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The Legendary Man Chapter 943

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-“Run!” the old man shouted before turning around and dashing

He was the only one who was in a panic.

If the others did not take cover and opted instead to expend further spiritual energy to maintain the trap
formation, nothing would happen to them.

Though the force of the explosion would be immense, they would only be thrown off their feet and
sustain serious injuries at worst rather than losing their lives.

However, it was ruined by his call to flee.

Being in the trap formation, the old man would not have survived if the bomb had gone off.

His call to flee was not only in concern for the lives of over thirty men under him but also to have them
disrupt the formation so he could escape unharmed.

With a deafening blast, the bomb went off.

The air compressed violently. A shockwave spread outward in an instant.

Except for the old man, the three dozen cultivators of Grandmaster Realm were struck by the

Aside from several who stumbled backward, a majority maintained the spirit shield with all their
strength even while running for their lives.

Upon receiving the order to retreat, most of them turned their backs toward the center of the explosion.

Those who were struck by the blast were sent flying into the air, howling in pain.

Steaks of golden light swirled at the center of the blast. It was the strange bronze handbell hanging
above Jonathan’s head.

Though the bronze handbell could deter most defenses, the shock of Jonathan’s strike transmitted onto


Following the sound of shattering glass, he flew through the windows of the airport terminal and landed
on the counter.

Jonathan was knocked senseless from the impact. Blood spilled from every orifice and made it
impossible for him to breathe.

Jonathan was counting on the remnants of Pryncyp of Strength within him to survive the blast. Only
then did he dare set off such a large bomb.

Despite being mentally prepared for the magnitude of the blast, he was ill-prepared for the sheer force
that overtook him.

Aside from sending a steady stream of spiritual energy into the bronze handbell above his head to
maintain the expansion of the spirit shield, he was unable to move.

Even his mind was blank at that moment—he was truly in the midst of chaos.

The employees of the airport were stunned and just looked at Jonathan. Just as they were about to
step forward to examine the situation, a figure entered through the hole Jonathan had flown through
and landed beside him.

The old man stomped down on Jonathan, causing him to spew a geyser of blood onto the flickering
golden light.

Heaven Sword lay beside him. As Jonathan could not marshal his Pryncyp of Slaughter, his weapon
remained motionless, unable to defend its master.

The old man gazed down at Jonathan. His eyes no longer contained the calm they had before.

Years ago, during the absolute phase of his Divine Realm, he was about to have a breakthrough but
members of the Collins family located him and interrupted his training at its zenith, causing complete
damage to his Kore.

Since that day, the old man’s cultivation level had deteriorated steadily until he stagnated at the
absolute phase of Grandmaster Realm.

Initially, he thought he would diminish over time until he died an unknown cripple. But the tsar of
Remdik issued an order three days ago.

The person who captured Jonathan was entitled to a wish from the tsar that was within reason.

The old man knew what he was going to ask for—the medicine capable of reversing even death stored
within the tsar’s vaults.

Even though his Kore had been destroyed to such an extent that the effectiveness of the medicine was
questionable, his body was beyond repair. Therefore, he had nothing to lose and was willing to try
anything that might work.

That was the reason he mobilized his connections to keep a close eye on Jonathan’s every move so he
could arrive at Ballachov ahead of time to set things up.

However, he did not expect Jonathan to be capable of creating such havoc.

Bloody h*ll! I almost got blown up by Jonathan before we entered into negotiations. Being pissed is an

He stomped twice again, and the golden light around Jonathan flickered frantically. It had turned into a
shadow that could dissipate at any moment.

Before he stomped down one last time, a soft thud sounded behind the old man.

Turning around, he saw a man in a cape approaching slowly.

“Jokovich?” the old man asked, glaring at the man.

“You must be the venerable Mr. Vassily,” Jokovich said lightly as he undid his cape.

A glint flashed across Vassily’s eyes when he heard his name, which dimmed a moment later.

“I can’t believe somebody still remembers my name.”

“How could I forget?” Jokovich said as he gazed at Jonathan’s wretched figure on the ground. “Since
Remdik Emperor’s reign, you are the only one capable of attaining the absolute phase of Divine Realm
within fifty years. If it were not for Enlighteners, you might also have been the first cultivator in Remdik
to break through to Ultimate Realm in three hundred years.”

Standing before Vassily, Jokovich gave a slight bow as a sign of respect to the legendary figure before

Vassily’s gaze fell on Jokovich’s left hand. Aside from his thumb, the other four fingers were severed.

“Did Jonathan do that?” Vassily asked quietly.

Jokovich did not reply. Instead, his eyes were fixed on the stump of Vassily’s left arm.

“You aren’t thinking of fighting with me over the bounty, are you, Mr. Vassily?”

Vassily glared at Jokovich. “Since you belong to Sanctuary, young man, you should yield. We are the
ones who subdued Jonathan, and you had nothing to do with it.”

Jokovich’s Pryncyp flared.

“Let me make something clear, Sir. I am taking him with me to preserve my life. Since you are familiar
with Sanctuary, you must know its rules well. I’m sure you will understand.”

As Jokovich spoke, he raised a fist and brought it down onto Jonathan.

Being on the brink of death, even Coffin could not save him if the fist found its mark.

However, Vassily was not going to stand by and watch Jokovich kill Jonathan.

From the reports of prior battles, the tsar knew that Jonathan was using himself as bait to draw
Remdik’s attention away from Ksana and Charleigh to protect them.

In the event that he failed to apprehend Charleigh, the tsar planned to subdue the speed with which
Asura’s Office developed cultivators by using Jonathan’s life as leverage.

The tsar did not concern himself with the possibility of Charleigh refusing to cooperate with Asura’s
Office and guarding the secrets of cultivating divine figures.

After all, as he and Charleigh were only using each other, he would not place his life in the latter’s

Thus, Asura’s Office could be suppressed only if Jonathan remained alive.

On the other hand, Vassily needed to secure Jonathan to ensure his own survival.

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