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The Legendary Man Chapter 959

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-Following a loud roar, Karl turned into an afterimage and sprinted
toward the strong middle-aged man, Petrov.


The axe and sword clashed, giving off a surprisingly dull thud. A three-inch crack had crawled across
Karl’s sword upon impact.

At the sight, Karl swiftly dodged his attacker with his palm resting on the tip of his blade before slashing
Petrov in the neck.

“Your time is up!” he pronounced.

In response to the attack, Petrov let go of his axe and extended his left arm to turn his bracelet into a
spiritual shield that blocked Karl’s sword, catapulting it away when the two weapons clashed.


The sword slit Karl’s palm, and blood gushed forth, but Karl summoned his blood into a projectile
motion and smeared the enemy’s shield, blocking Petrov’s field of vision.

At the same time, the ground cracked beneath them in an explosion, but Karl was not deterred. He
appeared behind his enemy in a swift movement and plunged his broken blade into Petrov’s heart.

Yet, the other Remdikian cultivator with a long sword appeared out of nowhere and knocked off Karl’s

Karl quickly grabbed the sword and summoned his spiritual energy, creating clouds of energy that rose
from his palms to form armor.

Still holding on tight to his rival’s sword, Karl jerked it backward in a strong tug and booted the man in
his groin.

“Take this!” he exclaimed as his right foot lodged between the man’s thighs.

Two of them bounced back at the force of the contact, but Karl managed to land on all fours and
immediately pounced forward again like a beast.

Then, Petrov took aim at Karl’s head and swung his axe at it.

“He’s lost it! He’s just trying to stall us!” Petrov cried out, swaying his axe repeatedly in the air to
counteract Karl’s continuous attacks.

Frustrated as he was, Petrov knew it was not time for him to get carried away by his impulses, so he
looked at his two partners and ordered, “Our mission is to kill Charleigh. There’s no point wasting our
energy on this psycho. Go kill them!”

Now that Petrov had exposed Karl’s plan, his two allies took a final glance at Karl and turned to chase
after Charleigh and Ksana, who were utterly defenseless since one had been stripped of his cultivation
and the other was plagued with injuries.

They would not be able to survive the attacks of two God Realm cultivators and could only accept their

Although the shield was planted in the ground before them and was still in protection mode, no one
was there to control it.

Under such circumstances, the spirit shield wouldn’t be able to last for long.

With all odds in their favor, the cultivator with a sword landed before Charleigh and Ksana with a smirk
and flung his sword at the shield.


Charleigh and Ksana were stunned when they saw the spirit shield shake slightly, but fortunately, it did
not break.

Following the first attempt to break the shield, the other cultivator raised his fist and dealt a full-fledge
punch at it, but the shield managed to stabilize after a glowing flicker.

“How can this be? The spiritual shield shouldn’t still possess such power without support from spiritual
energy!” exclaimed the Remdikian cultivators with a frown.


Just as the two cultivators were confused, Petrov’s voice suddenly rang out behind them.

Following his voice, the two cultivators sensed the fluctuations of spiritual energy behind them, and
their faces turned pale.

The instant they dodged to the side, Karl was already beside the shield, holding on to it with his two
arms. His raging spiritual energy was so intense it was as if he was on the verge of losing control.

It was then that the three Remdikian cultivators realized something was amiss. The spiritual energy
from Karl’s body did not rise to the sky but instead seeped deep into the ground.

To learn what was going on, they maneuvered their spiritual sense and dove underneath Karl’s feet.

Their expressions changed when they realized Karl’s spiritual energy was forming something like a silk
belt attached to the shield embedded in the ground.

It dawned upon them that Karl had been continuously channeling his spiritual energy to the shield,
although he appeared to have lost his mind and had given up on protecting Charleigh and Ksana.

They thought Karl must have gone berserk since he completely ignored the blood flowing from
underneath his mask and continued transferring his energy to the shield.

Although such energy transmission was doable as long as it fell within the scope of ability of a
cultivator, it would drain the person massively since a stable transmission required at least three times
the spiritual energy taken by the weapon itself.

Moreover, the biggest drawback of doing so was that one’s spiritual energy would need to be
constantly connected to the weapon in order to control it.

The cultivator would experience the first-hand impact through their meridians in the case of an attack
against the weapon.

Hence, the two attacks launched by the Remdik cultivators on the shield just now had indirectly inflicted
harm upon Karl, disrupting the spiritual energy within his body.

Not only would that cause him severe injury, but it could also wreck his energy field entirely, leaving him
disabled for the rest of his life, but all this meant nothing to Karl, who no longer cared about his life. He
was ready to face his demise.

After the deaths of the cultivators from the Dark Special Forces, the guilt and grief that Karl was
experiencing had turned into desolation and murderous intent that dominated his whole consciousness

Right at that point, Karl’s consciousness was in the combined state of sheer rage and lucidness. It was
a strange phenomenon.

His sensitivity to his surroundings was heightened, just like what happened to Ksana after she guzzled
down a whole bottle of Holy Blood.

Now that he was in a state where he had complete control of every minute element of his spiritual
energy, blood, muscle, and bones, Karl retrieved a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pills and threw them into his

As a God Realm cultivator, a single pill was enough to replenish half his spiritual energy, let alone four
to five pills.

Swallowing five Spirit Rejuvenating Pills in one go was tantamount to courting death. Apart from
Jonathan, only someone like Karl—someone who had lost the will to live—would be bold enough to do

The truth was, Karl had no choice because the shield behind him felt like a bottomless pit that was
sucking away every ounce of spiritual energy that he released.

He desperately needed more spiritual energy to face his foes.

At that point, his body was no longer just blood and flesh but purely a transmitter of spiritual energy.

Taking note of Karl’s relentlessness, an ominous feeling inundated the trio. This lunatic doesn’t care
about his life at all. If we don’t end him right now, he might really be able to stall for time until
reinforcements from Chanaea arrive.

“We need to end things now! Kill every single one of them!” Petrov roared as he lifted his axe as high
as he could, charging toward the shield behind Karl.

Comprehending his intention, Petrov’s two comrades launched separate attacks to break the spirit

It was intended to serve as a tool to safeguard Charleigh, but it was also a weakness that could cost
Karl his life.

A coordinated counteroffensive might not terminate Karl in this situation, but it would be enough to
empty him of all his abilities.

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