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The Legendary Man Chapter 946

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-Both Vassily and Jokovich cornered Jonathan.

To survive, he had to choose which opponent he would face and which one to leave for Heaven Sword
to deal with.

Due to his extreme speed, Jokovich was the obvious choice to face Heaven Sword.

However, Heaven Sword was too slow. In its prior encounter against Vassily, it did not succeed after
the first time it caught him off guard and severed his arm.

In other words, Heaven Sword could only serve as a diversion against Vassily at best due to the vast
amounts of energy it had used up.

Everything Jonathan had planned was aimed at stirring up psychological warfare between his two

He wanted them to think Vassily was the one chosen to face Heaven Sword to prevent the latter from
reaching him.

Only in this manner could a formidable fighter like Vassily be distracted by the blade to allow Jonathan
the opportunity to gain the upper hand.

Though the arrow looked harmless, it had once harmed Jonathan.

If not for his timely handling of the poison imbued on its tip, he would not have survived it even with his
Pryncyp of Strength replenishing his reserves.

With Vassily’s Kore broken, how else will he fight this?

Vassily examined the wound on his chest. Despite being quick enough to dodge Jonathan’s strike and
avoiding a fatal stab to his heart, the poison from the arrow was swiftly spreading through his body.

The wound had turned into a bruise the color of mud.

Once the poison was in his system, it spread even quicker. It was beginning to take over his lungs.

Without hesitation, Vassily drew a dagger and cut out a chunk of flesh the size of his fist from the
wounded area.

Vassily smiled bitterly when he saw the black blood oozing out of him.

“After laying low all these years, I can’t believe I’ll fall by your hand.”

Having once been a Divine Realm cultivator in the absolute phase, Vassily knew how dire his condition

It was a simple matter to survive such a poison. All he had to do was master a certain type of Pryncyp
of Strength.

Employing the absolute phase Pryncyp of Strength as a sieve, he could purge even more potent poison
than that out of him.

Where would I go to find a complete Pryncyp of Strength to treat myself right now?

“I never expected such a vicious and calculated maneuver from someone as young as you, Jonathan.
Even in my death, you will know no peace.”

Vassily laughed coldly and, with a light step, bounded toward Jonathan.

A bell chimed. Jonathan took the strike, then burrowed underground.

“Stay where you are!”

Vassily let out a fierce roar and slammed his right hand onto the ground, causing his spiritual energy to
flow into the earth, solidifying it.

This old man mastered Earthly Escape too?

Sensing the immense change taking place beneath his feet, Jonathan became astonished.

Then, he noticed something awry.

The soil structure over the entire plot would have changed if it was an escape technique. However, the
earth beneath my feet did no more than harden. Did he use his spiritual energy to send out a force field
to freeze the earth?

Upon considering that possibility, he mobilized his Pryncyp of Strength and stomped hard on the

True enough, as his Pryncyp of Strength flooded downward, the spiritual energy force field beneath his
feet shattered, and the earth regained its original state.

Executing the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, Jonathan swiftly sank into the earth.

Heaven Sword, which had been busy dueling Jokovich in the distance, dissolved into an afterimage
and went through the ground, landing securely in Jonathan’s grasp.

“Get out!”


Feeling the violent tremors behind him, Jonathan hastened his descent.

Vassily was livid.

After decades of waiting for a chance at recovery, he had captured Jonathan only to let it slip through
his fingers.

Naturally, he was beside himself with fury.

Locking his spiritual sense onto Jonathan, Vassily slammed the ground with his fist.

Clods of earth were sent flying in every direction as the ground shook. Like an excavator in human
form, Vassily dug a crater several meters across and close to thirty meters deep in a matter of seconds.

For all his rage, he was still a man who eventually succumbed to the immensity of the earth.

Starting off with gaining several meters of depth from a single swipe, he ended up with less than half a

Vassily dug slower the further down he got.

When he finally regained his senses, Jonathan’s aura had long since disappeared from both their
spiritual sense.

Once again, Jonathan had escaped under the noses of the Remdikians.

Jokovich stood at the edge of the crater, silently gazing down at Vassily.

As a member of Sanctuary, he knew all too well what would entail after being pierced by the arrow.

Vassily, the legendary cultivator of Remdik, is going to die today. This crater seems appropriate as a
metaphor for the grave he had dug himself.


He let out a sigh.

Due to the vigor with which he had dug, the spread of the poison within Vassily was exacerbated.

Following a light cough, Vassily’s vision began to blur.

Gazing up at the opening of the hole, Vassily leaped out reluctantly.

His spiritual sense enveloped everything, yet he could no longer see Jokovich, who stood several
meters away.

“Any last words, Sir?”

Jokovich was about to leave but decided to speak up instead when he saw Vassily’s blackened eyes,
ravaged by congested vessels.

Vassily was shivering. In response to Jokovich’s words, he shook his head lightly.


Staggering and trembling, Vassily sat down at the edge of the crater.

His aura was weakening rapidly. Plunged into complete darkness, his vision was the first to go, with his
hearing following suit.

The roars of the jets high above became faint crackles in his ears before fading away completely.

Out of the clear sky, three figures came rapidly into view. Their parachutes opened when they were a
hundred meters out, slowing their descent. Once they were forty meters away, they cut the cords of
their parachutes and landed at the airport.

A military helicopter came behind them, hovering at a low altitude from the outskirts of the airport.

Three figures leaped off the carrier. They were the ones who had heeded Jokovich and went to rescue
Oscar, who Jonathan had buried alive.

Given that there were fewer than ten God Realm cultivators in the Western Army of Remdik, six had
gathered there. It was evident how much the tsar valued Jonathan.

Surrounding Jokovich, the newly-arrived cultivators gazed down at Vassily. They knew he was not
going to make it.

“Did Jonathan do this?” one of them asked Jokovich.

Jokovich did not answer. Instead, he walked toward Vassily.

“I have witnessed the effects of such an arrow on a victim, Sir. His whole body rotted, and he suffered
extreme pain. Let me put an end to your misery.”

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