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The Legendary Man Chapter 948

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-Almost immediately after Ksana pressed the communication device,
the green light on it lit up.

“This is Intelligence Unit of Asura’s Office’s Dark Special Forces. Please repeat your personal

A faint smile spread across Ksana’s face as she looked at the communication device in her hand.

Those strategic-level communication devices, operating on a global scale, were directly connected to
satellites. Hence, the manufacturing cost of the devices and communication charges were extremely

The only possibility for the other party to respond right after she took out the communication device
was that they had also been trying to establish contact with her via the satellite.

“I’m Ksana, Jonathan Goldstein’s servant,” she reiterated into the communication device. “Following my
master’s orders, I’ve been heading south with Charleigh and have now reached the checkpoint at
Merania. I don’t know if anyone is pursuing me. Please provide me with assistance at once.”

Meanwhile, pandemonium reigned in an underground base in Harfush as every member of Dark
Special Forces’ Intelligence Unit panicked.

Among them, a pale-faced young man wearing a leather jacket and gold-rimmed glasses repeatedly
listening to Ksana’s audio recording.

A girl ran up to the young man and asked, “What should we do, Mr. Lopez?”

As Dark Special Forces’ Intelligence Unit, the group held almost all of Asura’s Office’s confidential

The names Charleigh and Ksana might not ring a bell in others, but those members of Intelligence Unit
couldn’t be more familiar with the duo.

The two were the reason behind Jonathan’s disappearance in Remdik. The mobilization of all Asura’s
Office’s staff members was also for their sake, including the direct transfer of the young man into Dark
Special Forces’ Intelligence Unit from Doveston.

At that moment, thousands of spies from Chanaea had infiltrated the southern region of Remdik’s
western territory. All of that happened because of Jonathan’s mission to bring Charleigh back.

The young man adjusted his glasses and pressed a button on the table.

“Everyone, I am Freddie Lopez, the newly appointed acting team leader of Dark Special Forces’
Intelligence Unit.”

Freddie’s clear voice rang out from the speakers and reverberated inside the room.

The chaotic members of Intelligence Unit quieted down instantaneously and shifted their attention to
Freddie, who was standing in the middle of the hall.

In less than three months since Freddie met with Jonathan and boldly took out the former head of
Terrandya’s intelligence department to take over the position, Freddie had almost reconstructed the
entire Doveston’s intelligence network.

Now, he was even appointed as the chief of one of the highest-level intelligence centers in the whole of

The twenty-six-year-old young man’s experience was nothing short of legendary.

Under the watchful eyes of over a hundred veterans in the intelligence community, Freddie showed no
signs of panic.

“From now on, I will take full control of Dark Special Forces’ Intelligence Unit. We’ll activate the wartime
contingency plan and temporarily filter out all information below Grade A. According to the contingency
plan, everyone will be divided into three groups. Gavin Xenakis will lead the first group as the
temporary leader. This group’s responsibilities are to track down Ksana’s device and liaise with
Merania’s intelligence community. Ensure that any information Asura’s Office requires is gathered
within one minute. Bear this in mind, Gavin. If it takes more than a minute to collect any piece of
information needed by Asura’s office, the person liable for the delay will face severe punishment!”

Facing the parachuted acting team leader, Gavin, who was nearly forty years old, merely fell into a
momentary daze before responding loudly, “Understood!”

Then, he turned to the crowd. “According to the contingency plan, all first group members will follow my
command. We’ll start by gathering all military-related intelligence within Merania, including roads,
railways, air transport, and situations at army garrisons. Also, establish contact with the head of Asura’s
Office’s Eight Kings of War, Hades.”

A group consisting of almost thirty people started to get busy after Gavin barked the orders.

The remaining staff waited for Freddie’s subsequent instruction. He turned to a middle-aged woman
sitting in the corner.

“Mandy Youngblood will be the second group’s person in charge. This group will ensure real-time
communication with Eastern Army is established and also handles the plan to mobilize soldiers at
Southern Army. There are two main focus areas from where intelligence needs to be collected. The first
is River Onxy, and the second is Yaleview. Do you understand?”

“Understood.” Mandy got to her feet and said, “Let’s get to work, members of the second group!”

Then, Freddie turned around to look at the girl beside him.

“Ximena Longbottom, you’ll handle the third group. The remaining staff members will be yours to
command. Your group will handle the responsibilities of sorting out the rest of the intelligence and
prioritizes the communication between Asura’s Office’s eight major war zones, get it?”

Ximena gazed at Freddie in a daze.

She was also a newcomer and had only recently joined Dark Special Forces. Yet, she was now
assigned by Freddie to undertake the role of the leader of the third group. As a result, she felt a little

“Will I be capable of handling this responsibility…”

Freddie stared at her indifferently. “If you can’t do it, leave Dark Special Forces.”


She didn’t expect Freddie to utter those words without any hesitation. After being stunned for a few
moments, she took a deep breath, spun on her heels, and strode toward the rest of the staff members.

“Dear seniors, I am now taking charge as the leader of the third group. Our task is to filter out all the
intelligence below Grade A. Time to work.”

Subsequently, the entire intelligence team was silent except for the clatter of people typing on the

Every war was fought by comparing the resources, wealth, and intelligence possessed by the parties

Intelligence warfare might not involve any gunfire, but losing it could result in tens of thousands of

Freddie scanned his surroundings before retreating into his office in the corner of the room.

He never thought he would one day play a pivotal role in a battle.

At the same time, in the headquarters of Asura’s Office, Hades was looking at the other Kings of War
on the big screen.

“Gentlemen, I believe you’ve all received the updates from Dark Special Forces. Mr. Goldstein’s fate is
currently unknown after he went to Remdik to seize Charleigh. Now that Charleigh has appeared within
Merania’s territory, we must bring him back no matter what.”

“Hades, just let us know whether we’ll be going to war,” Shusonna Army’s Thunder King, Kane, uttered
in a deep voice.

The war fanatic had been assigned to the most peaceful Merania border and growing restless over the
past three years.

Even Zaidham Army’s Jeremy, who was stationed at Yorksland, would encounter the occasional
conflict despite sharing a border with a small Southeast Aploth country.

On the contrary, as the world’s largest landlocked nation, Merania’s authorities couldn’t be more

Even when Kane took the initiative to provoke them with his troops, the Meranians didn’t resist and
even offered them flower wreaths, rendering Kane unable to throw a tantrum even if he wanted to.

That opportunity was the best time for Kane to start a war. Hades studied Kane with a poker face and
pondered for about ten seconds before speaking.

Hades studied Kane with a poker face and pondered for more than ten seconds before speaking.

“Kane, don’t think I’m clueless about the thoughts going through your mind. I suggest you quit
harboring any crooked ideas if you don’t want to die. Merania serves as a buffer zone between Remdik
and us. This arrangement has been in place for over a hundred years and must not be broken
prematurely. Nevertheless, I allow you to mobilize Shusonna Army to march into Merania’s territory this

Kane’s eyes gleamed after he listened to Hades’ words.

However, before he could celebrate, Hades’ voice rang out again. “Having said that, you aren’t allowed
to fire a shot in Merania unless absolutely necessary. Do you understand?”

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