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The Legendary Man Chapter 950

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- Attack And Defend

This day would surely go down in history for Merania as it received notices from Chanaea and Remdik
almost simultaneously.

Both countries were about to enter Merania from the north and south, and they would go to war the
moment they encountered any resistance in the country.

That would have been an extremely humiliating experience for any country in the world, but Merania
chose to put up with it and even let both forces through its borders without any resistance whatsoever.

In fact, Merania even went as far as having all of its armed forces fall back.

Merania promised Chanaea and Remdik that it would neither interfere with their military activities nor
take either side in this conflict.

In return, Chanaea and Remdik would have to stay out of Merania’s cities and refrain from hurting its

If either of the two forces were to break that rule, then Merania would immediately side with the
opposing side.

The rest of the world had their eyes on Merania after the statement was released.

Merania was basically letting Chanaea and Remdik use its land as a battlefield.

Being a weak country with no allies, that was all it could do in such a dire situation.

In less than five hours after Merania released that statement, the Remdik army of one hundred and fifty
thousand men marched into Merania.

Kane, too, wasted no time leading Shusonna Army of one hundred and seventy thousand men into
Merania from the southern border.

He understood that this mission was not a show of strength, but a true war against Remdik.

Given how valuable Charleigh was, the side that managed to secure him would gain the upper hand in
future battles.

This battle between Chanaea and Remdik was originally fought at River Onxy of Doveston, but it had
become a global issue after getting Aploth and Epea involved.

As such, Kane’s mission was not only to retrieve Charleigh but to also hide him from all the other
countries before they discovered him.

Regardless of the side that successfully recovered Charleigh, the opposing force would not try to kill
him even if they failed to capture him.

Just as Hades had planned, if Shusonna Army lost the battle or encountered resistance from Merania,
then Yalegard Legion would head over and back them up.

Mysonna Army would also infiltrate Merania from the southwest border and go straight for its capital

Zaidham Army’s air support and Eastern Army’s guided missile carpet-bombing were meant to
eliminate Charleigh if they failed to retrieve him.

Before the Chanaean and Remdik forces encountered each other, two other battles were already
taking place.

The first battle was an information warfare waged by Intelligence Unit of Asura’s Office’s Dark Special

In this day and age, there were tons of information warfare methods in existence, including hacking
battles, espionage warfare, and intelligence warfare.

Even before Shusonna Army left, Dark Special Forces of Asura’s Office had teamed up with Eastern
Army’s Intelligence Bureau to launch an all-out attack against Remdik.

Zedfield’s Intelligence Bureau participated in the information warfare as well, providing Chanaea with
an unprecedented level of consistency in the intelligence gathered.

They all had a single goal—to cripple Remdik’s chain of command.

The other battle was being led by Karl, who had become Number 1, and Sirius of the Blackwood family.

Despite how mighty the huge army looked, its large size also made the advance much slower.

While Shusonna Army and the general troops were charging ahead at full speed, it would take at least
one and a half days for both forces to encounter each other as Merania was a really huge country.

Therefore, it would be wise to have the high-level cultivators from Grandmaster Realm and God Realm
fight each other before that.

Once the outcome of the battle between high-level cultivators was confirmed, the two forces would be
able to determine if they should attack or defend.

That would allow them to quickly make adjustments to their strategies.

Meanwhile, Ksana was having some snacks in a small town in Merania.

Everyone in the area was dead, though.

There were four corpses lying next to the stall she was snacking at.

Ksana’s face had blood splattered all over it as she munched on the snacks.

As for Charleigh, he no longer looked like the gentleman that he used to be.

Desperately running for his life throughout the past few days had taken a huge toll on him. As if that
wasn’t bad enough, Ksana chopped off his limbs, which added to his torment.

Because Ksana only applied some very basic bandages to his wounds, the wounds on his limbs got
infected and were oozing pus.

Fortunately for him, he was a God Realm cultivator and had further strengthened his body significantly
through spiritual energy modification.

Otherwise, he would’ve succumbed to his injuries and died a long time ago.

He was in such bad shape that he no longer wanted to resist Ksana at all.

Despite her beautiful appearance, Ksana was an extremely brutal and cold-hearted monster.

It wasn’t her fault that she turned out like that, though. Ksana used to look forward to things like gazing
at the sea, strolling along beaches, and napping on grassy plains.

Of course, those were simply childish wishes that she had when she was little.

Ksana’s views toward the world began to change when she was six, and it only got worse after
Sanctuary trained her to become a killing machine.

Having grown up in Sanctuary, chopping Charleigh’s limbs off was child’s play for her.

Ksana could do much crueler things to him without even feeling the slightest bit of guilt or remorse.

After all, she believed that the losing side had no rights to anything.

“Shouldn’t you be running, Ksana? The fact that these four men discovered you indicates that more
cultivators will be coming here soon! The longer you continue to snack away, the less likely you are to
make it out alive!” Charleigh urged her while staring at the residents, who were watching them from
their windows.

He had lost so much weight throughout the past few days that people could barely recognize him.

Ksana had a huge plate of roast beef laid out in front of her.

“Running won’t do us any good if they already know we’re here. We might as well fill up our stomachs
before worrying about them,” she replied nonchalantly while shoving a huge chunk of meat into her

She then held another chunk up to Charleigh’s mouth as she continued, “You should eat more. We
don’t know when we will be able to have our next meal.”

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