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The Legendary Man Chapter 957

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-Meanwhile, Jonathan curled himself up into a ball inside the truck’s
trunk, not knowing what was going on outside.

All he could feel was that the ride was getting bumpier.

As he took a peek outside through a small gap, he realized that he was traveling across a large plain of
golden grassland.

Only then did Jonathan know that he was in Merania territory.

However, he still dared not take out his communication device.

Nowadays, most military units were equipped with anti-reconnaissance testing equipment. His location
would be exposed in less than a minute if he were to turn on his device there and then.

Although the troop of junior soldiers consisted of mere mortals would not pose a threat to Jonathan, the
incoming cultivators who had heard the news would certainly put him in danger.

Furthermore, he also sensed several auras of Grandmaster Realm cultivators around him just a few
moments ago.

In the past, Jonathan could effortlessly eliminate those Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

However, his current haggard and weakened state would suggest otherwise. Even though he wouldn’t
necessarily be killed on the spot if he were to be besieged by Grandmaster Realm cultivators, they
would most probably be able to stall him and request support from God Realm cultivators.

Therefore, Jonathan had no other choice but to stay quietly in the trunk in order to protect himself.

Meanwhile, in the command vehicle situated in the heart of the convoy, several Grandmaster Realm
cultivators were frowning while reading the map in their hands.

“Rumor has it that the Asura’s Office in Chanaea has issued an order to open fire. We must rush to the
outskirts of Kushburn and meet up with the main force of the southern military unit in two hours. Relay
my order now and get everybody on high alert; be prepared to enter the war zone,” instructed a
bearded man in the command vehicle.

“Noted!” his subordinates responded without any hesitation before relaying his order.

Then, the bearded man furrowed his brows as he gazed out of the window.

His name was Giovanni, the chief of a garrison in the south of Ballachov.

A week ago, the entire Remdikian Western Army had readied themselves for battle.

Following Jonathan’s appearance in Ballachov, they started gathering their forces.

Initially, Giovanni thought that his troop would be mobilized for a search mission around Ballachov.

He did not expect to receive an order just three days ago to head to the south and then enter Merania.

More than ten other garrisons had also received the same instruction as his.

As the name suggested, the main task of a garrison was to guard, defend, and provide protection to an
assigned area. The duty of a garrison was of great significance in maintaining homeland security,
especially in a large country like Remdik.

Their troops had never been mobilized as such before.

In fact, when the West Epea Alliance interfered with the warfare in Central Epea a few years ago and
threatened the safety of Remdik’s west region, the western war zone in Remdik only mobilized its Deep

Sea Army and Sky Army. The rest of the garrisons located in the west had only received a level-two
combat readiness alert.

Yet, they were now deployed to the territory of Merania, which was about two thousand kilometers

It was a large-scale military mobilization. They belonged to one of the northernmost troops. As for the
soldiers from the south, they had already completed the reorganization process while making their way
to assemble alongside the rest of the armies.

All in all, everything that was going on clearly indicated that a war was coming.

Giovanni turned around and stared at the others in the command vehicle.

“Relay my order. Everyone is to get as much rest as they possibly can. We’re one of the last teams to
report at the war zone, so I’m afraid the war will have already begun by the time we get there. If we all
remain tensed up starting now, we won’t be able to last long on the battlefield. Tell everyone to keep
their ID cards secure, for that’s a guarantee that we will get to return home after everything is over.”

Giovanni’s tone was soft and gentle, yet the other commanders present felt their hearts sink.

Remdik valued and appreciated heroes. Those who managed to climb up the ladder and become
commanders were people who not only reached a certain cultivation level but also earned combat

Otherwise, no subordinates would show respect to their leaders, no matter how high the latter’s
cultivation level was.

The veterans knew exactly what Giovanni meant.

The ID card served only one purpose, which was to ensure that the remains of the soldiers who had
died in battle could be identified and sent back to their hometowns.

The fighter jets of Remdik and Chanaea were attacking each other above the town of Kushburn.

However, the top leaders of both countries weren’t paying attention to the aerial combat zone.
Conversely, they focused their full attention on the small town, Kushburn.

With the threat of the fighter jets now gone, Karl and his team emerged from underground and started
running southward.

Meanwhile, in the commercial street at the center of the town, the three God Realm cultivators
managed to escape unscathed.

More than thirty members of the Dark Special Forces got killed in the process of helping Karl buy extra
time. Alas, none of them survived.

When Karl received the news, he felt flames of anger burning in his chest.

Yet, he knew now was not the right time for him to act on his impulses and let rage get the best of him.
His only goal was to bring Charleigh back.

Kane and the Shusonna Army were currently making their way over to Karl on military helicopters to
provide assistance.

According to Karl’s estimation, it would take at most another hour until their arrival.

The only thing Karl should be doing was to stall for time.

“Keep going and don’t turn back,” he said coldly to the four members of the Dark Special Forces
standing in front of him.

“Your mission is to protect them as they move forward. I’ll do my best to buy you more time.”

Afterward, Karl’s running speed decreased significantly.

This was because just a moment ago, he sensed spiritual energy fluctuations rapidly approaching him
from the back.

After putting away his shield and long sword, Karl waved his hands and tossed multiple palm-sized
black discs into the surrounding buildings.

Then, leaping into the air, he flung more black discs in all directions. Within seconds, dozens of black
discs were launched.

Concurrently, the three people behind Karl had almost caught up with him and were only a hundred
meters away from him.

Immediately, Karl turned and left. Without the slightest hesitation, he took out a remote control using his
right hand and pressed the button.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions sounded behind Karl.

The three Remdik cultivators seemed to have walked into a minefield. No matter how they tried to
dodge it, the explosions surrounded and besieged them.

Anyhow, the explosion could only slow down their pace by a little.

Even though the remote-controlled bombs were extremely powerful, the trio did not step on any of

Therefore, the impact alone was not great enough to inflict harm on three God Realm cultivators.

When Karl sensed the drastic changes in their spiritual energy, he realized that his opponents must
have mobilized their spiritual energy to defend themselves.

With a light tap of his foot, Karl took out a napalm bomb that was half the height of a human being and
flung it behind him.

Three figures emerged from the smog of the explosion almost at the same time.

Meanwhile, Karl, who was at the front, tightened his grip on the sniper rifle in his hand and raised it


As Karl pulled the trigger, the napalm bomb instantly exploded right before the trio and transformed into
a ball of fire with a diameter of tens of meters, engulfing the three of them

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