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The Legendary Man Chapter 961

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-Meanwhile, in Kremalos Palace, Saspiuburg, the tsar stared blankly
at the scene unfolding before him, his expression devoid of emotion.

Seated on either side of the tsar were Remdik’s military advisor, Ivanov, and Savannah, the head of the
intelligence department for the western region.

“What are Geraldo and his men doing? How could they lose when there are three of them against
two?” Savannah stood up; her teeth clenched as she stared at the large screen, her tone full of

Her family had always had a tense relationship with Ivanov’s family, which was the main reason the
tsar appointed her to work for him and oversee affairs in the western warzone.

The goal was to create a balance between the two families, but Savannah felt utterly humiliated as the
troops of the western warzone suffered frequent defeats in front of the tsar and Ivanov.

She would have ended Geraldo’s and his men’s lives out of sheer vexation had they not been
separated by thousands of miles.

Meanwhile, Ivanov, sitting on the left side of the tsar, was carefully gauging the tsar’s reaction.

As Savannah reached for her communication device with the intention to issue new orders to Geraldo
and his men, Ivanov, who thought that it was almost time, intervened.

“Forget it, Savannah. They’re no match for them,” he said, his tone measured.

“What do you mean, no match?” Savannah paused and sneered. “You’re not here to enjoy my
misfortune, are you, Ivanov? Don’t forget that if Charleigh and Jonathan are taken away, and Asura’s
Office mass-produces cultivators of the Grandmaster Realm, the eastern warzone will be the first to be

affected. Not even your four big regiments will be able to withstand the attack if war breaks out at River

Ivanov glanced at the tsar, who had yet to state his standpoint, and immediately understood the latter’s

He got up from his seat and flashed a smile at Savannah.

“You’ve misunderstood me. What I meant was, no matter how hard you try to pressure Geraldo, given
the current situation, he and his men are no match for those two cultivators from Chanaea.”

“That’s impossible.”

Savannah wanted to argue on behalf of her subordinates, but Ivanov’s next words silenced her

“Savannah, do you know what that illusory spirit animal is? It’s called a soul weapon. It’s a technique
that involves imprisoning demon beasts who have turned sentient or the souls of cultivators and
refining them into spiritual weapons. This technique has been lost throughout the ages. Only The
Untouchables possess such an ancient weapon now. All I can say is that The Untouchables from
Chanaea have started to get involved, and they are very strong. Geraldo and his men might have had a
chance if they were at their peak, but they’ve exhausted most of their mental energy after two rounds of
battle. They’re no match now.”

Savannah stared at the wretched state of Geraldo and his men on the large screen.

“Untouchables my ass. They’re just cowards hiding in a corner…” she said through gritted teeth,
seething with frustration.

As Savannah spoke, a hint of mockery flickered in Ivanov’s eyes.

“Savannah, your position in Remdik has been secure since your birth. Given your sheltered life, it’s
understandable that you’re not aware of certain things. Do you know why Chanaea, despite being
surrounded by the West Region, Remdik, and Jetroina, has managed to expand its territory so greatly?
The military of Chanaea was a disorganized mess before Asura’s Office took control. If our nations
were to go to war, do you not think that Remdik could have easily taken over Chanaea? Why do you
think we, the Remdikians, have worked so hard to keep Merania as a buffer zone and avoid conflict
with Chanaea at all costs?”

Savannah wanted to refute, but was at a loss for words.

“The hidden sects and The Untouchables of Chanaea should not be underestimated. How do you think
they have managed to defend such a vast territory with just a few God Realm cultivators? You are still
young and inexperienced, Savannah.”


Savannah was livid when Ivanov sneered contemptuously, but before she could say anything in retort,
the tsar rose from his seat.

“Have Geraldo and his team follow Charleigh, mark their location, and inform the Divine Wind Army to
launch an attack,” ordered the tsar before leaving the room.

Savannah didn’t dare utter a word.

It was clear that the tsar intended to use Geraldo and his team as a target for heavy artillery, wiping out
everyone within the target range.

As the tsar left the room, Ivanov grinned at Savannah.

“Issue the command, Savannah. If this drags on, those three might not even be able to provide their

With that, Ivanov left the room. At that moment, Charleigh’s fate rested in Savannah’s hands, and
Ivanov wanted no part of it, regardless of the outcome.

Standing alone in the vast room, Savannah stared at the enormous screen in front of her, letting out a
deep breath after a few seconds.

Then, she issued two orders.

The first was directed at Geraldo and his team, instructing them to engage the enemy, keep Charleigh
in sight, and await backup.

The second order was for the Divine Wind Army, gathered in Merania, to launch a short-range missile
attack at Geraldo’s coordinates, with the only requirement being to cause extensive damage and

For Remdik, it was imperative that Charleigh be eliminated at all costs.

Meanwhile, in the vast grasslands of Ibiville, two hundred miles north of Kushburn, a massive army of
hundreds of thousands of soldiers had just gathered and was making its way down south.

When they received the order to stop, the young and inexperienced soldiers, armed to the teeth, looked
out of the canvas of their military trucks in bewilderment.

Jonathan, who was lying in the trunk, breathed a long sigh of relief.

The fact that the army had halted meant that they had reached their destination.

Although Jonathan had no idea about Charleigh and didn’t understand why Remdik had conducted
such a massive mobilization of troops to Merania, he was relieved to know he was one step closer to
Chanaea now.

He would be able to evade Remdik’s pursuit as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Moreover, it would be relatively easier for Asura’s Office to come to his aid since they were currently in
Merania. The situation was advantageous for him.

Just as Jonathan was planning his escape route, the soldiers on his military truck began to disembark
as if they had received a mysterious order.

Peering through a crack in the trunk, he was stunned by what he saw.

A missile vehicle was slowly lowering its support structure to land on the ground about a hundred
meters away.

“Remdik’s short-range K11 missile…”

Jonathan stared in disbelief at the missile vehicle.

“What in the world are the Remdikians planning?”

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