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The Legendary Man Chapter 953

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- One Versus Three

At that moment, not only was Ksana’s mouth and nose bleeding, but blood was also trickling down from
her eyes and ears.

An ordinary person would’ve lost their sense of direction in that condition. Fortunately, cultivators above
Grandmaster Realm could still rely on their spiritual sense.

Ksana closed her eyes and expanded her spiritual sense, allowing it to flow outward like a gushing

She compressed her spiritual sense, which was sufficiently powerful to cover approximately one
hundred and fifty to one hundred and sixty meters, to work only within the sixty meters radius around

Such a dense distribution of spiritual sense further augmented Ksana’s perception of her surroundings.

Although she couldn’t hear or see a thing, she could actually sense the breathing and heartbeats of the
trio in front of her in that extreme state.

Ksana’s body was invigorated by Holy Blood’s potent efficacy.

At that instant, every breath she took was rapidly exhausting her vitality.

“Something’s off with the woman. Let’s kill her!”

After the burly middle-aged man roared, all the three Remdikian cultivators dashed forward in Ksana’s


The earth shattered. Ksana’s boots, which she specifically custom-made for battle, exploded into
pieces as she stomped the ground.

Even after using Holy Blood to strengthen her body, Ksana didn’t dare to take the three God Realm
cultivators’ attacks lightly.

The tip of the blade barely grazed Ksana’s nose as she dodged to the side. The next instant, she
abruptly thrust the broken blade in her hand, colliding her weapon head-on with a pair of boxing gloves.

She ducked and slid under the massive axe blade. With both hands supporting her, Ksana booted that
muscular man’s chin with both her legs.


A dull thud rang out as the brawny man covered his chest with both hands and flew backward toward
the sky.

On Ksana’s sides, the long sword and fists swung at her again.

Brandishing all seven broken blades, she formed a sword array around her, but the incoming fist on her
left directly smashed through her sword array and crashed into her shoulder.

Ksana lost her balance and was sent flying backward. She forcibly twisted her body in midair to dodge
the long sword behind her.

However, the trio’s collaboration was impeccable. It was as if they had rehearsed their formation
hundreds of times.

As Ksana spun, the long slender sword pierced through her ribs.

While falling into that man’s arms, she grabbed the sword-wielding cultivator’s hair and headbutted him
in the face.

The sound of bones breaking reverberated. Then, she hurriedly leaped up and landed on the rooftop of
a three-story building by the street.

With a long sword stuck in her ribs, Ksana flicked her wrist to discard a large piece of bloody scalp
while holding the backpack in her left hand.

In midair earlier, she ditched her broken blade and took off the backpack.

Otherwise, the long sword penetrating her ribs would’ve also gone through Charleigh, who was inside
the backpack.

The trio on the ground gazed at Ksana in astonishment.

Sanctuary was an existence that could instill shock and a sense of oppression in everyone who had
heard of the organization.

Still, most Remdikian cultivators regarded the organization with disdain.

After all, aside from a small number of people such as Jokovich and the others, Sanctuary’s God
Realm cultivators were nurtured, like the vegetables in a greenhouse.

If twenty pairs of God Realm cultivators from Sanctuary and the outside world were pitted against one
another in a one-on-one fight, the outcome would be highly surprising, even if one cultivator from
Sanctuary could win the match.

Therefore, the trio didn’t feel the slightest pressure when facing Ksana.

Unexpectedly, she managed to severely injure one of them and tore off his scalp even when they
ganged up on her.

Although she was also stabbed, the three cultivators were still astounded.

As fellow cultivators, they understood she was at the end of her ropes, and Holy Blood was
continuously draining her vigor.

What they failed to fathom was the reason motivating her to go all out.

The cultivator, whose face was ruined and his scalp ripped off by Ksana, shrieked in agony, “F*ck! Kill
her. I’m going to kill her!”

Meanwhile, Ksana stretched out her right hand to grab the hilt of the sword stuck on her rib and
gradually pulled it out.


Holy Blood had enhanced Ksana’s perception by several folds.

Even though that could help her better control everything around her, Holy Blood’s effect also amplified
all her other senses.

Under normal circumstances, the hole in her body would’ve been a grave injury. Now that the pain was
exacerbated, Ksana felt as if someone was nailing countless metal spikes into her bones, causing her
to shudder all over.

As she pulled out the long sword inch by inch, blood gushed out continuously like a fountain. However,
the next second, she used her spiritual energy to seal the gaping wound.

“Come on!” Ksana pointed the tip of the sword at the three cultivators below and uttered softly, “Once I
kill all of you, I can go see the ocean.”

Her voice wasn’t laced with the slightest hint of anger or iciness. She merely spoke in a flat undertone.

Still, her words sent chills traveling down the trio’s spines.

Ksana was no longer bothered by her injuries.

Her indifference was a state of complete emotional detachment. Evidently, she had already made
peace with the possibility of death.

“We must accomplish our mission. Even if we die here, we won’t let Charleigh survive,” the muscular
middle-aged man bellowed.

Then, he hurled his giant axe at the building beneath Ksana’s feet while the other two cultivators
leaped into the air and attacked her.

Ksana’s body swayed, leaving a cloud of bloody mist lingering in the air before she dashed toward the
man with severe facial trauma.

She was targeting the weakest of the bunch, as she knew she had no chance of winning against all
three of them.

Nonetheless, seizing the brief window of time before they surrounded her, Ksana reckoned she could
still risk her life to take one of them down with her.

As for Charleigh, she couldn’t bother to protect him anymore.

Because of Jonathan’s words, urging her to cling to life and see all the wonderful things the world had
to offer, Ksana had brought Charleigh all the way to Merania, but she figured that she could only make

it here. I grew up among endless slaughters, so I guess I’m destined to meet my end on the battlefield.
Ultimately, I’m not fated to see the beautiful things in the world. The sun, the beaches, and the waves…

Perhaps heaven and hell truly existed, but Ksana didn’t know where she would end up after her death.
Given a chance to be reborn as a human, my only wish is to be bereft of talents for cultivation. Being
an ordinary person living a regular life seems like a pretty good option too…


As their blades collided, she reached out to grasp her opponent’s sword.

By utilizing the slight resistance met by his blade when severing her fingers, she delayed him for a split
second and slashed his neck with her long sword.

Unfortunately, right when she was about to succeed, a fist imbued with massive spiritual pressure split
the air and approached from her left, cannoning heavily into her shoulder.

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