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The Legendary Man Chapter 942

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-Absolute phase Divine Realm?

Jonathan’s mind was blown as the words flashed across his mind.

All the hair on his head suddenly stood up.

In that instant, he stood frozen at his feet, as if someone had cast a spell on him.

Opposite him, the old man had disappeared. All he saw was someone’s hand appearing out of
nowhere to pierce his throat.

The surprise attack caught Jonathan by surprise as he stood there cluelessly, his mind disorientated by
the chaos.

Sensing the impending danger, Heaven Sword, hovering above his head, reacted unilaterally.

As the old man’s hand aimed for Jonathan’s throat, Heaven Sword flew straight at the old man’s heart.

At this rate, no one knew if Jonathan could survive with the little life force remaining in his body.

From the old man’s perspective, Heaven Sword would pierce him if he didn’t retract his attack.

As a vicious glint flashed across his eyes, the old man pondered for a split second before deciding to
intercept Heaven Sword.


Heaven Sword was subsequently deflected by his defensive strike.

By then, Jonathan had finally regained his senses. After he attacked the old man by unleashing a flood
of spiritual energy, he somersaulted backward evasively.

Usually, a God Realm cultivator could cover tens of meters with a single step. However, when Jonathan
did it, he crashed into an invisible spirit shield before he could land.

The impact shook the wits out of him. Before his feet touched the ground, he could sense Heaven
Sword quietly bearing down on him.

Seizing upon Jonathan’s hesitation, the old man swiftly reappeared right in front of the former.

It was then that Jonathan realized Heaven Sword had predicted the old man’s location.

At that moment, the old man unleashed a palm strike that Jonathan intercepted with a double fists

The impact turned the flesh covering his fists into mush, to the extent one could see the cracks in the
exposed knuckle bones.

Nonetheless, they began to heal rapidly as Jonathan pumped his life force through them.

Heaven Sword subsequently fell into his hand.

It was brimming with murderous intent due to the frustration of missing its target three times.

The old man’s blistering speed had left it in the dust.

Meanwhile, when Jonathan reached out his hand to feel the space behind him, he quickly came into
physical contact with the invisible spirit shield.

The vigorous and desolate aura of the formation seemed to tell Jonathan that escape wasn’t going to
be a walk in the park.

Scanning his surroundings, he saw over thirty Grandmaster Realm cultivators forming a circle around

Every single one of them held a unique-looking shield. Closely coordinating with one another, they
formed a giant trap formation, imprisoning Jonathan within.

“It’s useless trying to figure it out,” the old man said to Jonathan from afar.

“This trap formation is a powerful formation handed down through the generations. If these men were
to be holding the genuine shields, even a Divine Realm cultivator won’t be able to escape.
Nevertheless, the replicas they’re currently using are more than enough to stop a lowly cultivator like

Jonathan finally understood what the old man had said earlier.

Instead of killing him, these cultivators were there to keep him in place. If they could just do so for half
an hour, Remdikian jets would be able to bring huge numbers of God Realm cultivators over.

Under such a circumstance, there truly was no escape for Jonathan.

With that, Jonathan shifted all his spiritual energy into his legs, hoping to burrow his way out.

Unfortunately, his spiritual energy bounced back before dissipating into the surroundings.

The old man continued to watch him from afar. “It’s useless. We know that you have a strange ability to
tunnel through the ground. That’s why this trap formation was customized for you. You are
encapsulated within it from above and below. There’s no chance of escape.”

As Jonathan unleashed his spiritual energy again, he realized it was as the old man had said. The spirit
shield had blocked his spiritual energy when it reached twenty meters above him.

“It looks like all my exits are sealed.”

Jonathan smiled wryly.

“I had never imagined that I would fall into such dire circumstances.”

“There’s no escape.” The old man chuckled as he spoke, “Jonathan, this formation has a special
characteristic. No matter where you attack it, the impact will be equally distributed across the shields
that are supported by the power of over thirty Grandmaster Realm cultivators. In fact, it’s rather easy to
break through this formation. As long as you can kill over thirty Grandmaster Realm cultivators with a
single blast, the formation will naturally crumble.”

After hearing the old man’s explanation, Jonathan was about to say something but chose to cuss in the

What’s the difference between blasting one to death and killing one? It’s probably just like comparing a
bullet with a bomb. A bullet can easily kill one man, but to kill someone with a powerful shockwave, one
will need a bomb. Wait a minute…

At that moment, Jonathan flashed a sinister smile at the old man.

That’s it! A bomb!

As his spiritual sense rummaged through his storage ring, Jonathan’s eyes glistened when he sensed
more than ten bombs being piled together.

Who says such things are useless in a battle of cultivators? As long I can detonate them, not only can I
blow away over thirty men but also wipe out another thirty that they throw at me.

The sight of Jonathan’s cunning expression caused the old man to grow vigilant despite not knowing
what the former had up his sleeve.

Raising his left hand, Jonathan lobbed a grenade forward.


As the grenade exploded at a corner of the spirit shield, two nearby Grandmaster Realm cultivators
were visibly shaken by the shockwave.

Thereafter, Jonathan retrieved tens of anti-aircraft guns and used his spiritual energy to bind them to
his hand.

“Sir, I can never beat the trap formation with my cultivator abilities. That said, it might not be a problem
for my toys.”

A cold glint flashed across the old man’s eyes as he stared at Jonathan.

“You’ll die in the blast too!”

Jonathan gently shook his head as he gestured with his hand. Thereafter, a bronze handbell the size of
his thumb appeared spinning on top of his head.

As a golden hue gradually covered him, he broke into a mischievous smile.

“This isn’t a suicide attack. I just want to see who has the more vigorous defense!”

Just as he spoke, Heaven Sword flew out of Jonathan’s hand. Its hilt proceeded to smash into the fuse
right in the center of the bombs.

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