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The Legendary Man Chapter 944

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-Jokovich sent out a punch, and Pryncyp of Strength poured forth.

Following the sound of an explosion, a crater several meters deep appeared in the ground beside

The golden light on him continued flickering, unaffected in the slightest.

Even a child could not have missed the target, let alone a God Realm cultivator, from a distance of
fewer than three meters.

Jokovich glared at Vassily, whose hand was placed firmly around the former’s arm.

“You want Jonathan dead, but I need him alive!” Vassily said coldly. “The ripples conjured by your
spiritual energy don’t look like it’s cultivation born by Holy Blood, Jokovich. Heed my advice: leave
Sanctuary. It’s different now. You will not break through to Divine Realm even if you bring them
Jonathan’s head. What your boss needs is prey, not a hunter like him. Do you understand?”

Vassily’s words caused Jokovich’s hand to tremble.

The next moment, however, Jokovich sent his fist straight toward Vassily’s elixir field.

Vassily moved, and Jokovich’s fist missed its mark. Before the latter could react, Vassily’s knee met his
abdomen with a resounding thud.


Jokovich was sent flying into a plane, leaving a large dent in its side.

Vassily was too quick. Though his cultivation level was only of Grandmaster Realm, he relied on
superior combat experience and speed that was close to superhuman speed and could crush God

Realm elites like Jonathan and Jokovich on technique alone.

Jokovich leaped down from the plane. Standing outside the airport terminal, he glared at Vassily coldly.

Having witnessed Jonathan bury the others, Jokovich abandoned the notion of tracking him down.

However, he was surprised to have found Jonathan in Ballachov with him.

Just when he was about to board his flight out of the city, Jokovich followed the ripples of spiritual
energy and witnessed the battle between Jonathan and Vassily.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to rip his head!

Though Jokovich was not pleased with the political climate within Sanctuary at present, he remained
anxious about the danger of losing his life for failing to complete his mission.

Now that Jonathan is right here in front of me, I can finally rest easy after exterminating him.

The reason why he chose to escape under the threat of death was that every elite cultivator in Remdik
knew of the legendary Vassily.

Despite the deterioration of his cultivation level, he was still able to beat Jonathan to a pulp and was on
the verge of death. Besides, he deflected my assault with the greatest of ease. I have to be wary of
someone capable of that.

With his gaze fixed on Jonathan, Jokovich’s Pryncyp began to gather.

“Since you’re so fond of meddling, Mr. Vassily, be prepared to face the consequences of your actions,”
Jokovich declared coldly. Then, he thrust both hands forward.

The air before him seemed to solidify, and waves of ripples poured forth.

At first, the ripples expanded slowly, barely noticeable. Nevertheless, they had grown to be dozens of
meters wide within moments.

Mists of blood poured forth from both of Jokovich’s arms. By the look of it, the pain was unbearable.

“Die!” Jokovich roared.

A cannon blast erupted through the ripples, filling the airport terminal with white smog through its tall


Everything within forty meters of the ripples was reduced to dust.

From above, the airport terminal looked as if it had been sliced down in the middle by a jagged knife.

Meanwhile, Vassily was panting for breath outside the airport terminal, trying to hoist Jonathan.

“Despite your legendary prestige, you are now only a cultivator of Grandmaster Realm, Vassily. You
cannot protect him.”

After seeing how his opponent avoided his strike, Jokovich no longer held back. Streaking through the
sky, a series of ripples converged around him.

He was channeling his Pryncyp.

Jokovich’s muscles bulged. Springing into action, he dashed toward Vassily, becoming invisible in his

Grabbing Jonathan by the calf, Vassily flung the former back. With a twist, he disappeared from sight.

One after another, bangs and thuds sounded in midair.

The two figures’ intermittent collisions happened too swiftly to be seen properly.

The destruction brought on by the battle was devastating.

The surrounding buildings, grounds, and planes bore the marks of the combatants’ massive fists,
leaving a radius of destruction in their wake.

Every instance of impact brought was so ferocious that it shattered everything it came in contact with.

Vassily was too quick. Each time Jokovich made a move, the former saw through his intent and
intercepted it ahead of time.

Sometimes, Vassily’s strike would arrive and dissipate Jokovich’s Pryncyp before he could even
channel it.

Even more impressively, Jokovich fought with both hands while Vassily was short of an arm.

Despite his handicap, Vassily made use of his speed and rendered Jokovich’s strikes useless.

Despite the constant pursuit, Vassily was only slightly out of breath from expending too much spiritual
energy—a testament to his abilities even compared to Jonathan.

One wanted to slay Jonathan to fulfill his mission and keep his life. On the contrary, the other wanted to
capture Jonathan alive to bring him to the tsar in exchange for medicine for his recovery.

With their lives on the line, neither combatant held back, and their battle intensified. After some time,
the fight seemed to reach a stalemate.

At the peak of the battle, the pair did not notice Jonathan coughing up a mouthful of blood and flesh
before slowly opening his eyes.

Sensing the slow recovery of the injuries within him, Jonathan turned his spiritual sense inward.

His life force was dangerously low. Within his elixir field, Coffin remained unresponsive.

After contributing to his attainment of the Pryncyp of Slaughter, Coffin became so silent that it was as if
it had disappeared altogether.

At that juncture, it would be insufficient to heal his injuries via his life force alone.

It has been over ten minutes since I was bound. The reinforcements from Remdik would be here if I
don’t get out of here soon.

Jonathan could only think of one way to escape with his life intact.

I have to give it all I have.

Mobilizing the last of his life force into his meridians, he accelerated the repair of his injuries.

Gesturing with both hands, Jonathan invoked Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique within him.

Though the flow of his energy was only slightly altered, this cultivation method caused a drastic change
to his body.

Jonathan’s burly frame began to shrivel at a rate visible to the naked eye.

In exchange, his damaged organs were rejuvenated via the nourishment of his endeavor.

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