up to force Jonathan into retreating.

Seeing how things were going, Jonathan couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

On the other hand, the opposing cultivators were getting more and more confident. Before this, we
heard rumors saying how strong Jonathan was and how he had killed plenty of Remdikian cultivators
on his own. Now, it seems like his cultivation level is only slightly above the Grandmaster Realm. As
long as we can stay in sync, there’s no way Jonathan can break through our defense, let alone destroy
the missile vehicles.

At that point, everyone knew Jonathan’s weak physique suggested something bad had happened to
him. However, that didn’t stop anyone from giving it their all to kill him.

After all, there was still a bounty within the Western Army, and whoever it was who captured Jonathan
was entitled to a wish from the tsar.

Initially, everyone thought such a glorious reward would only be given to a military officer in the God
Realm. To their surprise, Jonathan was right in front of them.

Although they didn’t tell each other what to do, everyone was going all out with their attacks, hoping to
be the first person to take Jonathan down.

Facing those relentless attacks, Jonathan’s expression was turning grimmer by the second. The missile
vehicles are already in position! They’ll only need to lock on to their targets before launching those
missiles. I’m running out of time!


Jonathan struck his Heaven Sword on a huge shield in front of him. Before he could make his next
move, three blades were already right in front of him.

Although the bronze handbell could defend Jonathan at any time, Jonathan could still suffer internal
injuries if he were to forcibly fend off the moves of three Grandmaster Realm cultivators in order to kill
one Grandmaster Realm cultivator. With my current vitality, I might really be in danger if I were to suffer
internal injuries.

Left with no other choice, Jonathan kicked the shield violently and leaped into the air before those three
blades could reach him. He then landed in an open space ten meters away.

While panting lightly, Jonathan glanced at the enemies before him. I want to use Earthly Escape to
jump over them and destroy those missile vehicles. However, I’m out of Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.
Earthly Escape is an exhausting spell, and I could end up burying myself underground. Since the
beginning, I’ve noticed that no matter how the Remdikian cultivators changed their formation, a few of
them remained in the same spots. At the same time, I know that the roots of the grass underneath my
feet are as resilient as steel wires. That means one of the cultivators knows Wooden Escape, and
that’s very effective against my Earthly Escape.

Right then, those initially defensively-minded Remdikian cultivators had figured out what Jonathan was
trying to do. Therefore, they approached him in a coordinated manner.

Just as Jonathan was contemplating using the move he had in mind, a burst of spiritual energy soared
into the air right behind everyone.

A God Realm cultivator! Jonathan glanced in the direction of the incoming enemy and turned around to
run in the opposite direction.

Jonathan had hoped that all the Remdikian God Realm cultivators had been sent out to carry out the

However, it would be foolish for the Remdikians not to leave a God Realm cultivator behind to lead
such a large troop of soldiers.

Jonathan knew that he was in a bad shape to go up against a God Realm cultivator.

The only way he could live was to abandon his beliefs and replenish his vitality.

Since the Remdikian cultivators were all busy guarding the missile vehicles, the other military vehicles
were left defenseless.

With that knowledge, Jonathan suddenly rushed into one of the vehicles and started killing everyone in

“What?” The Grandmaster Realm cultivators were all stunned when they saw that. Why is Jonathan
killing all the mortals? Is he doing that because the Remdikian God Realm cultivators are here? Is he
venting his frustration on those mortals because he knows he can’t get close to the missile vehicles?

Little did they know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Upon sensing the life force in the vehicle decreasing rapidly, one of the Remdikian military officers
swung his long sword to unleash a slash of sword energy toward the top part of the vehicle.

The roof of the vehicle suddenly exploded, and Jonathan was seen standing on the vehicle with
Heaven Sword in his grip. Needless to say, he had countered the sword energy unleashed by the
military officer.

At the same time, Jonathan was holding a dried corpse of a Remdikian soldier in his left hand.

A lot of cultivation methods were recorded in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

There were even records of Dark Art, like what Ryan cultivated, which used humans as a way of
replenishing oneself.

Jonathan merely comprehended it when he came across that evil method, and he had never used it.

That kind of method of using others as a way to replenish oneself was against the rule of nature, and it
belonged to the evils. Hence, such a method wasn’t tolerated by the world.

Jonathan had never expected that he would one day need to sacrifice others to replenish himself.

He then tossed that dried corpse aside, and it instantly broke into pieces upon dropping to the ground.

At that moment, there was a faint glow in Jonathan’s gaze, but he didn’t seem like he had recovered.

There were thirty-two Remdikian soldiers in that vehicle.

Yet, absorbing the vitality of those people wasn’t even enough to make up one percent of the vitality
Jonathan was lacking.

Jonathan felt as though he had just had a drop of water after days of walking in the desert without

Hence, he was feeling utterly restless after getting a taste of the vitality he absorbed from those

“H-He’s absorbing our soldiers’ life forces!” a military officer shouted in fear upon seeing the dried
corpse on the ground that seemed as though it had been left out in the open for centuries.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had already dashed toward the second vehicle. I need vitality to replenish myself!
Although I’m going against my Cor, I don’t have any other choice! Charleigh must live for future battles.
I can’t let those short-range missiles be launched!

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