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The Legendary Man Chapter 955

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-“Finally! You’re here!” Charleigh shouted before laughing out loud.

All four of his limbs were cut off by Ksana after Jonathan took him from Remdik. One could only
imagine how torturous it had been for Charleigh throughout the entire journey.

However, the moment Charleigh laid eyes on Karl, he was overwhelmed by poignant emotions, feeling
as if he had finally met someone who was on his side.

Even he himself could not explain the sudden sense of belonging that inundated him.

Ksana gazed at Karl and felt a sense of relaxation take over her.

“Number 1, I have brought Charleigh here as per our master’s orders. I’ll leave the rest of it to you.”

With that, Ksana then slowly closed her eyes.

Even Karl’s arrival wouldn’t mean much to her.

As far as Asura’s Office was concerned, Charleigh was more important than her because he was a
valuable weapon they could use in the battle.

On the other hand, she had sustained serious injuries. Even if they took her with them, she would most
likely die on the way.

She would only be a burden to them if they brought her along.

As such, all she had to do at that moment was wait for death to befall her.

That was the sad reality for someone like her. When she was no longer useful, she would suffer a fate
worse than stray animals.

However, as soon as Ksana shut her eyes, she could sense several spiritual energies landing nearby
her, surrounding her.

At the same time, she could feel people approaching her, crouching down and tending to her injuries.

“She’s a God Realm cultivator, and her spiritual energy is in such a chaotic state that she can no longer
suppress her injuries. We need to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.”

“A mortal with all limbs and one ear cut off. His internal injury isn’t serious, but the external wounds
have been severely infected…”

“The injured’s left arm has been completely crushed. There’s no possibility of repair. The left shoulder
is totally shattered. She has lost a huge amount of blood and needs to undergo surgery right now.”

The four Grandmaster Realm cultivators kneeled down next to Ksana and Charleigh and began
examining their injuries, completely ignoring the three cultivators from Remdik.

Holding his shield and sword, Karl stood in front of the two of them. His spiritual energy surged wildly,
and he was ready to fight the three of them.

“Where are the rest of the God Realm cultivators?”

Although Charleigh could not understand what the cultivators were talking about his injuries, he could
tell that they were only at the Grandmaster Realm.

Karl replied indifferently, “We’re the only ones here for the time being.”


Charleigh looked at Karl in bewilderment.

“You’re the only God Realm cultivator here. How are you going to defeat the three of them? You aren’t
Jonathan, you know?”

“Who told you I’m going to fight them?” Karl took a deep breath before saying coldly, “My mission is to
get both of you out of Merania. The two of you are our utmost priorities, and we’ll do anything to protect
you, even if it means sacrificing our lives!”

The gunshot of a sniper rifle broke the tranquility in the end.

Both parties said nothing to one another. The three cultivators from Remdik charged at Karl

“Now!” yelled Karl.

The eighteen cultivators surrounding him moved their arms swiftly, and huge, golden flags appeared in
their hands.

Spiritual energy weaved in and out between the eighteen flags, connecting them. Eventually, the flags
formed a triangular cage and trapped the three God Realm cultivators inside.

Wielding their weapons, the three cultivators tried breaking the cage, but all their efforts only caused
the cage to vibrate slightly before stabilizing again.

Meanwhile, all eighteen cultivators were unleashing hand gestures while stabbing shards of spirit
stones into the ground in a particular order.

They were building the most basic energy-gathering formation.

“What are they doing?” asked Charleigh as he looked on in astonishment.

Karl turned to the two of them and said, “They’re using themselves as the foundation to form the
Summerbank Abyss trap formation to keep them in.”

As a skilled Archmage, Charleigh was naturally well-versed in formations.

Although there might be some differences between the Adrune and Aploth formations, the basics were
still the same.

One look and Charleigh could tell that the Summerbank Abyss formation was just the overlapping of six
similar formations.

The worst part of that formation was the use of humans as its foundation.

In other words, the attacks of the three God Realm cultivators might have been blocked off by the
formation, but they were actually absorbed by the eighteen cultivators who were stabilizing the

Even though the force was equally distributed, there was no way the eighteen of them could stand the
attack for long.

After all, back in Remdik, Vassily needed the help of thirty men before he could successfully trap
Jonathan in a trap formation.

Eighteen people were insufficient to trap three men.

“They won’t be able to hold on for long,” said Charleigh as he shook his head.

“That’s none of your business.” Karl then glanced at the Dark Special Forces. “If anyone fails to hold
on, there will be another person to take his place. If everyone else dies, I’m still here. As long as we’re
still around, we won’t let anything happen to the two of you!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following Karl’s words, the three God Realm cultivators from Remdik began an onslaught of attack.

In a mere matter of seconds, some of the members of the Dark Special Forces who were stabilizing the
formation collapsed to the ground.

Another Dark Special Forces cultivator would then take his fallen comrade’s place, stabilize the
formation, and withstand the attack from the three cultivators.

“Are you not done yet?” uttered Karl coldly as he stared at the few cultivators.

“First aid treatment has been completed. We can leave now!” shouted a Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

“Let’s go!”

With that, Karl shielded the two cultivators while they carried Charleigh and Ksana using their spiritual
energies before leaping into the air.

Karl gritted his teeth as he looked at the Dark Special Forces cultivators who were trying their best to
hold on.

“Please hang in there till the last moment. We need time to get away. Please!”

His words sounded cold and ruthless.

Yet, none of the Dark Special Forces members showed any sign of giving up and retreating.

They all knew how important Charleigh was.

Charleigh’s presence was not only vital to the battle at Doveston, but it would also affect the entire
Asura’s Office and the future of Chanaea as well.

They would have to endure all kinds of pain and torture even if it meant they had to kick against the

Karl turned to leave without any hesitation after finishing his sentence.

He had his own mission. Just like he mentioned earlier on, he would sacrifice himself and buy the two
of them time to escape if all of the Dark Special Forces members perished.

Just then, a piercing sound rang out in the sky. Karl looked up and saw a Remdikian fighter jet diving in
his direction.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Next, two trails of white smoke appeared underneath the fighter jet. Karl’s expression changed

“Gather toward me! Air strike incoming!”

The four Grandmaster Realm cultivators from Asura’s Office changed their course and rushed toward
Karl upon hearing his yell.

A huge wave of spiritual energy surged into the shield and instantly enlarged it to the size of a door.

Karl landed on the ground from mid-air and slammed his shield into the ground, shielding Ksana and
the others behind him.

However, as soon as his shield impaled the ground, a visible shock wave rushed toward them and
wiped out everything in the vicinity.

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