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The Legendary Man Chapter 960

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With a roar, Karl wielded another two weapons when he saw the three men lunge toward him.

Vigorous spiritual energy spread across the vicinity with Karl at the center. The energy provided by the
Spirit Rejuvenating Pills coursed through his meridians into his limbs and bones.

His energy was so intense that his enemies felt like they had dropped into deep waters when they
entered his force field.

Karl completely disregarded his life when he released the energy from five Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.
Under his control, the power from the pills was maximized to the extent that the three cultivators felt
trapped in a cobweb, unable to move forward.

A setback like that could quickly turn the tables in the combat between elites.

A slight delay in the enemies’ advancement was enough to give Karl sufficient time to react.

The situation progressed swimmingly for Karl since they had entered his domain. With just a step, he
positioned himself in front of the cultivator who had just lifted his fist to launch a punch.

Their blade and punch collided before passing by one another as blood spurted out.

Karl retreated and moved to stand before Charleigh again, but his spiritual sense showed a massive
axe and fist landing on his spirit shield.


The backlash of the impact and spiritual energy ate into Karl’s meridians.

Karl, who was in mid-air, lost control over himself and felt as though his body was severed into
hundreds of pieces.


He fell to the ground and tumbled more than ten meters into the distance until he hit a wall by the road.
Upon impact, he twitched and squirmed in pain, wanting to stand up again but to no avail. Alas, he
couldn’t even move his finger.

Potent and pure spiritual energy kept flowing from his flesh, but he could not move a muscle, for he
could no longer sense his spiritual energy—he had been decapacitated.

The spirit shield he planted shrank slowly within his field of vision while Charleigh and Ksana lay on the
ground, waiting for death to descend upon them.

In the end, I still failed…

Karl opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he ended up coughing up blood.

Petrov glanced at him coldly, stating, “You lost.”

Then, he raised his axe again and swung it at Karl’s skull, but before the axe could even touch him, an
explosive noise reverberated in the air.


Following a roar that sounded like a beast’s cry, the axe was knocked to the ground by an enormous
beast’s skull.

Above the skull appeared the shadow of a humongous beast with a swine-like face and sharp teeth.

When the remaining two cultivators from Remdik saw that the beast was protecting Charleigh, they
stormed over to launch an attack, but to their shock, the beast fended off their strikes with just a slight

They could not believe their eyes. An unknown spiritual weapon actually managed to easily deflect full-
force attacks from two God Realm cultivators without even taking a dent.

This is such a powerful defense weapon!

Startled, they gazed into the sky toward the north only to see three figures approaching swiftly and
landing in front of Charleigh in less than a second.

The tall and thin man with a hammer on the left was Cyprus Blackwood, while the short and plump man
on the right, who looked at the beast behind him once he landed, was Severus Blackwood, also the
beast’s owner.

Between them was a dashing man with a long spear who had a stern look on his face. It was none
other than Sirius, the third elder of the Blackwood family.

He was panting heavily because he had rushed all the way here to assist his comrades. In fact, he
would not have made it if Zachary had not given him the Dark Special Forces’ equipment before he left.

“Now, who’s up for a fight?” Sirius challenged as he looked at the three fighters from Remdik, swinging
his spear.

“So, are you guys from Asura’s Office?” Petrov asked in disgust as he stared at the members of the
Blackwood family.

To the Remdikian cultivators, Asura’s Office was merely a department run by mortals and had no
longer than three years of history.

Not even the powerful families within Chanaea would take such an organization seriously.

However, at that moment, they actually had the audacity to hurl threats at the Remdikians. What
perplexed them more was that the organization seemed to have an abundance of God Realm

In fact, such a strange situation had filled the three cultivators with an indescribable sense of defeat
and exasperation.

“I bet you’re not from Asura’s Office. We assess our enemy’s ability before carrying out any military
operation. If Asura’s Office truly consisted of that many God Realm cultivators, our higher-ups wouldn’t
have only dispatched three fighters here. So, speak up. Who are you?” Petrov interrogated.

“We are Chanaeans!” Sirius exclaimed as he gradually lifted his spear, pointing directly at Petrov’s

“We’re taking them with us and will kill anyone who gets in our way.”

With that said, Sirius turned to Severus on the right.

“Take them with you. That man, too.”

“Right away,” Severus replied to his brother.

Eyeing his enemies warily, Severus went over to Karl and used his spiritual energy to pick him up
before retreating.

Meanwhile, the translucent beast rose from behind Sirius, securing Charleigh and Ksana in its belly,
and turned to leave.

The Remdikians fell into deep thought as they watched their targets being fetched away and thought
about the chances of winning the fight.

Sirius and his powerful team aside, the spiritual weapon that could move on its own was enough to
deter them, not to mention Petrov was the only one who had not sustained any injuries from their
earlier combat with Karl and Ksana.

This meant the cards were stacked against them if Sirius and his men were to attack, but when they
thought about the cameras on them that were recording how they were letting Charleigh go right under
their noses, they knew they were bound to face severe repercussions once they return to Remdik.

As they were hesitating if they should take action, Savannah’s indifferent voice suddenly rang out from
their communication devices.

“Do away with yourselves in Merania if any of you let Charleigh go.”

The three men stiffened at those simple and straightforward words.

Although Savannah was currently at Kremalos Palace in Saspiuburg, she was still aware of the
development of the entire situation.

That could only mean one thing—they were being watched from the very beginning.

Knowing the tsar was keeping tabs on them, the three men charged toward Sirius without hesitation.

Sirius responded almost instantly, brandishing his weapon in response to the sneak attack.

His black spear reflected a glint of light before transforming into a fine line that struck Petrov’s axe.


The pressure concentrated on the small surface area blasted Petrov away, sending him flying tens of
meters into the distance.

Then, Sirius slightly repositioned his body and flung his spear toward the cultivator with a sword,
making a clashing noise.

At the same time, Cyprus raised his hammer to repel the other cultivator with gauntlets.

Holding his spear, Sirius ordered with murderous intent in his eyes, “Kill them, Cyprus!”

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