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The Legendary Man Chapter 956

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-Although Karl’s shield was slanted into the ground to decrease the
impact of the shockwave, the moment the shockwave reached the shield, the impact still sent Karl
flying backward since he was imbuing the shield with spiritual energy. Without spiritual energy, the
shield shrank to the size of his palm.

Charleigh and the others behind the shield were also affected by the thrust force and were sent flying

“Save them!” Karl bellowed in mid-air, and the spiritual energy in his hand turned into a gigantic hand,
grabbing Charleigh.

The four Grandmaster Realm cultivators were working together to weave a large net made of spiritual
energy in the air to catch Ksana and break her fall.

“Bring them away! Find the underground air-raid shelter!” Karl shouted as he summoned his shield.

“Number 1 of Dark Special Forces, Freddie, I need a detailed map of the surrounding area!”

At this moment, Freddie had already established contact with the Eight Kings of War in Harfush.


Standing on the command deck, Freddie looked in the direction of the first team.

“First team, share a detailed map of the area within five kilometers of Number 1. Mark the nearest
underground air-raid shelter as well as the best route from Number 1’s location to the shelter right


“Gathering the map of Kushburn in Merania.”

“Determining the locations of the five underground air-raid shelters in the area.”

“Quickest route found! Sharing completed!”

A map appeared on the monitors on Karl’s and the others’ arms with a thick green line marking the
route to the nearest underground air-raid shelter less than fifty meters away.

“Four hundred and fifty meters from the southwest! There’s an underground parking lot! Quick!” Karl
yelled at the people behind him.

Upon hearing that, the Grandmaster Realm cultivators didn’t hesitate and ran toward the direction Karl
had mentioned.

Meanwhile, the fighter jet in the sky had completed its ascent, made a U-turn, and was about to dive

“Find a building to hide first! Freddie, I need you to contact Hades!” Karl shouted.

“I’m Hades. Speak.”

Hades’ voice rang out from Karl’s tactical earpiece.

“Hades, we have already retrieved Charleigh and Ksana. I want to confirm our position with Remdik!
We want Charleigh and Ksana alive, but they want to kill them! If we don’t fight them, we will all die
here!” Karl shouted at Hades. As he was speaking, two loud explosions rang out around him.

At this moment, Hades was sitting in his office in Harfush. He propped his hands on his desk while
wearing a solemn expression.

How could he not know what Karl was saying?

There were many considerations that needed to be taken into account to ensure the safety of a person
in this dire situation. However, it was extremely easy to kill a person since all the war machines, guns,
armor, fighter jets, and missiles were all developed for the sake of slaughter and annihilation.

It would only require guided missile carpet-bombing to eliminate Charleigh, like how Hades deployed
the Eastern Army before this.

If the Eastern Army’s medium-range missiles were fired simultaneously, they would be able to eliminate
the entire Merania, not to mention a few Remdikian cultivators.

However, a full-blown war would ensue if they really did that.

Despite the fact that he was determined to succeed at all costs, Hades still fell into a dilemma when he
knew that any decision he made would affect the lives of tens of thousands of people.

“Hades, you don’t have much time to make your decision.”

A short-haired girl wearing a close-fitting leather jacket was sitting across Hades, gazing at him

“An hour ago, the Zaidham Army’s fighter jets already took off and are now less than a hundred miles
away from Kushburn. If we send troops onto the battlefield now, we can subdue the Remdikian military
forces and buy time for Number 1 and the others to retreat. If we keep hesitating, even if Number 1 and
the others weren’t killed by the Remdikian fighter jets, the Remdikian cultivators will catch up to them
from behind. By then, all the arrangements you made for the eight major war zones would only be for

Hades balled his hands into fists and punched the wooden desk, breaking it upon impact.

“Leslie, do you know that the war is not a game you play on a simulator? These soldiers are not just
groups of numbers under your control! They are living, breathing human beings! If I declare war now, at
least three hundred thousand soldiers would rush into battle. Do you know how many families will be

“There is no right or wrong in war! You’re saying all that because you just don’t want to be the sinner
who gave the order! Handing Asura’s Office to you might be the worst decision Jonathan has ever
made!” Leslie stood up and glared at Hades coldly.

With that, Leslie took a deep breath before continuing, “You called me here to be your advisor, right?
Then, let me tell you. If you don’t declare war now, the Dark Special Forces will definitely be

Then, Leslie turned around and left the office.

Hades stared at Leslie’s retreating figure, and his eyes turned bloodshot.

Leslie was right.

She was an expert in strategizing and relaying orders, and he had summoned her here to help him
judge the situation on the battlefield.

Leslie had already stated her judgment.

Should I declare war? If I don’t declare war, the sacrifice of the Dark Special Forces will definitely be
inevitable. All of Jonathan’s efforts would be in vain. However, if I declare war, there is no guarantee
that we will win. Whatever the outcome, this will require the sacrifice of tens of thousands of lives.

The sound of Leslie’s heels echoed in Hades’ ears. None of the Kings of War said anything in the
public channel.

Everyone was waiting for Hades’ command.

These few seconds felt like centuries for Hades.

The moment Leslie walked out of the office, Hades’ body went limp as if he had lost all strength, and he
slumped into his chair.

“Jeremy, Western King of War, heed my command! The Zaidham Army’s fighter jets will immediately
enter the battlefield and attack the Remdikian fighter jets!”

“Understood!” Jeremy replied calmly.

Thousands of miles away in Merania, the Zaidham Army’s fighter jets, which were still escorting the
Shusonna Army, suddenly headed in the north direction with a deafening roar.

On the ground, Kane had also issued a military order to the Shusonna Army to advance at full speed.

Meanwhile, Dorian had assembled the Mysonna Army in preparation for battle.

The moment Hades gave his order, Dorian also sent a signal in the direction of Merania.

If Merania dared to make a move, he would personally lead his troops and launch an attack on the

The management of the eight major war zones in Chanaea had always known this war was going to
happen one day.

However, they had always assumed the war would only commence after they resolved the problems
regarding the Yaleview Army and the eight respectable families.

They never expected Asura’s Office’s first enemy to be Remdik because of Charleigh’s appearance

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