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The Legendary Man Chapter 962

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-Although a missile vehicle sounded like nothing special, in truth, it
was a heavy hitter among a country’s weapons. Pairing short-range missiles with a damage radius of
less than a thousand kilometers, in particular, with such missile vehicles could significantly increase
maneuverability and range.

Even if one had incredibly skilled special agents or an impressive intelligence network, there was no
way to pinpoint the launch base’s exact location, thus drastically reducing the possibility of the missiles
getting intercepted.

There were less than fifty such mobile short-range missile launch systems in Chanaea, and weapons
like that would usually be hidden in top-secret military bases. Hence, Jonathan had not expected to see
one there.

As he calculated the time he had entered Merania, a trace of doubt flashed across his eyes. Something
doesn’t add up. Based on how fast this military vehicle was going, the convoy would’ve only traveled
less than a thousand kilometers into Merania. To Merania, however, this distance is nothing as serious
as someone infiltrating deep into their hinterland. It’s impossible that Remdik would mobilize their army
with such fanfare solely to attack Merania. More precisely, there’s no way Remdik would want to do so.
After all, forefathers of various countries mapped out the military strategy across the continents of
Aploth and Epea with their blood, sweat, and tears. Merania is an indispensable buffer zone between
Remdik and Chanaea. When you look at it that way, there’s no need for Remdik to attack Merania.
However, that only makes this situation even more puzzling. If one is to launch short-range missiles
here, the missiles won’t even get past Merania’s borders. So, what are they hoping to achieve with
this? Is there another threat within the country that only these short-range missiles can destroy?

He was watching the missile vehicle slowly being set up and hesitating about whether to seize the
chance to escape when he heard two men in military uniforms walk over to the trunk. The pair lighted
their cigarettes while chattering away.

Jonathan was exasperated when he heard them speak Remdikian. If I knew I’d be in this situation
today, I would’ve made every effort to become proficient in Jetroinian, Remdikian, and the West
Region’s language when I was still living comfortably at the Goldstein residence back in Yaleview. If I
had concentrated on my studies, I wouldn’t be completely clueless about what they’re saying now.

As he lay inside the trunk, he decided he would find an opportunity to sneak out from his hiding place
as soon as the two military officers left, then use the extrication technique to get out of there.

While he waited, however, the conversation between the two military officers as they watched the crew
setting up for the launch of the short-range missiles caught his attention and left him slightly stunned.

Although he could not hear them clearly, he could catch small snippets, and two names leaped out at
him—Ksana and Charleigh!

A tradition in Remdik dictates that newborns can only be given names from a few dozen options. That’s
why if one calls out Ksana’s name in Remdik, over a dozen girls would probably respond. However,
Charleigh is a name from Rodunst. Although some people from Rodunst study abroad in Remdik, what
are the chances that these military officers would mention those two names together? It has to be

In an instant, Jonathan pieced together everything he had gone through over the past few days and
formed a conclusion that was not too far off from the truth. Charleigh and Ksana must’ve already
arrived in Merania. If my guess is correct, that’d be a reasonable explanation for the large-scale
mobilization of troops in Remdik’s western war zone. As for these short-range missiles, they may very
well be an attack on the pair! Does that mean the war has started?

As that thought crossed his mind, he could not contain himself anymore. His force field burgeoned in
the blink of an eye, causing the trunk to split open. The surrounding military officers were so shocked
that they scurried away.

The others gaped in horror at Jonathan, who looked emaciated like a mummy, and pointed the guns in
their hands in his direction.

Meanwhile, the two military officers attempted to flee when they suddenly found themselves trapped
inside what seemed to be a large, invisible palm and dragged over to Jonathan.

Wearing a stony expression, Jonathan demanded, “Speak! What’s going on? Why did you mention
Charleigh and Ksana?”

He tightened his spiritual energy around them and stared coldly at the two men who were on the verge
of suffocating.

The two Remdikian military officers struggled while suspended in midair, but they were mere mortals
and no match for Jonathan.

As for whatever they were babbling in Remdikian, Jonathan could not understand a word of it.

Suddenly, three dull thuds rang out. Looking up, Jonathan saw that three Grandmasters had leaped
forward and landed before him.

“I’m Giovanni, chief of the hundred-and-ninth garrison in Remdik’s western army base. We’re carrying
out an attack. We’ve previously communicated with Merania and obtained permission, so please
release my men.”

At that moment, Jonathan looked worse for wear as he had used too much of his vitality to heal his
internal injuries. Even Josephine, who shared a bed with him, would not necessarily have been able to
recognize him in that state, let alone the Remdikian military officers who had never met him before.

As for Giovanni and the rest, they immediately assumed Jonathan was a cultivator from Merania.
Thinking they were getting stopped because they had trespassed onto Merania territory, the men

quickly explained who they were.

Seeing that Jonathan made no response, one of the other military officers repeated what Giovanni had
said in Meranian.

Jonathan surveyed the trio. Then, he expanded his spiritual sense to envelop everything within a
hundred-meter radius inside his mind.

In the distance, numerous waves of spiritual energy were approaching their direction after sensing the
intense surge of spiritual energy in that area.

According to Jonathan’s observation, those men were Grandmaster Realm cultivators and posed a
certain level of threat to him. Despite that, he knew that with his skills in Earthly Escape, they would not
be able to stop him if he decided to run.

“Does anyone here know how to speak Chanaean?” he asked coldly.

Upon hearing his question, the trio’s expressions shifted drastically, and they drew out their weapons.
Our army is in the war zone with Chanaea now. We’re only waiting to unleash an initial wave of attacks
with the short-range missiles before moving in at full force. But now, a Chanaean cultivator has
suddenly popped up in the rear!

All the Remdikian soldiers present felt very tense.

As more and more figures appeared, Giovanni briefly explained the situation to the newcomers. Soon,
a dozen Grandmaster Realm military officers began moving into their positions with grim expressions,
separating Jonathan from the missile vehicle not far away.

As Jonathan observed their movements, the ominous feeling in his heart intensified.

With a slight turn of his wrist, he was suddenly holding Asura’s Office’s communication device for
individual combat in his hand.

As soon as he put on the earpiece, a series of shouts and calls rang out continuously.

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