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The Legendary Man Chapter 945

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-To heal himself in that way was no different from self-mutilation.

With his survival at stake, however, Jonathan was forced to choose the lesser of two evils.

Although his physical frailty weakened his strength, it was not fatal but his internal injuries might cost
him his life during the battle.

Unless he escaped soon, he would not survive the arrival of the Remdik forces even with Vassily’s

“Jonathan!” Jokovich bellowed when he saw Jonathan getting to his feet in the distance. Raising his
fist, he aimed it at him straight ahead.

With the stump of his arm, Vassily swatted Jokovich’s fist aside. Then, he sent his spiritual sense
behind him and locked in on Jonathan from over a hundred meters away.

Jonathan’s shriveled face froze in surprise when he was locked in on.

Though Vassily had fallen from Divine Realm, it now appears that only his physical Kore is damaged.
His spiritual sense remains unaffected.

Although cultivation methods differed between sects in Chanaea, the way they approached mental
conditioning was surprisingly consistent.

Mental cultivation was given precedence so that one could control the spiritual energy one cultivated.

It was key to understanding one’s spiritual sense.

Despite having his Kore broken, Vassily’s mastery of his spiritual sense remained intact.

Once he attained the medicine to repair his Kore, he would rise from the ashes and regain his power.
His reason for keeping me alive must have something to do with that.

Though Vassily’s cultivation was strong, his ability to empathize with human emotion was poor.

He was a cultivator of Divine Realm in the advanced phase, a half step away from Ultimate Realm.

A cultivator of this level would not only be a force to be reckoned with but there was also a high
possibility of him subverting an entire nation under his rule.

Whether it was the tsar, Sanctuary, or even Enlighteners who destroyed his Kore, none of them would
tolerate him regaining his full strength.

Even if he delivered Jonathan to the tsar, the medicine he asked for as a reward would be tampered

Perhaps the tsar would even go back on his word and give Vassily something else instead of the hope
to even restore a modicum of his cultivation level.

To Vassily, only one person was sincere in helping him regain his cultivation level—Blaze.

Backed by Apocalypse, his ultimate goal was to overthrow Enlighteners.

As Enlighteners had damaged Vassily’s Kore, he is the obvious choice to be recruited against them.

Jonathan entertained those possibilities, but he shuddered upon arriving at that thought.

When he heard Blaze’s intention to overthrow Enlighteners’ rule, he only had one thought—that it was
not realistic.

However, it now appeared that Apocalypse did not need to seek out experts.

Though they were active on the Dark Web’s hit list, they have yet to reveal themselves and instead
remain posing as an organization of assassins.

However, once Apocalypse greeted the world with open arms, their declaration to overthrow
Enlighteners would be inevitable.

By then, powerful cultivators like Vassily would flock to join Apocalypse.

Nobody knew how Vassily survived Enlighteners’ attack, nor how many people like him there were.
However, if Apocalypse managed to recruit powerful cultivators whose Kores had been damaged and
spend large amounts of money to help them regain their Kores, they only needed to gather ten or so
experts of Divine Realm, which would not be an overly challenging task.

Can Apocalypse do that?

Despite crossing both fists to block his chest, Jonathan took a punch from Vassily that sent him flying.


Pryncyp of Slaughter began gathering swiftly around Jonathan in midair.

Casually, he beckoned with his backhand, and a cold glint flew from the rubble below. It was Heaven

“Take this!” Jonathan spat, turning into an afterimage as he dashed toward Vassily.

He could not keep up with Vassily’s movements, but Heaven Sword could.

Though the Pryncyp of Slaughter consumed vast amounts of energy, he was forced to give it his all
when facing Jokovich and Vassily.

They were fighting each other when I was out cold. Now that I’ve woken up, they will join forces and
fight me together. If I want to escape, I must first get rid of them.

Defending Jonathan from the front, Heaven Sword stabbed toward the right without warning.

Jonathan had completely given up defending Vassily’s assault. He snatched the black arrow and
dashed toward Jokovich on the opposite end.

“Give me back my spear!” Jonathan shouted as he thrust the black arrow toward Jokovich’s chest.

The shield conjured from Pryncyp fell apart instantly when it was met with his Pryncyp of Slaughter.

The tip of the black arrow pricked Jokovich’s chest but could proceed no further.

A trace of shock flashed across Jonathan’s eyes before he was sent flying once more by Jokovich’s

With a bang, he crashed into the cabin of a passenger plane. Grimacing in pain, Jonathan got to his

Though the strike he received was forceful, Jonathan was lucky that his Pryncyp of Slaughter was
better than Jokovich’s Pryncyp. The latter shattered the moment they met.

Though it looked brutal, it only appeared that way because Jokovich’s spiritual energy bolstered his


Jonathan leaped aside to safety, and a crater several meters wide appeared where he had stood
moments before.

That was the force of Pryncyp. It came without warning.

Turning around, Jonathan ran toward the back of the plane. Amidst a cold, menacing glint, Heaven
Sword flew into the cabin, almost brushed passed his scalp, to cut open a path.

When Heaven Sword flipped around, Jonathan raised the bronze handbell and drove it hard against
where the blade had cut.

The cabin cracked open. Jonathan dashed out, and Vassily was already waiting for him.

“Die!” Jonathan thundered at Vassily, his voice echoing like thunder from reaching into the deepest
recesses of his spiritual energy.

The sudden roar with the ferocity of a lion caused even a man with Vassily’s combat experience to be
taken aback.

Taking advantage of his opponent’s lapse in vigilance, Jonathan raised the bronze handbell and swung
it violently at Vassily.

“How dare you!” Vassily roared and sent a fist at Jonathan.

Receiving the brunt of the blow, Jonathan crashed once more onto the plane, but there was a new bit
of flesh on the black arrow.

“You’re finished!” Jonathan declared, wincing in pain.

It was all part of his plan—all for that moment.

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