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The Legendary Man Chapter 963

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-Jonathan’s communication device had one of the highest authority
settings in Asura’s Office.

Although Hades had completely taken over the matters of Asura’s Office, Jonathan could still see all
the commands and updates sent out by Asura’s Office.

The ear-piercing sirens meant that they were all strategic-level deployment information.

With a solemn expression on his face, Jonathan keyed in his password. There, he saw a string of
commands and updates sent out by Asura’s Office. In fact, it was as though his device had been
infected by a virus because lines of commands and updates were popping up non-stop on the palm-
sized device.

Some of the updates read: Eastern Army’s medium-range missiles are ready.

Shusonna Army has assembled and entered Merania.

Zaidham Army’s fighter jets are moving toward Merania.

Mysonna Army has deployed its elite military agents.

Dark Special Forces of Asura’s Office are entering Merania.

Charleigh and Ksana are alive.

Lines of commands and reports kept popping up on the screen.

Jonathan felt as though he had been struck by lightning, and he froze on the spot. In order to get out of
Remdik, I curled up into a ball inside the small trunk of the military vehicle for two days. Who would’ve

known so many things could happen within two days? I didn’t expect Remdik and Chanaea to have a
war in Merania!

“They’re still alive,” Jonathan muttered to himself in relief. That was the report Sirius had sent just ten
minutes prior. I don’t know how Sirius ended up joining the battle formation of Asura’s Office, but it
looks like it’s a good thing.

“I’m Jonathan. If you can hear me, Sirius, tell me your location and the current situation.” Jonathan
switched on his communication device fully. Everyone in Chanaea, who was on the public channel, was
stunned when they heard Jonathan’s hoarse voice.

“Mr. Goldstein is back!” Dorian’s rough voice rang out, and he sounded extremely thrilled.

In fact, all the higher-ups of Asura’s Office felt utterly relieved when they heard Jonathan’s voice.

“Where are you now, Mr. Goldstein? All we need is one word from you and—”

Dorian wanted to say something, but his speech was interrupted by Jonathan.

“Get lost and go back to defending the northwest defense line. I’m not here for small talk!” Jonathan
yelled into the communication device. “I’m now right behind the Remdik military forces, and I can see
them getting ready to use their short-range missiles. Give me your location now!”

“It’s me, Sirius,” Sirius uttered in a deep voice. “I’ve already shared my location with everyone. Kane is
on his way to get me. Ksana, Charleigh, and Number 1 are all heavily injured. If Ksana and Number 1
don’t get treated soon, they’ll most probably die. Now, we’re dealing with three Remdik God Realm
cultivators. One of them is in the middle phase, and the other two are in the beginner phase. For some
reason, I think they’re merely stalling. They aren’t using their full strengths. Yet, we can’t seem to shake
them off. It looks like they’re waiting for assistance.”

Assistance? Jonathan looked at the dozen Grandmaster Realm military officers surrounding him and
realized something. He then immediately turned toward the row of short-range missile vehicles that had
been assembled.

“Run!” Jonathan’s voice trembled when he shouted into the communication device. “They aren’t waiting
for support. They’re waiting for missiles! Short-range missiles!”

Sirius and the others were confused when they heard Jonathan’s words. Kings of War of Asura’s
Office, on the other hand, gasped instantly.

“Mr. Goldstein, how many short-range missiles does the enemy have?” Hades asked anxiously.

Jonathan looked in front and answered, “Twenty!”


No one knew if it was due to the lengthy confrontation or if Remdik had given the orders, but the
moment Jonathan reported the situation to Asura’s Office, a gunshot from somewhere far away was


Almost instantaneously after the gunshot, a sound similar to a bell ringing rang out next to Jonathan.

The bullet bounced off the shield formed by the bronze handbell and hit the military vehicle next to it.

After that gunshot, the surrounding Remdik cultivators seemed to have received the signal to attack,
and seven to eight cultivators were seen rushing toward Jonathan.

Jonathan gently tapped on his foot, and a short blade appeared. After that, his silhouette flashed, and
he charged straight toward the missile launch base.

“I’m going to try to destroy the missile vehicles, Sirius! You must distance yourself from those Remdik
cultivators!” Jonathan ordered.

“I can’t! They’re all over us—”

Before Sirius could finish his sentence, Hades was heard saying, “Sirius, you must distance yourself
from them! The short-range missile’s explosion range can reach up to about five hundred meters!
Although you’re a God Realm cultivator with the capability of forming a spirit shield with your spiritual
energy, you’ll still get heavily injured if you’re within a hundred meters of the explosion. If you’re within
fifty meters of the explosion, you’ll die! The current intelligence information shows that there’s only a
thirty meters margin of error for these Remdik short-range missiles. Now that they have twenty missiles
coming your way at once, they’ll rain down on you and the others! Run while you still can!”

Hades was direct with his words, and Sirius didn’t say anything in response. Instead, only the sounds
of intense fighting could be heard from the communication device.

Sirius’ voice was only heard once again around ten seconds later. However, he wasn’t talking to Hades.

“Severus, please bring the injured out of here. Even if we die, you must keep moving forward!”

“Cyprus, I’m afraid I need you to fight alongside me.”

Everyone in Asura’s Office felt their hearts skip a beat when they heard those two sentences.

With the information Jonathan had provided, everyone knew very well what the forces of Remdik were
about to do.

Therefore, Sirius was practically choosing death when he decided to stall those three Remdik

At the same time, everyone knew that the Blackwood family could’ve just stayed out of it entirely.

“Sirius!” Jonathan reached out to catch the massive axe thrown at him by a cultivator before sending it
flying away with a kick. “I owe the Blackwood family a huge favor!”

“There’s no use in saying that,” Sirius answered. “I’m not ready to die yet, so you better destroy those
missile vehicles now!”

“I’ll try my best!” Jonathan bellowed through gritted teeth.

At the moment, Jonathan’s vitality was low. Although he was filled with spiritual energy, his movements
were still restricted.

In other words, he couldn’t perform properly.

As he was countering the attacks thrown at him, Jonathan clearly knew how to counter every move, but
his movements were slower than usual. What I need the most now is to replenish my vitality!

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