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The Legendary Man Chapter 949

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-The look on Kane’s face changed the moment he heard that.

However, before he could say anything in response, Hades continued, “I will send Merania a notice
regarding the war in the name of Asura’s Office. It is to inform them that we have no intention of
invading them as we only wish to bring our people back. Charleigh will determine the direction of our
war against Remdik, so I am sure they will try to stop us from retrieving him. Merania won’t dare help
either of us, so we should just have them watch silently from the side. You need to give Merania a
warning when our army enters the country. Tell them that we will not invade their land as long as they
do not open fire upon us. If they try and stop our army, however, we will assume that Merania is on
Remdik’s side and declare war upon them as well! Is that clear?”

“Yes, I understood…” Kane replied reluctantly.

Hades shot him a cold glare as he said, “Remember this, Kane. The objective of this mission is to
retrieve Charleigh and increase the number of high-tier fighters in Asura’s Office. The point of this is to
prepare for the war against Remdik in the near future. If you screw this up by doing anything other than
what you’ve been told, my next order will be to have you executed!”

Kane shuddered when he saw the terrifying look in Hades’ eyes.

Karl’s cultivation level was the highest among the Eight Kings of War, but Hades, who had taken
Jonathan’s place, was undoubtedly the most vicious one.

While most people don’t actually mean it when they say they’d have someone killed, I know for a fact
that Hades here wouldn’t hesitate to give the order!

With that in mind, Kane quickly puffed up his chest and promised, “I will definitely complete my

“Go on, then. Use everything you’ve got to bring Charleigh back,” Hades said calmly before ending the

“Dorian, have Mysonna Army begin organizing its troops. All soldiers are to eat and sleep in their
vehicles. If Shusonna Army runs into any resistance in Merania, Mysonna Army is to be mobilized
immediately to assist them. Hayes, I want Eastern Army to have a third of its long-ranged guided
missiles locked onto all cities in Merania that are level two and above. If Mysonna Army is mobilized,
you guys are to carpet-bomb every single one of those cities. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir!” Dorian and Hayes both responded in unison before heading off to carry out their orders.

“Jeremy, Mysonna Army’s defenses will be weakened once they are mobilized, so Zaidham Army will
have to cover for them while they are in battle. Have your men ready for battle at all times.”


“Andy, Yalegard Legion is to monitor the situation in Yaleview at all times and be ready to support
Shusonna Army if necessary.”


“Terrence, Southern Army will continue with their transportation duties. We need to make sure that we
keep Doveston’s supply lines up.”

“Got it.”

As the screens on the display went black one after another, Hades and Zachary were the only ones

“Is there anything Guardian Army can assist with, Hades?”

“Guardian Army doesn’t have to do anything at the moment. If any of the other forces run into any
trouble, we’ll send them over as backup.”

“Yes, sir.”

Zachary was about to get up and leave when Hades called out to him again, “Zachary, try contacting
the Blackwood family again. Their guys should be picking Mr. Goldstein up by now. Ask them if they
could help escort Charleigh as well.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Zachary said and walked right out of the control room.

Hades breathed a huge sigh as he sank into his chair and stared at the monitors around him.

“You would be much more suited for this position, Mr. Goldstein.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan was hiding in the back of a military truck and using it to head south.

Having been hunted down for over two thousand miles, even someone as tough as Jonathan was
extremely exhausted.

He went underground after leaving Ballachov and headed south for over two hundred miles. It wasn’t
until he had run out of Spirit Rejuvenating Pills that he came out of the ground.

While spiritual energy was the purest form of energy and could be absorbed from nature, it only
provided Jonathan with the strength to keep fighting. As it did nothing to nourish his body,

Jonathan withdrew the vitality from his limbs and focused on using them to repair his internal organs.

Given how skinny and weary Jonathan looked, it would be tough for the other cultivators to identify him
even if he were standing right in front of them.

A cultivator could have all the spiritual energy in the world and still collapse if they were lacking in

If one were to compare that with a car, the spiritual energy would represent the fuel inside the gas tank.
Even with a full tank of fuel, the car wouldn’t be able to go very far if its other parts were all damaged.

As such, Jonathan had no choice but to sneak into the storage compartment of a military truck.

Although he didn’t speak Remdikian, he could clearly see that they were having a meeting to discuss
their battle plan.

According to the marks made by one of the generals, it became obvious that they were headed in
Merania’s direction.

Jonathan’s injuries weren’t all that severe, but he knew he would not survive an encounter with
Remdik’s God Realm cultivators.

Fearing that he would be discovered by the Remdikians, Jonathan didn’t dare use any of his
communication devices throughout the journey.

As such, he didn’t know that Ksana had already made it into Merania, let alone the fact that the battle
between Chanaea and Remdik was going to take place there.

On the other hand, God Realm cultivators of Remdik from the western war zones had started entering

They tried to capture Jonathan so that they could trade him for Charleigh in case Asura’s Office beat
them to it.

With Ksana and Charleigh’s locations revealed, however, Remdik decided to go straight for the root of
the problem instead.

After all, they knew all too well the risks and costs of hunting Jonathan down.

The storage compartment of the military truck that Jonathan was lying in was narrow and
uncomfortable, but he was glad that the truck hadn’t stopped since it departed from Remdik.

If this truck continues on at this speed, I should be able to arrive at the border of Merania in about half
a day. After that, I’ll have Kane and his men meet up with me and bring me back.

With that in mind, Jonathan closed his eyes and began plotting his escape plan.

Meanwhile, Sirius and two other God Realm cultivators from the Blackwood family were standing atop
a mountain less than five miles away and watching the convoy as it passed.

“Hey, Sirius! We can’t just sit around and do nothing now that we’re in Remdik! How about we attack
the convoy below?” a burly man asked coldly.

Sirius shook his head lightly in response. “We are here for Jonathan, not to lay an ambush. Besides,
Charleigh is our top priority right now. We cannot afford to waste even a second on anything else.”

“What should we do, then?”

“Come on. Let’s head over to Merania!” Sirius replied as he headed south without any hesitation

He was moving so fast that everyone else could only see afterimages of him. The other two God Realm
cultivators from the Blackwood family could only sigh in disappointment as they shot the convoy one
final glance before leaving.

Little did they know, they had just missed Jonathan, who was hiding in one of the trucks below.

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