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The Legendary Man Chapter 958

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-Watching the flames engulf the three Remdikians, Karl kept away his
weapons and dashed forward again.

The balls of fire faded as the napalm bomb transformed into droplets of fire that rained down from the
sky. Three bolts of spiritual energy could be felt quaking in the air when the three cultivators from
Remdik shook off the inflammable residues on their spirit shields.

“D*mn it! Surround him from both sides. Let’s see how many more tricks he has up his sleeve,” the
burly man fumed, looking at the other two beside him.

With a roar, he lifted his massive axe and leaped up while the other two cultivators who were with him
darted frontward diagonally.

Knowing how formidable those three people were, Karl was struck with fear when he sensed their
movement behind him.

One might be a God Realm martial artist, but it would take an advanced-phase God Realm cultivator
significant effort to exterminate a beginner-phase cultivator of the same realm within a short period
without the use of some special tactics. Not every God Realm cultivator could single-handedly wreak a
crushing defeat on their peers as Jonathan did since they fundamentally belonged to the same realm,
albeit in different phases.

The only difference that set them apart was their spiritual energy, so there was no way one could kill
the other before the other’s spiritual energy was depleted completely.

In light of that, the prospects were grim for Karl now that the three cultivators were pursuing him in
three different directions.

Even if Karl were more powerful than them, he could only fight one of them at a time.

The remaining two enemies would simply need to bypass his defense to eliminate Charleigh without
any obstruction.

What should I do now?

Karl’s mind raced as he thought about a way out but to no avail in the face of the enemy’s concerted

“Die!” exclaimed the strapping guy as he hurled his axe across thirty feet in Karl’s direction.

Quickly, Karl wielded his shield to protect himself from the axe as he slid backward, taking advantage
of the momentum of the flow before running off.

That split moment was enough for him to devise a plan.

He would stand a chance of winning if he fought three in one place instead of separately since the
latter situation would be less predictable for Karl.

He figured he should go to Charleigh first so the enemy could not reach Charleigh without going
through him.

With that thought in mind, Karl leaped forward from the ground in a light movement, but his adversary
seemed to have comprehended his scheme when they closed in on him from both sides faster than

Just like that, a race commenced between the four God Realm fighters in the town of Kushburn.

“I can’t hold any longer, Kane! When are your men coming? I need support here!” Karl yelled as he ran.

Kane was equally anxious on the military helicopter.

“Half an hour at least! Hang in there, Number 1!”

“Are you serious? There are three f*king God Realm fighters here!” Karl cursed furiously, knowing full
well that dealing with three martial artists was beyond his capability.

The truth was he could have taken down one of them, but warding off three in one go was just
impossible for him. Even if he could reach Charleigh in time, it did not mean he could protect the latter
from the three martial artists if they attacked him together.

This is just impossible! Should I just take Charleigh and Ksana with me and leave the four
Grandmasters behind? I might still be able to stall the Remdikian cultivators for a bit if I were to distract
them by fleeing. Or should I bring Charleigh without Ksana? She might have made significant
contributions, but Charleigh must live to ensure Asura’s victory.

Karl’s thoughts were a mess, sending a wave of spiritual energy that even the four people ahead of him
could feel from hundreds of meters away.

Judging from the force of the spiritual energy they sensed, it would only take the enemies a few
seconds to catch up with those ahead of them.

When Karl saw that his enemies were just tens of meters away, he clenched his jaw and shouted an
order in the communication device, “You guys come over and stop them. Hand Ksana and Charleigh
over to me!”

Karl could feel his heart stop and his chest tighten as he voiced the words, for not even thirty martial
artists of the Grandmaster Realm could stop three Divine Realm fighters, let alone four Grandmasters.

His order was no different from giving the four Grandmasters a death penalty.

Still, the four martial artists ahead of Karl did not hesitate when they received the instructions.
Following a tap under their feet, they sprang backward, passing by Karl as they charged toward the
Remdikian cultivators.

Soon, Karl sensed a ripple of intense spiritual energy from behind. Before he could breathe, two heavy
thuds were heard, accompanied by a deadly explosion of spiritual energy vibrating out in waves.

Karl stared ahead, his eyes blank and unfocused when realization about what had happened dawned
upon him.

He could not believe that the two Grandmasters who carried out his order without an ounce of
hesitation had just self-destructed.

As Grandmasters, they could well have become kings of any region in the world, but they chose to
sacrifice their lives without any hesitation to buy Karl some time.

Still, Karl had no time to dwell on that thought, for he had just caught up with Charleigh and the rest.

Seeing that Karl had arrived, the remaining two Grandmasters maneuvered their spiritual energy to
send Charleigh and Ksana to Karl.

“Bring them back safely, Number 1. You shall not let us die in vain.”

With that said the two cultivators propelled themselves backward behind Karl.

“No… No…”


Karl fell to the ground on his knees when he heard the two deafening explosions that followed the
cultivators’ departure.

“This cannot be…” Karl muttered as he slowly placed Charleigh and Ksana on the ground using his
spiritual energy before clenching his fists so hard that they dug into the rocky ground beneath him.

“This shouldn’t be happening… I didn’t even get to know their names…”


While Karl was still caught in guilt, three figures landed behind him. It turned out that the three
cultivators were unharmed by the explosions induced by the four Grandmasters when they self-

“I wonder if you Chanaeans are stupid. It’s funny how you’re willing to sacrifice your lives for a lost
cause,” sneered the middle-aged burly man, Petrov Babanin, while slamming his axe on the ground.

“Shut up!” Karl thundered as he stood up again.

His body quivered in fury when he saw the Grandmasters’ blood on their weapons.

Those Grandmasters were trained by Jonathan and summoned to the service of the Dark Special
Forces in an emergency at the eight major war zones under Karl’s command.

Together, the four made up half of Asura Office’s elite soldiers and were seen as irreplaceable assets,
but all of them were vanquished within less than half an hour.

Their deaths agonized Karl so much that he felt something exploding from within him as if it was about
to shatter his body into pieces.

“I made a mistake at Northern Crimson Prison. I should’ve been the one who died, but I lived. The four
cultivators who sacrificed today would still be here if I hadn’t sent them to their deaths! I should’ve been
the one to die!”

Feeling his entire being spasming in grief, Karl clutched his chest so tightly that he almost tore it apart.

“I deserve to die! All of you deserve to die! We should all die here together!” Shrieking, Karl picked up
his palm-size shield, flung it into the ground, and drove it deeper into the ground with his foot while
exerting a forceful blast of spiritual energy.

Rays of energy shone from his body together with the fluorescent glow from the half-buried shield,
forming a beam of light that surrounded Charleigh and Ksana like a shield.

With his sword in hand, Karl glared at the three cultivators as his eyes turned blood red.


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