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The Legendary Man Chapter 937

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-Ksana finally let out a sigh after drinking the Holy Blood.

For a cultivator of Sanctuary, no pills could recharge their spiritual energy faster than Holy Blood.

It could not only replenish their spiritual energy, but it could also make the cultivators of Sanctuary
addicted to it.

If they did not drink it in time, they would feel incredibly restless.

That was how Sanctuary controlled most of its subordinates.

Meanwhile, the backpack behind Ksana kept moving as if there was something in it.

With a sweep of her hand, the bag’s zip opened, and a head with messy hair popped out.

Ksana approached the bag with Holy Blood, her bloodshot eyes becoming visible under the faint blue

Charleigh kept struggling to get near Ksana. All he managed was to swing his body because the
backpack was restraining his movements.

With a gentle snap, Ksana finally removed the seal on his lips.

“I’m going to kill you!” Charleigh hissed at her.

His voice was like a devil that had just crawled out of hell. It could send chills down the spine of those
who heard it.

Alas, Ksana only reached out and stroked his hair when she heard that.

In the next second, she grabbed his hair and pressed his head onto the cold ground.


A bloody mist exploded into the air.

Even so, Ksana continued pressing on Charleigh’s head. It hurt so much that the latter’s face was
contorted in pain.

No matter how hard he struggled, he could not get to his feet.

As he struggled, one side of the backpack slipped down.

Under the Holy Blood’s blueish light, one could see that all four of Charleigh’s limbs were gone.

There was a thick layer of gauze wrapped around the parts where his arms were. He looked as if he
was a mummy.

The blood stains on it had turned black and formed scabs. One could tell how torturous it had been for
him by just looking at him.

Now that Charleigh had lost all four of his limbs, he looked like someone who had endured an ancient

For the past two days, Ksana had carried him in the backpack just like that as she was trying to flee.
She had absolutely no consideration for his dignity as a human being.

“Ksana! Do you even know why Jonathan made me go to Chanaea? How dare you treat me like that?
Do you think I’ll still give my results to Chanaea?”

Just then, a glint flashed through the air, and one of Charleigh’s ears fell to the ground.

Blood instantly gushed out of his wound, and Ksana poured a bottle of alcohol onto it.

“Ah!” Charleigh screamed in agony. In the next second, his mouth was sealed shut with Ksana’s
spiritual energy.

“Shh!” Ksana hushed while pressing the bottle to his lips.

“I think you haven’t gotten a clear picture of your identity, Charleigh. You’re just a hostage my master
captured. Giving your results is just a condition to have your life spared. It doesn’t give you the right to
be arrogant. I was trained in Sanctuary as one of the cultivators made to attack Chanaea. Although I’ve
never been to Chanaea, I know a lot about it. Master wants to borrow your results to make himself
stronger. That’s why I went easy on you and even treated you with respect,” said Ksana while pouring
the vodka on Charleigh’s wound.

The excruciating pain made him squirm. Alas, his cultivation level was abolished; he was currently no
match for a God Realm cultivator.

Ksana sighed at the sight of Charleigh in pain.

“Remember this. I’m not my master. I’m a Remdikian. We, Remdikians, aren’t that kind to captives.
Surely you know about the six hundred thousand Jetroinians we captured during the war about a
hundred years ago? Less than three hundred thousand of them were sent back. Hence, we’ll never
treat you with patience just because we need your help. You’ve witnessed my master bringing the dead
to life and helping them regenerate their muscles, right? That means I might cut off your ears, eyes,
mouth, and nose if you don’t listen to me. I’ll remove everything and turn you into a meaningless lump
of flesh. And if you dare refuse to work with my master because of this, I’ll ask him to heal your body
and repeat the process of dismembering your body parts. Of course, you can choose to end your life.
That way, I won’t have to carry you back to Chanaea, and I can infiltrate Mount Enly with Master to
steal the emperor’s heart. The thing is, do you have the guts to die?”

When Ksana was saying that, her dagger was already at Charleigh’s throat. Its sharp blade drew a slit
in his throat, and blood gushed out.

In the meantime, Charleigh could sense Ksana’s murderous intent.

He knew she was right.

Jonathan might consider a lot to make things less difficult for Charleigh, but Ksana only received orders
from the former to bring Charleigh back to Chanaea alive.

They did not encounter any dangers while fleeing just now. Yet, Ksana cut off his limbs only because
she found him too heavy.

If Charleigh continued to anger Ksana, she might actually torture him to the point he wanted to kill

That way, Ksana would not have disobeyed Jonathan’s orders. On top of that, she could leave without
enduring any punishment.

Charleigh forced through gritted teeth, “All right. I get it! I won’t cause you any trouble for the rest of the

“You’d better keep your words,” Ksana warned coldly.

Right then, the door to the luggage compartment was opened from the outside.

“Anyone here?”

A rough voice rang out as a train conductor approached with a torchlight.

Earlier, someone outside said they heard a scream from the back. That was why the train conductor
came to check out the carriage for luggage.

“Hey! I’m going to make a move if you don’t come out!”

The train conductor removed the rubber baton from his belt and walked over to the corner of the
carriage. However, there was not a single person there.

The moment he shone the torchlight on the ground and saw the ear in a pool of blood, he staggered
backward and slumped to the ground.

In the meantime, Ksana stood outside on the snow with the backpack behind her as she watched the
train leave.

She then took out the map to confirm her location before staring into the distance.

We’re at the edge of Salama Fort. If we want to go to Chanaea, we need to go in the direction of San
Joalito and walk along Urak River to enter Merania. It should take at least twenty-four hours with no

After careful calculation, Ksana rose to her feet.

She did not dare to use the individual combat map in her ring’s satellite phone for the time being.

As a member of Sanctuary, she knew their capabilities well.

Endless pursuit would await her if she exposed herself even just a little.

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