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The Legendary Man Chapter 952

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The other two cultivators cracked their knuckles loudly as they stood on the roof behind Ksana.

Ksana held her broken blade up in front of her and gave her shoulder a little shrug to slide the
backpack down her arm.

She then pressed the blade against Charleigh’s throat as she glared at the burly man in front of her. “I
know that you guys are only here for Charleigh. I will kill him immediately if any of you dares take
another step.”

“What the f*ck is your problem, woman? You’re nothing but a slave to Jonathan! He will not hesitate to
kill you if you ruin his plans!” Charleigh protested.

The other two cultivators simply smiled at Ksana as they slowly approached her from both sides.

Frightened by their bold move, Ksana applied some pressure on the blade and caused some blood to
flow out of Charleigh’s throat.

“I will kill him for real!” she shouted coldly.

Charleigh was scared to death at that point.

“Don’t come any closer, you guys! This mad woman will really kill me!” he screamed at the top of his

“Is that so? Go ahead and kill him, then! See if we care!” the burly man in the front replied with a grin.


Ksana jumped into the air and used her broken blade to block a bullet coming from the side.

She then hurled two more broken blades at the two cultivators on both sides.

Despite it looking like a single blade, the broken blade was actually a set of seven separate blades.

Zebedee let his clones use seven to eight parts of the broken blade when fighting Jonathan, and he
was almost able to defeat Jonathan with that strategy.

While Ksana wasn’t able to use the broken blades the same way Zebedee did, she did come up with a
few tricks for it.

Ksana jumped backward using the impact of the blades clashing against each other, only to have the
men launch two more at her from the left.

Ding! Ding!

Ksana easily deflected both of the broken blades before putting them away.

Charleigh’s eyes went wide as he glared at the three men in front of them. “Are you guys not here to
rescue me?”

They weren’t aiming at Ksana when they threw those two blades! They were aiming for my head and
my heart!

Despite having his elixir field damaged and his cultivation gone, Charleigh was still an Archmage and
could clearly sense their murderous intent.

“Rescue you?”

The burly man let out a chuckle as he spun the heavy battle axe in his hands. “Our orders were simply
to prevent Chanaea from retrieving you, so I don’t see why we should rescue you!”

“That’s impossible!” Charleigh exclaimed after hearing the burly man’s words.

I haven’t stored any of that data at the research facility, so all of the data from my research is in my
head. I secretly helped Remdik produce three thousand bio-engineered soldiers before this, so that
would have altered their chances of victory tremendously. I can understand if they wanted to kill me
back then, but I’ve used up most of those bio-engineered soldiers in order to capture Jonathan and
continue my research. Jonathan has killed almost a thousand of them, so why would the tsar want me
dead? Right now, they need my knowledge and skills to create more bio-engineered soldiers! It doesn’t
make sense for them to have me killed!

After racking his brain for a bit, Charleigh realized something and told Ksana in a trembling voice, “I-It’s
not the tsar who wants me dead!”

“What are you talking about?” Ksana asked in confusion while keeping her gaze fixated on the three

Charleigh sneered at the three cultivators in front of them as he continued, “Things must be really bad
for Remdik right now. The tsar would never want me dead at a time like this. Even if he wanted to kill
me, he should only do so after I have completely fallen into Chanaean hands. You don’t even stand a
chance at defeating these three, so why would they want to kill me? It’s because I have the potential to
affect the outcome of the war in Doveston, and some people don’t want the tsar to obtain Doveston!”

Ksana hoisted the backpack over her shoulder as she said, “I don’t understand a word you’re saying,
but Master might be interested in hearing you out.”

That was when she heard a message from Dark Special Forces through her earpiece.

They told her that cultivators from Dark Special Forces were heading in her direction and were about
twenty miles away.

God Realm cultivators could cover dozens of meters in a single step, and she could cut that distance in
half by running toward them at the same time.

The ultimate battle would take place in the final five thousand meters between them.

While running, Ksana dodged an attack and chugged down the remaining Holy Blood in the bottle.

That Holy Blood was extracted from the blood of Alexievich, the Remdik Emperor, so a single sip of it
was enough to send cultivators into overdrive and greatly boost their senses.

Ksana felt as though the inside of her stomach was on fire after she downed half a bottle of Holy Blood.

Under normal circumstances, her spiritual sense would only cover a radius of up to eighty meters. With
the boost from Holy Blood, however, it was able to cover twice as much ground.

That gigantic axe has blocked off the path on the right completely, and the long sword has a sixty
percent chance of killing Charleigh…

With that in mind, Ksana maintained an expressionless look on her face as she ran toward her left side.

The long sword then flew right past her shoulder and stabbed right into the building in front of her.

Ksana then turned around and tossed a broken blade at the throat of the third guy.

The look on his face changed the moment he saw the blade. He quickly put both fists in front of him
and used his gloves to deflect the broken blade.

The three God Realm cultivators did not expect Ksana to fight back at all, so they were all confused
when they saw what she did.

“Have you lost your mind, Ksana? Do you really think you can take all three of us on by yourself?”

“I can’t. However, according to my analysis, you three could easily kill me with a well-coordinated attack
if I simply kept on running. If I fight back, I could at least make things difficult for you guys with my
boosted spiritual sense,” Ksana replied honestly.

The three cultivators burst out laughing when they heard that.

“Is that so? Sanctuary only made you a God Realm cultivator not long ago! What makes you think
you’ve got what it takes to defeat us?”

As Ksana felt the power building up within her, she clenched her teeth when she rubbed her nose and
saw the blood flowing out of it.

“This, of course!”

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