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The Legendary Man Chapter 951

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-“Our next meal? Well, I just hope this meal won’t be our last. I have
yet to complete my research. I don’t want it to end like this…” Charleigh mumbled as he munched on
the meat.

Ksana then whipped out a huge bottle of hard liquor and chugged on it before saying, “I really don’t
know what you were thinking, Charleigh. Why abandon your life as heir to the throne in Rodunst to
carry out some genetic research? Now, look where it has gotten you. Not only does your own family
reject you, but you will also only be a pawn to either Chanaea or Remdik, regardless of which side you
end up with. You have a great talent for cultivation, but you used all of it in your research instead. Sure,
you became an Archmage, but you might’ve gotten past Divine Realm long ago if you focused solely
on cultivation instead. What is it that drives you to make yourself suffer like this?”

Charleigh, who was lying on the ground, looked up at Ksana and the bottle of hard liquor as he replied,
“Let me have a sip of that hard liquor, and I’ll tell you.”

Ksana glanced at the bottle before picking it up and pouring the booze directly into Charleigh’s mouth.

After gulping down the hard liquor that he never tried his entire life, Charleigh flashed Ksana a wry
smile and asked, “Would you believe me if I told you that someone had cursed me?”

A curse?

Ksana shot him a confused look and shook her head lightly in response.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Charleigh let out a helpless sigh as he replied, “Let me put it this way. The reason behind my rapid
cultivation progress is that I am able to grasp cultivation methods quickly. It wouldn’t even be an
overstatement to say that I get this strange sensation after seeing a technique being performed once.

It’s like asking yourself what one plus one will get you. You already know the answer without having to
perform the calculation.”

“That’s why I said you’re a genius. It’s a shame you didn’t put that talent of yours to good use,” Ksana
exclaimed as she recalled the younger days of being forced to drink Holy Blood and training really

“It’s not like I wanted it! This talent is exactly what cursed me! I used to just be a guy who was talented
at cultivation, but a powerful cultivator arrived in Rodunst as a guest when I was fourteen. He told us
that modern medicine has proven genetics to be the determining factor of humanity’s development, and
he proposed that we use genetic technology to filter out all the special genes cultivators have. After
that, we could modify the genes of embryos so they’ll be born with the potential for cultivation!”
Charleigh exclaimed with his teeth tightly clenched.

His eyes went wide as though he had recalled something terrifying as he continued, “You have no idea
how his proposal opened up the doors to my research. I used to be a proud and arrogant man who
wanted to be number one in everything. When I heard that no one had applied the theory that the
cultivator proposed, I felt a strong urge to do so. I then went down the path of doing research on
genetic technology and couldn’t stop myself at all. Did you really think I never considered getting past
Divine Realm before conducting my research? Well, just so you know, one has to overcome their inner
demons in order to reach Divine Realm. Mine is the desire to perfect my genetic research, which is
clearly an impossible task!”

Ksana was a little shocked when she saw the veins on Charleigh’s forehead bulging from frustration.

She was aware of the fact that one had to overcome one’s inner demons as part of Divine Tribulation,
but she never thought it would be his research on genetic technology.

Although she had no idea what genetic technology was all about, she could understand why the ability
to produce Grandmaster Realm cultivators was an overpowered skill to have.

Otherwise, Chanaea and Remdik would not have gone to such extreme lengths just to get him.

“I may not be able to understand what you’re talking about, but I think I can relate to your pain,” Ksana
said while appearing to be in deep thought.

Charleigh shook his head. “No, you don’t. As I went down the rabbit hole of my research, I couldn’t
even bring myself to cultivate anymore. The only thing I see when I close my eyes is all the scientific
data I’ve collected from my experiments. I mean how else do you think Jonathan was able to catch
me? Given my cultivation level, I—”

Ksana grabbed her backpack and jumped toward the side before he could finish his sentence.


She had just dragged Charleigh aside when a gigantic battle axe came hurtling through the sky and
landed right where they were a second ago.

Ksana slowly wore the backpack on her back as she looked up at the sky.

Three figures could be seen descending rapidly with their parachutes open.

They turned out to be cultivators from Remdik.

“I don’t think you can escape now, Ksana!” Charleigh said with a wry smile when he saw the three
figures descending from the sky.

“Shut up! I will make sure I cut your head off if I fail to escape!” Ksana snapped at him as she stuffed
him into her backpack, leaving only his head exposed.

With her broken blade in hand, Ksana then ran off as quickly as her legs could carry her.

She could try standing her ground if she were up against a God Realm cultivator, but taking on three
God Realm cultivators at the same time was definitely beyond her capabilities.

“This is Ksana! I am currently being pursued by three God Realm cultivators! What are you guys doing
over at Asura’s Office? Hurry up and send reinforcements over!”

Ksana was clearly unhappy with Asura’s Office.

It has been almost four hours since I revealed my location! As quick as Remdik may be to act upon that
information, they shouldn’t be faster than Chanaea! Why is it that they beat our guys to us? Does
Chanaea not care if Charleigh and I make it out alive?

Little did she know, she was in that situation precisely because Asura’s Office cared too much about
their survival.

Hades had Zachary contact Sirius the moment he found out about her location.

Karl who was now Number 1 had led the cultivators from Dark Special Forces on a mission to rescue
Ksana and Charleigh.

Because they had headed out in advance, they were halfway there when they received the update on
her location.

As such, they had to change their course and rely on military helicopters or other means of land
transport to quickly get to her.

Things were different for Remdik, though. Their men were all in their military base when they received
the information on Ksana’s location.

Therefore, they just had to board their helicopters and head right over. Although they were farther
away, they were able to get to her much faster than those from Asura’s Office.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The three figures cut off their parachutes when they were close enough to the ground and landed on
their feet. They then launched themselves in her direction at such high speeds that they only left
afterimages of themselves behind.

The muscular guy from the trio shattered the roof of a house as he stomped hard on it and disappeared
from sight. The next thing Ksana knew, he had reappeared in front of her.

“Hand Charleigh over, and we will consider sparing your life!”

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